housekeeping personnel and cabin attendants on board should 

Keep the following in mind

Hands must be washed before handling clean items such as towels, 

glasses, cups, ice buckets and ice, and snacks. 

• Most disinfectants have a contact time and should be left on the surface 

for the indicated amount of time. 

• Most disinfectants will not work properly on soiled surfaces. 

• The toilet room is likely to be the most contaminated area and the gloves 

used in this room should not be used in the rest of the cabin

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Vessel Sanitation Program is proud to  bring to you the following session: Housekeeping and Infection Control. While it is primarily intended for cruise vessels  it may be used by anyone who is interested in this topic

Caution !  to ship crew and personnel for cleaning proceedures on board, by the

Spreading contamination.

 It's important for us to note that in cleaning procedures, we may actually exacerbate or worsen the problem. We may take contamination from one area and spread it all over the vessel. We know that this is something we do not want to do. 

Vacuuming should not be done on a public vomiting event. If it needs to be done, it should be done after the vomit has been cleaned up and the area has been thoroughly disinfected with appropriate disinfectant at the correct contact time.

  • Showerheads. It is a requirement to disinfect showerheads every six months. This disinfection is primarily intended to prevent the growth of legionella


Watch the must -follow Sanitation and House-
keeping Recommendations for ships and cruise ships by the

Refer any strange symptoms to Greek2m, or any practises you find risky for your health while travelling to Greece and around the islands.  Greek CDC, ( HCDCP),  will be immediately informed by this site, as a Crisis Communication Social Media for Travelers in Greece  

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Greek2m Alert !

To travelers to and from the Aegean islands traveling on board 

New! June 25, 2014 

Traveling by ship to and from the North Aegean islands during these days, might become risky for your health, unfortunately, if you don't take all the recommended measures to protect you and your family .

As the Greek2m reveals exclusively, illicit immigrants that have entered the country recently,  from origin countries, as Syria, Iran or Afganistan, do get a public certificate, since the mid of May that orders them to leave the ilsand ( of Lesvos, mostly, where the detainee campus is), to travel to Athens, and stay "somewhere around the Omonoia square" . The unexplainable , and Error Alerting political practise, sets in danger any single passanger traveling on board by the greek ship- lines today, their families, the local communities, and also the Global Health Village and Global Public Health as a whole 

GO TO OUR EXCLUSIVE STORY ON THE Greek2m Alert for Travelers to and from the the Aegean islands , 

by .Moodhacker, Greek2m, June 25, 2014

Do you have in mind how many times you deal with life-threatening germs being on board?

Facing this emergency situation during the first months of  the tourist season in Greece,in 2014,  the Greek ship and cruise lines companies, do, truly, try to do their best and respond properly to the International Sanitation and Hygiene recommendations, that have been issued by the Greek CDC, concerning, though, routine proceedures . No- one could have imagined that this nightmare scenario, indeed, would really be a scenario, of immigrants traveling together on dozens, daily, gtogether  with passengers and a so called European country , on the peak of summer season, where the "success story" of Greece actually lies. 

Greek2m responds by bringing to you all the error details, that might get you on risk while travbelling on board, which is good for you and your family to always have in mind, published by the world's top specialists and commitees by the, Atlanta, and the international regulations on passengers' hygiene 

Public Toilet Rooms  Individuals should not have to touch a door handle with their bare hands to exit.

If this method does not exist on the ship, passengers should think how this could be  accomplished , so as hands to not come in touch with the germ infected door handles ( may be , use a towel to protect your hands )

  • Wash your hands using the following procedure:
    • Wet hands with warm water
    • Apply soap and lather well for 20 seconds
    • Pay special attention to the areas between 
    • fingers and under nails
    • Rinse hands thoroughly
    • Dry hands with disposable towel
    • Use towel to turn off faucet and open door

    • Cleaning and Disinfecting Areas ( to be done by the crew. But take care of youirself, too )


    Public Areas
    -Toilet rooms
    –Other areas

    Body Fluid Events

    • Self-service buffets  Having passengers handling the food­dispensing utensils. May NOT help you prevent  for yourself  person­- to- ­person spread of norovirus, or any other infectious disease, so if you don't feel confortable with that , plan your food by buing sealed sanwitches, salads, wtc

    • Child activity centers on board Make sure that your child is safe if let to play at the child activity room og the ship . Children may often forget not to touch their face, noise, eyes or mouth, wile playing on these centers, so keep an eye on that .Again we must remember that this has an 
    especially vulnerable population. 

    • And there may be some other areas that you need to seriously consider for any germ or disease
    contamination  For example, the lounge couch!  Do not live your sandwich on the couch of the ship and eat it or give it to your kid afterwards. Immigrants travelling on board may bring skin diseases that are found among immigrants population kept in detainees centers, due to the very poor Hygiene .
    Avoid wearing short trousers or skirts on the ship or  other transportations. Even though the summer sun kills most of these pathogens after several hours on open air, the interior  of the ship is different. Do not sleep on the couch of the ship 

    for more information on Healthy Cruise ship travel , go to our Cruise traveleres Page by Greek to me