Alexsi Tsipras speech on UN Meeting on migration and refugee flows

"...The refugees flows of the previous years are not comparable with those of the last  recent months: since the beginning of the year more than 300,000 people who had departed form Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq crossed the borders of Greece with Turkey and arrived to the Greek islands, having as their destination the northern European countries

The UN and the international community should redouble their efforts to resolve the conflict in Syria and Libya, and cope with jihadism. Diplomatic solutions are needed which shoud include all the major actors in the region. And these solutions are needed as to lay the foundations for national reconciliation" Alexis Tsipras ,  


Maria Papapa





Refugees, FYROM and the pipeline, the topics of the meeting of @PrimeministerGR @atsipras with the U.S. @StateDept Secretary @JohnKerry

During the meeting of the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the with the US Secretary of State John Kerry, the main issues that were discussed were the negotiation of Greece within the eurozone during the recent months and the need for debt restructuring, but also, the issue of refugee flows, the Cyprus issue, the FYROM name issue, as well as the developments in Ukraine and Syria, and also the energy issues, according to the Greek PM’s office press announcement released on Thursday noon , October 1 go to our moodhackerblog story


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meeting the Omogheneia