Greek islands on top of the dream, one of Asia's leading hotel booking sites and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), today announced the results of their Global Honeymoon Survey, which shows the Maldives is the top dream honeymoon, by the Greek islands coming on second place. Research was conducted in January and February 2014, among more than 15,000 customers who were asked to pick their dream honeymoon location from among 20 destinations.dit text

My big fat gay Greek romantic holiday

Mykonos is not the only LGBT travel destination in Greece. 

Santorini is hot on its heels as the new romantic honeymoon destination for gay and lesbian couples

..."It was my first experience of the Mediterranean and it felt like someone had flicked the lights on and changed the colour setting from mute to technicolor. Plus… the pie was purchased by my first love who, unaccustomed to backbacking, had manfully coped with a night’s sleep on Piraeus harbour and looked every bit the rugged romantic hunter gatherer.

This was many moons ago. The first love moved on and up to luxury travel and his luggage now only ever has wheels. But after almost 20 years I am back in Greece with my same, enduring love.

20 JULY 2013 | BY  Gay Star News   

trip Advisor:Weddings at Merovigli , Santorini 

a dream like wedding album with passion and motion through times.

And distance ....

enjoy at trip advisor 

 Traditional weddings on Santorini, the4 islands and   and all around Greece


traditional or always classic,

Greek Weddings seem 

more endless than elsewhere 

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Santorini: island's premier suites occupied this year

According to Alina Tsolakakis, managing director of Aqua Vista Hotels, “the island’s premier suites have been mostly occupied by Chinese tourists at an increasing number each fall, extending Santorini’s season.” Tourist agents from the immense Asian country note that 20,000 Chinese citizens are planning to visit the island throughout fall and winter in order to enjoy its unique beauty and hospitality or even have their wedding ceremonies in its magical landscape with the view of the “lunar” caldera.

This will not be the first time that Chinese couples choose Greece to exchange vows of eternal love and devotion. In April, the old fortress of Chania, Crete, became the wedding scene for 18 couples and the ceremony was presented by a famous Chinese TV hostess, who characterized Greece as a mythical destination, underlining that those deciding to get married there share a deep knowledge of its history and culture.

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Be your Myth 
in Greece 
 and Keep it Alive......

 What a setting!





  in the endless Greek Blue


a Dream for Real 


       for a pot of   multicultural weddings, brides, lovers and romance!

...... This was the setting for Bryn and John’s wedding in Mykonos, Greece. 

They were a beautiful couple and fit perfectly in this magical setting. While John is from Greece, it was a destination wedding since they both reside in the United States. Bryn is from the Philippines. 

Even though it was a cloudy day, the gray sky just made the setting even more spectacular. Simple things like a door or a bird just seem more incredible in this environment. 

What a perfect setting for a destination wedding? 

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Enjoy the slideshow below and Daydream your Myth!


Marry me in Greece!




  En masse,  on   

 the Greek    islands


   The Chinese rose  weddings in Crete and more 

       Chinese mass weddings

For this year’s “Rose Wedding” ceremony, 16 Chinese couples tied the knot at the Koules fortress in Chania, Crete, For the time speaking the newly married couples are sailing on a week long on a week-long honeymoon that includes visits to Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos and Heraklion. The Aegean honeymoon will wrap up with a visit to Santorini ... more by Greek Travel Pages