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The backlash involves a 50-year lease of the best beaches of Elafonissos island, Simos and Sarakinos, which locals stress are protected under the EU's Natura 2000 network of protected areas, as is the entire island, which is noted for its unique plant life.

The idyllic tourist resort, with virgin, white sand beaches, lies in the Laconian Gulf, near the eastern tip of the Peloponnese. May21, 20`14, MORE

Our Paradise on Sale : Elafonisos

Addressing one of the main complaints about the lease of state-owned prime, seaside properties, the fund says that its plans "strictly provide access of swimmers to beaches".

But based on a medium-term bailout deal passed by parliament in 2011, the real estate privatisation scheme provides that such 50-year leases will provide investors with exclusive use of the beaches and seashores.

The lease scheme was necessary due to legal complications in the sale of state-owned real estate.  More,for all the accurate legal detailS report 


enetenglish, May21, 20`14

On sale Everything you know as Greece, by the "merchants of the Nation"...

Liberation: Greece sells all

“Greece is selling whatever it can in order to lighten the debt due to the innumerable demands of its creditors,” writes the journalist Nathalie Dubois in the article entitled “Greece sells all, Greeks in the wind.”

By this shocking title,  La Grèce vend tout, les Grecs vent debout’ he French Libération newspaper has produced a double page dedicated to the privatization efforts in Greece


The magical Greek island of Elafonisos, located in the southern edge of Peloponnese, will be included in the portfolio of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (Taiped), a salet hat already caused  widespread reactions

Taiped is selling 175 acres of the breathtaking beaches of Sarakiniko and Simos. Locals as well as international environmental organizations are protesting against the sale of the beautiful island.
In 2013, British daily The Guardian placed Elafonisos first on a list of top ten areas with the most beautiful beaches in Greece while the German magazine Geo-Saison has described the island as "a paradise on earth." The same website wrote that the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, after the purchase of the Greek island Oxia in the Ionian Sea, is planning to buy seven more islands located in the Echinades group, Ionian Sea.

The family of the Emir has already bought half the island of Petalas and will soon proceed in purchasing the whole area. The acquisition of Petalas is considered very important as it is the biggest island in the Echinades group. (ANSAmed).


Our Sacred on Sale: 
Thermopylai, the Land of the 300 Battle, by its Hot Springs  

The world-admired Sacred land of the 300 Battle is going on Sale The unique historic piece of Greek land, where the heroic Battle of Thermopylae took place, hangs on the TAIPED Page for Sale,just so simply. Together with 785,398 sq.m of the region of Thermopylae, one can buy the hot natural spas, where form "Thermo"-pylae took its name since many thousands of years before in Ancient Greece
The historic Greece
"Not at all coincidentally, but very targeted, interested buyers are informed by the advice of the Fund for general information of ineterest for the region, with references to Hephaistos, Hercules, and of course, the Battle of Thermopylae and the historic 'no' to the onslaught of the Persians who said the 300 of Leonidas and the 700 Thespians."

Our "unique in the World" on Sale 

The most famous beach in Zakynthos, Navagio beach, with its clear waters and the historic shipwreck lying on the sand, has attracted thousands of foreign and Greek tourists over the years.

Recently, there were reactions following word about an old local family that supposedly owns the property titles to the area surrounding Navagio beach and is considering to sell it. Howver, property titles for the beach itself belong to the Greek Church.

According to Greek news, the Public Revenue Service of Zakynthos has filed a 9 million euro contract and 400,000 euros as a deposit for the transfer tax, however, the tax service claims that the property is worth double its current value.

The company that is allegedly planning to buy the area around Navagio beach is an international real estate company related to the Emir of Quatar, while the seller is the last descendant of an old noble family of the island, who have owned the titles since the 17th century.

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