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FAMOUS PEOPLE OF THE LAST 6000 YEARS by the MIT Pantheon Lab list 

Aristotle and Plato top the list of the most famous people of the last 6000 years, according to  Pantheon, a new project from the Macro Connections group in M.I.T.’s Media Lab that has collected and analyzed data on cultural production from 4,000 B.C. to 2010.
These include information on more than 11,000 cultural figures and with a few clicks on its website, you can swing through time and geography, and search by country, time period and cultural domain to obtain rankings of the most influential cultural personalities.

Aristotle crowns the list but SO MANY ARE THE GREEKS ON TOP 10!

  1. Aristotle
  2. Plato
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. Socrates
  5. Alexander the Great
  6. Leonardo Da Vinci
  7. Confucius
  8. Julius Caesar
  9. Homer
  10. Pythagoras

 made Greeks So Special ?

                                                              Music and Creativity in Ancient Greece BY TED-ED . Enjoy! 

Greek Women:
  A Warrior Spirit, A New Generation of Leadership

                              by Hellenic American Leadership Council 


Bouboulina and Manto’s heroic acts are unique and historic, but the values underlying those acts are certainly not rare. The idea of selflessness and the notion of dedicating one’s life to the betterment of others is not atypical among Greek women. Indeed, one might say the same bravery and courage that caused Greek war heroines to storm the battlefield courses through the veins of every woman of Greek descent. There is a particular spark in the eye and strength in the heart that seems to be embedded in the DNA of Greek women. It’s not surprising then that so often Greek women are matriarchs in their families. From the strong-willed grandma, the yiayia ,whose playful spirit never darkens - no matter how long she might be dressed in black mourning the beloved husband for life- to the figure of the greek mother,  who serves as a rock through generations, it is rare to find a woman of Greek descent who doesn’t have innate leadership, problem-solving skills, and strength.

Strength is our defining characteristic. It’s what’s been bequeathed to us since ancient Greece. It’s the legacy we leave to the Greek women of tomorrow.

Indeed, it is that very strength that’s on display in Greece as the nation weathers an unprecedented economic crisis. As so many Greeks battle poverty and lack of opportunity, women in Greece are exhibiting an everyday heroism that awes and inspires. They’re the fulcrum of their families, the ones pinching euros, and yes, taking to the street to fight for their children’s future. They are the quiet heroes of modern Greece. 

Poorer than Bouboulina and Manto? 

Surely, but no less brave

We  thank Hellenic American Leadership Council for this excellent article. 

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the City was Athens, the Idea, Democracy
wake up at the Dawn of True Democracy (so back in time)

  Could you change time forever?
the Antikyhtera Mechanism, first computer in the world


    the Greeks of the world

A glorious concert, dedicated to the special Greeks who  raised their work abroad, the "Greeks of the World", was held  at the Herodium theatre in Athens, as a special tribute to all the Greeks that made Greece shine in "the ears and eyes" of  the wolrd, distributing their voice, poems, songs, and music  time .

Theo Angelopoulos , Odysseas Elytis , Constantine Cavafy , Nikos Kazantzakis , Michael Cacoyannis , Maria Callas , James Kampanelis , Melina Mercouri , Yannis Ritsos , Giorgos Seferis , Dionysios Solomos, Vassilis Vassilikos , Kostas Gavras , Nana Mouskouri , Vangelis and Mikis Theodorakis, were a among the ones that were honored on 28 September

The ancient theater sang to "the cosmos" again, filled with composers, poets, singers and actors , for the Greeks Abroad, the Greeks of the Mother Greece, the diaspora meets homeland through art and culture. The aim of the event is to create sculpture statue on the Greek diaspora in Makrisia of Olympia, where for 23 years the Greeks who emigrated celebrate, in the chapel of foreign lands, St. John's land  in early August


here comes the
Maria Callas,
Alive on live, 
on the streets of Athens.... 

Diva Maria Callas & actress and blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe--two incredible women that left their mark on died too young, the other broken-hearted when the love of her life, Ari Onassis married Jackie O--whose late husband President Kennedy allegedly had an affair with Marilyn...oh to be a fly on the wall when these two chatted! Nov. 27

Lydia, such a special Greek

Greek brain enlightenment. Today 


Discovery of new code makes reprogramming of cancer cells possible 

#GreekScientists’ Discovery #Breakthrough makes reprogramming of cancer cells to healthy possible

Cancer researchers dream of the day they can force tumor cells to morph back to the normal cells they once were. Now, researchers have discovered a way to potentially reprogram cancer cells back to normalcy.


The #SpecialGreek that made us proud: Turning the #NashMathPuzzle into a piece of cake
 It took Daskalakis approximately one year to solve Nash’s puzzle and achieve the unachievable, gaining international recognition from the academic community.

In the fifties Nash created a simplified system of relationships and… find more