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Want to be happy? Buy experiences...

Buy experiences, not things

Research shows that money can buy happiness, but how you spend it counts most

What would bring you greater, longer-lasting happiness: purchasing an expensive item you've been eyeing — a bigger TV, a new couch, the latest smartphone — or booking that vacation you've been dreaming about? By Mother Jones, find it

Prepare your vacations to Greece, it makes happiness too

Taking a break is good for your brain. Because you have got to let your brain daydream. Daniel J. Levitin, the director of the Laboratory for Music, Cognition and Expertise at McGill University and the author of "The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload," told the New York Times that giving our brains time to wind down and think about nothing at all can provide "our moments of greatest creativity and insight." by the Huffngtn Times

the anticipation of your  trip , a mood booster

Noted Dutch psychologist Jessica de Bloom says that until recently, vacations have been a somewhat neglected research topic, even though a vacation “is a presumably powerful weapon against work stress and its consequences.”

##Another study from the Netherlands by Jeroen Nawijin and colleagues was designed to obtain a greater insight into the association between overall happiness and vacations.

##These experts say that the more stressful the trip, the less you will benefit from being away.

##They suggest that pre-trip happiness may come simply from planning the vacation. Many studies suggest that much of the fun is generally in the preparation stage, which is called a “mood booster.” Anticipating the enjoyment to come helps lift people’s spirits.

##Occasionally, such anticipation can end in disappointment, says Hibbs. “If there’s a lot of conflict in the family, sometimes vacations can intensify it.” Many people can recall family reunions where everyone bickered as old grievances were revived over the dinner table.More, by the AlbanHeald

You may be the boss, you need Vacation too


Jennifer Deal, a researcher at the Center for Creative Leadership who has examined the way executives deal with taking vacations, told The Wall Street Journal that when bosses take time off they come back more creative and able to think about the long run future of the company better. If they don't take a break, she says it's extremely difficult for them to "see outside of the immediate whirlwind."

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This all goes back to the science of sleep. Many studies have shown that when the brain is relaxed, it focuses itself on boring but essential tasks, like etching in and memorizing the new skills you may have learned at the office during the week before. So, if you're struggling to keep up with the new software your company just introduced, right now might be the best time to take a vacation. Let your brain take some time to process the new information, and you might return in tip-top shape!


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Think of your vacation as a very relaxing and stress-free way to get some more work done. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine concludes that multicultural experiences help foster creativity and help generate ideas. 

The study emphasizes that the experience will only promote creativity when the situation doesn't call for "firm answers or existential concerns."

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