The safety of Europe, the refugee crisis and the economic growth are the issues that the Greek Prime Minister... More 

What Europe should not do with the refugee crisis is to continue sleepwalking toward the wrong direction.

, Alexis Tsipras Bratislava 17/9/2016

Migrant Influx on the rise again

Refugee cost per year 15000 in Greece, 12000 in Norway

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accepted the resignation  submitted by  the Secretary General First Reception and Identification Odysseas Voudouris.


Sources close to the Secretary general said that Mr. Voudouris had warned for the coming winter months , the risk of a new Migration Influx Crisis and ha...

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"Mr. Tsipras, are you close to wear a tie ?"

"I promised to wear a tie in a grant event, let's say the solution to the national debt, or the solution to Cyprus story. We are close, indeed to such solutions. But for the tie,  I have not even been married to wear it at l...Read Full Post »

My big fat Greek TV, we gambled ...and lost

Only two existing broadcasters, Skai and Antenna, have survived at the Greek government's tv licencee auction  that halved the number of owned TV stations in Greece to four from eight tvs broadcasting today, by the Star and Alpha TV stations to have failed in their bid   Read Full Post »

Pack with you for Greece

  • Insect repellent 
    Select an insect repellent based on CDC recommendations: Avoid Bug Bites
  • Permethrin 
    Permethrin is insect repellent for clothing. It may be needed if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Clothing can also be treated at home in advance.

  • Insect bite treatment
    Anti-itch gel or cream

KEELPNO primer Guideline for travelers

Stay covered

The always to follow Guideline to keep you safe in Greece, is
1. Sun Screen in the Day
2.Repellent Day and Night
(sunscreen &mosquito repellant especially on evening hours)

Emergency Greece

An Israeli tourist who had called for help through the European emergency telephone number (112) while she was hiking in Hersonissos, northeastern Crete, was found safe at a water park by the fire department’s special response unit on Sunday afternoon.

The 18-year-old woman lost her orienta...

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URGENT: Unstoppably cover yourself 24/7 in Greece  

Remember with malaria

a single bite might be fatal

A single bite from the high-pitched whining insects is all it can take to become infected.

Dengue Fever in Greece Man died from authocthonous infection

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that's Greece!


Greece in the world

the Med Europe meets in Greece 

"The soft power of Europe" said Renzi

The Italian Prime Minister reminded that the EU Southern countries are called by the USA the "Soft power fo Europe" and  stressed that the future Europe must be a social Europe, a Europe of ideals Go to article

“When socialist party leaders meet,
nothing terribly intelligent comes out of  it
most of the time,” Wolfgang Schaueble  told a press gathering in Berlin soon after the EU Med Summit in Athens  .Find article

By the Athens declaration EU Leaders of the South signed for  the ef

fective establishment

of the European Border and Coast Guard, the empowerment of

cooperation in the fight against terrorism, the enhancement of Intelligence,more

The Rhodes Conference on Security and Safety

Rhodes Conference on Safety and Stability  organised by the Greek Foreign Ministry with the participation of foreign ministers and senior officials of European and Arab states raised Greece's prestige as "bridge-maker" between the European and Arab world, ANA-MPA wrote

Greece top Destination


Greece is the best country for vacations in the world, according to Conde Nast Traveler's 2016 Readers' Travel Awards

The leading travel magazine notes that its readers really can't get enough of Greece, which continues to capture their imagination with crowd-pleasing scores across the board.

The Readers' Travel Awards ...

the Healing Greece

For those who might have wondered why Greece does immediately make us happy , the reasons are one by one identified and proved by science. Blue space effect is of the primary ones . And it's obvious.  In sight and in practice It is  the impact of the sea, rivers, lakes on our happiness and well-being ... Read Full Post »


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Absorb the Greek Light, best time of the year

There is something about Greek light as it falls on marble all pink and gold, as it falls on the russet colored earth of the Peloponnese, as it reflects off the  bright blue Aegean and collides with the granite and limestone.

It excites the senses. You smell it in the summer jasmine. You taste it in the sun drenched tomato....

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More on Henry Miller and the Greek Light on our Special Page ,
Dance in the Light

The Hit
of Greece this Summer

Greece’s Ionian Islands, including Corfu, Zakynthos, Lefkada and Kefalonia recorded a welcome increase in the number of  arrivals this summer, according to   recent data presented by 
regional authorities.
Kavalikefta beachLefkada – Greece, 4th best beach in Europe by European best destinations find more 
  • Lakka, Paxoi, Ionian, Greece
    Lakka, Paxoi, Ionian, Greece
  • Lefkada , Ionian , Greece
    Lefkada , Ionian , Greece
  • Ithaka, Vathi, Ionian, Greece
    Ithaka, Vathi, Ionian, Greece
  • Navagio beach Kefalonia
    Navagio beach Kefalonia
Lakka, Paxoi, Ionian, Greece
Lakka, Paxoi, Ionian, Greece

Our guests depart with the finest experience possible,

Spiros Galiatsatos  Vice Governor

of Tourism 

and Promotion 

for the Ionian 

Islands Region 


Moodmaking Greece

The Happiest Catch of the Day ! Alessandra Ambrossio's kids fishing in Mykonos, August 2016 

Greece 4th on Travelers' Top Ten Bouquet list

Greece by the  Greek islands came fourth on the  travelers’ top ten bucket list trip, on the 2016  Virtuozo Life magazineTravel Dreams Survey 

go to article .

The marriage of the year

Mykonos and Santorini have been kept on top of Travel Dream this summer, while becoming even more glamorous as destinations  each year by the wave of celebrities visiting the islands and spreading 

 the word of their happy Greek moments to the world . For more , and the marriage of the year, Visit our Special Summer 2016 Pages, click on the buttons below 


It's Cruise Time ! 

