How to eat the Sushi Sardines 

. You can find them later in the summer too but as the sardines grow they need to be in salt longer. Eating then requires a little technique but it can be mastered quite easily. 

  • You hold the tail of the sardine with two fingers on one half and two fingers (of the other hand) holding the other half. 
  • Then you gently pull and the fillet (but tiny) separates from the backbone. 
  • Then you take your fork and run the remaining fillet and tail through the tines (that's a real word; its the things that make a fork a fork) and separate the other filet from the backbone. 

Some restaurants serve sardeles pastes plain and others with oil, lemon or even vinegar.

How to make them 

Salted sardines from Kalloni Lesvos

Posted on January 29, 2015 in Fish, Lesvos

  1. Wash the sardines. In a deep plate spread a layer of thick salt. Then place the sardines over the salt and cover them with another layer of thick salt. Let them burn in salt for 2 – 4 hours.
  2. Remove them from the plate, wash them and remove head and spinal by pulling them towards the tail. This way you master to remove the guts as well.
  3. Peel the skin from the fish and lay the fillets on a plate. If you want you can season them with oil and vinegar.

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Hepatitis A outbreaks occur throughout the world and sometimes in countries with a low risk for hepatitis A (including the US). You can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in Greece, so talk to your doctor to see if the hepatitis A vaccine is right for you.

( Yellow Book for Travellers, Destination Greece)

                       ....  the humble sardines 

     Enjoy the first, so salty, sushi of Western World. 
These, humble sardines, eaten salty and uncooked since millennia,  taste sweeter than one  imagine, and are found only in this Lesvos Coast, nowhere else in Aegean. 

It is the Coast of Kalloni, meaning the Charming Beauty in Greek.
It is in this Coast , where the First Beauty Contests took place in the Ancient Greek World, a tradition which was kept up to the first Christian Years .

Today science finds that the omega-3  fatty acids are of the most important ingredients for  Beauty

The smaller the sardines the better they are. 

In Lesvos during the month of July when the sardines are a certain size, they are eaten as sardeles pastes (photo). 

The fishermen go out, catch a net full of sardines in one of the two big bays, and cover them in salt. That night they are ready to eat, raw, like sushi. They go very , well with ouzo, in fact they are the best thing to eat with ouzo to boost at most your Mood 

Sardines salted is the characteristic appetizer from Lesvos and are found in one of Lesvos two Gulfs , the Gulf of Kalloni 

Ancient Greeks ate especially sardines for Beauty reasons and they knew sardines would help the skin to glow . No wonder why , Kalloni in Greek means the Woman with extreme beauty 

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