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Obama in Greece, the day after

Safety during visit

An empty AthensRoads were closed off half an hour before Obama’s car was due to pass and almost for the next 30 hours that US President stayed in Athens, while snipers, undercover policemen and secret services were also inspecting Philopappos Hill and the surrounding area where Obama gae hsi speech at Nov16

on the background 

ven though the Greek government had forbidden all kinds of demonstrations and public gatherings during the Obama visit in Athens hours and one and a half day, this was enough to provoke more anger and riots in the streets, since it was the Prime Minister who was protesting in 1999 against the US President by that time, Bill Clinton, during the last US President visit that took place  in Greece before Barack Obama .  Find that 

24h after

 A couple of the hoodies  burned, teared apart and humiliated the Greek flag in front of the cameras and the police short after the Polytechnic Students’ Uprising commemoration march ended in front of the US embassy on November17

Democracy in practice 


Globalization  semantics

The Acropolis promotion

The meet Greece Obama Greek words 


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24h after, Germany


...that the rescue plan for Greece was "dramatic", and unprecedented, and obviously abstained from the stabilization of the eurozone... 

....and also  that the policy of "silent surplus" imposed by the lenders was "brutal"... Go to Greek2m Newsblog Article 


The Nato talks for now and tomorrow after the trump election in Greece.

Our Hope and Pride .


Welcome in Greece Mr.President Obama!

A historical for Greece Welcome to President Obama

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos and the US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt, were on the tarmac... Read Full Post »

#Obama touches down in Greece

Greek Debt-Relief Expectations From Obama dimmed before his arrival Greek government set high expectations on U.S. aid for debt before the Obama arival in Athens, who is expected to land  in Greece at 11.00 am Greek time.  

But U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Athens may not yield what Greece had hoped for.Read Full Post »

Democracy Never Dies  

U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt, noted the importance of voting in a democratic society and Greece’s resilience through the centuries during his visit at the Athenian Stoa in the center of Ancient Athens,  ahead of the Presidential elections in USA  Full Article .

Trump Election and Greece 

“Every stone you turn, you’ll find a Greek underneath.”

Three Greeks Next to President Trump , behind the scenes of his victory

Greece participated at the EU panic dinner for Trump election hours before Obama arrival

Greece participated, while France, Hungary and UK snubbed  the foreign ministers' panic dinner for Trump in Brussels . 

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Greece on the
Cross Road

Middle East

 Greece's relief to Sanderat seems to threaten the already announced by the leftist Greek government's expectations for Greece's dept relief by its creditors by Barack Obama's mediator role ..  go to article


Sovereignty Undeniable on bilateral talks during Lavrof visit  We support Russia, US and EU cooperation to stop the war in Syria, stated President of Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov .

The cooperation proves that the three major forces are the guarantee for the world, said Pavlopoulos.President.. 

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Rama says Albanians saved Acropolis...

 Greek minority homes are demolished..  Full Article


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