By an annual rise of 18.54 percent Greece counted a growth of more than 150,000 additional passengers who passed through the port of Piraeus in the first seven months of this year compared with January-July 2015 . Greek to me ! has interviewed the President of the Cruise Lines Association Theodoros Kontes  Read Full Post »

“We are cautiously optimistic about the positive trend we see  for Greece as a destination for this and the next year  Greece continues to be a popular and favorite destination for travelers of the world  thanks to its warm hospitality, history, gastronomy and culture,”
Pythagoras Nagos, Celestyal VP sales.

It's not only souvlaki, the Acropolis  and the beaches, that you definitely  can't miss while visiting Greece.  Remember ,it's the moments that count in the journey fo life, so go for these Greek irresistible experiences...

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Celestyal Cruises 

Celestyal Cruises has included Samos in its cruise itineraries this season as an alternative stopover destination in place of Kusadasi. after it was requested by US tour operators representing American university students, who preferred not to stop at the resort town on Turkey’s Aegean coast due to safety reasons.

Traveler's Health

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Travel Well in Greece


Go Fresh !

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Always Fight that Bite In Greece


Show me the air 

Air Spraying Not enough

Many municipal spraying protocols for the disnsectisation of the 
infected populations of mosquitoes which carry not only Malaria, but also for WNV, ZIKA , and disease, were curtailed because of budget cuts. Click for more 

Malaria come back

The KE.EL.P.NO.(Greek CDC),  stresses that Greece is a safe place, with a negligible risk of malaria, while international public health organizations estimate that any  special precaution is not required from those visiting our country .

Greek CDC Press release, August 22,2016

 65 cases of malaria had been detected in Greece this year as of mid-August, compared to 85 for the whole of last year of which 

50 cases were among migrants

find more

the migrant
and refugees population

President of Greek CDC

"No reason to worry, fears are exagerated"

"No, definely, refugees do not pose danger for malaria "August 22, 2016
Greek CDC President Theophilos Rozenberg says today's malaria infections in Greece, are not due to refugees or migrants that have entered the country by the refugee influx , but due to migrants  that work in the country.


Malaria, a Public Health Crisis

1. Are the migrants checked, or prescreened for malaria infetion or for being carriers?

2. Are they provided prophylaxis?
Do they have a card?

3. Are the at risk areas of the country aerial- sprayed

4.Are the communities being informed for prevention measures ?
Greek 2m August 22

Hot Spots Unsanitary

Conditions unhealthy warned early UNHCR

None of the three centers Human Rights Watch visited on Samos, Lesbos, and Chios in mid-May 2016, separate single women from unrelated adult men, and all three are unsanitary and severely overcrowded.Read Full Post »


Refugees , migrants already spread in the communities

The authorities on the islands, and especially in Lesvos  allow asylum seekers to go in and out if they have been detained for more than 25 days due to the recent  law ... Find more

Accommodation Centers should all close

"Long-term residence of these primarily healthy populations in such conditions, multiplies the chances of the occurrence of foodborne and waterborne epidemics, as well as transmittable by disease transmitters (mosquitos)" by Greek CDC Recommendation to the Ministries Read Full Post »




"....Within two days of reaching India, for instance, two travellers had picked up qnrB, a gene that makes bacteria resistant to quinolone, one of the world’s most important antibiotics. The travellers’ gut flora retained the new genes for at least one month after they had returned home.

The type of drug resistance acquired depended on the destination, says Wolffs. In India, for example, widespread resistance to quinolones is well documented, not least because so much of the antibiotic is manufactured and overprescribed there.

One traveller who visited South Korea, as well as another who visited India, picked up CTX-M genes, which make an enzyme called ESBL that can destroy penicillin, cephalosporins and related antibiotics. The percentage of people in South-East Asia who carry these genes has risen from two to 70 per cent over the past decade."

more, go to source

Travelers pick up resistant bugs from places they visit in less than 48h



The Damaged Greece  

 Drastic Drop in Tourism on Lesvos due to refugee crisis

Eastern Aegean islands, and primarily Lesvos ,has lost seven in 10 of last year’s tourists.

According to figures released by Mytilene airport, passenger arrivals in June 2016 dropped to just 4,825, down from 15,026 in the same month last year, for a decline of 67.89 percent and an estimated loss of revenues of about six million euros. The drop in arrivals was attributed directly to the migration crisis 

SETE on Travel Survey:
Refugee crisis affects image of Greece as a destination

An online concept survey regarding the image of Greece in the markets of Great Britain, Germany and the USA, conducted by British company Censuswide for Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) Intelligence on a total sample of 3046 respondents

“The refugee crisis suddenly affected all of our 10 islands — mainly Lesvos, Samos and Chios — on all levels…said  Nikolaos Katrakazos Deputy Regional Governor of Samos, representing also Lesvos and Chios island on the ITB Trade Fair in Berlin  

This is the #Borders Management List for #Greece. #Cruise and #yacht travelers will also be screened

According to the draft Council implementing decision, vacationers on cruise more …

 The overexposure and the overstatement of the Refugee crisis situation created negative sentiment”
Deputy Regional Governor of Samos, Nikolaos Katrakazos, ITB Berlin, March 2016

Discussion Forum

Tsipras: I ask you to bet on Greece's tourism this year 

Greek Prime Minister, May 13, 2016  

Kountoura: World Still Has Confidence in Greece

We are all working 24/7 to provide solutions to any problems that may arise, with our first priority being to ensure that all visitors have a lovely holiday experience in Greece.


Welcome to Greece and thank you very much! “

In her message, Alternate Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura  invites visitors to contact the Tourism Ministry’s new special team which has been launched to address any possible problems related to tourism..