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Posted by Greek to me , on Sunday, October 25, 2015
Polio infected countries
  • Afghanistan
  • Cameroon
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Ethiopia
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Syria

Source: WHO

In its recommendation, the WHO said that all residents of Pakistan or long-term visitors should get a dose of the vaccine at least four weeks before international travel.

In case of urgent travel, it says, the vaccine should still be given just before departure.

May 2014:  Greek CDC to Embassies and Ambassadors

The  Greek CDC has informed scientifically, on the Global Travel Health  Principles  the ambassadors of countries where polio is endemic for the need to vaccinate their citizens in order to obtain visa  to enter Greece. The Greek CDC ( HCDCP) also  issues guidelines on vaccination for  travelers to and from countries considered high risk on Poliovirus

Greece on Polio : On the Alert since Summer 2013

In Greece, AFP surveillance is crucial because of particular characteristics such as

  •  the arrival of  immigrants and refugees from endemic areas,
  • the existence of specific population groups with low vaccination coverage, such as the Roma, and
  •  the proximity to countries that were endemic until recently or of which the health system has collapsed.

What the Greek CDC does for Polio, as Greece is an error Entry Point

Greek CDC, (HCDCP), May 8, 2014

Greece  is to begin vaccinating young refugees from Syria against polio,  by being the primary country of  the West that faces the Urgent need to Guard the Entry Point that the infectious disease, which was officially wiped out more than a decade ago, may be reintroduced to the country by people fleeing the war-torn state.

All Syrians under the age of 18 would receive vaccines at reception centers due to the near collapse of the health system in their country

Medical checks at reception centers are being stepped up in general and that about 90 people have been hired to provide assistance.

  1. Due to the special peculiarities of our country, such as the

immigration and  the refugees inflow from  areas as Pakistan, Afghanistan , Nigeria and recently Syria, where polio is endemic"  the Greek CDC announced,

  1. "Surveillance on Poliovirus has become more than ever urgent, as it  is
  2. the urgent need for the strengthening of  immunization programs  in  populations with low vaccination coverage,  as the Roma,  gypsies and illicit immigrants .

The Greek CDC (HCDCP) has maximised the national Alertness and Preparedness efforts to prevent an outbreak of polio in Greece.  

  • Epidemiological , laboratory and environmental surveillance of poliovirus have been strengthened by the Greek CDC on parallell with the
  • intensification of  immunization status monitoring of infants, children , adolescents and adults, and the completion of their vaccination against polio, in both the general population and the special populations with low vaccination coverage, such as

  • gypsies ,


  • mobile populations ,

  • migrants ,

  • refugees and

  • asylum seekers

 Polio News

April 2014, Greek to me ! 

Greek CDC on unceasing efforts for Poliovirus surveillance , go to the articles

Greece's own Armagedon... is in the air

By Polio risk looming over  Europe, Greece is fetching the unbearable burden of  Protecting the Western world's Health Safety, in a more than tragic Armagedon scenario Greek to me ! October 2013

May 14, 2014, NYT

A W.H.O. recommendation that travelers not leave Pakistan without a polio vaccination certificate has caused confusion.

Doctors, clinics and hospitals have been inundated with inquiries. The association of travel agents has reported “panic” among air travel customers.

“It’s very worrisome,” said Mohammad Akbar Khan, a passenger at the Karachi airport on Thursday, as his family clustered around a desk on the departures concourse normally used to immunize infants. “We just found out about this on the news, and we’re trying to find out what to do.”

The government, which is scrambling to meet the W.H.O. requirement, says it needs two weeks to make arrangements at airports and buy more vaccines. But to most Pakistanis, it is a jolting reminder of the gravity of a crisis that has been quietly building for years, and which is now, according to the W.H.O., spilling into other countries, threatening to undo decades of efforts to eradicate polio across the globe. More, by NYT, MAY 10, 2014