Tax crows paid by EU money for special training to manage the Anger of the citizens during the auctions procedure! 

made obligatory by the Greek gov 

Read the incredible article that will made you more furious than the Greeks today have the

luxury to be ... go to Greek to me ! full story, March 2014  

Cute! This is How the (now) so popular British Farage, had   welcomed Mr.Samaras to Greece's European Presidency

Independent Greeks party says 'Costas Simitis is here and ND brought him'


Back then in time, these were the 2 polls!

The Independent Greeks party, in an announcement on Wednesday concerning news that Yannis Stournaras was unanimously recommended for the post of Bank of Greece governor, stressed the view that "[former Greek prime minister with the PASOK party] Costas Simitis is here, and New Democracy brought him."

"Simitis at the finance ministry, Simitis at the Bank of Greece. Costas Simitis is here, together with his policy and PASOK. New Democracy brought him again".Independent Greeks spokesman Terence Quick

Referring to the question of the country's "memorandum commitments", Quick noted that the finance ministry claims, on the one hand, that new measures are not necessary and government ministers talk about an exit from the memorandum, while the prime minister, on on the other hand, is secretly signing more written promises to the lenders to strictly observe the terms of bailout agreements and take as many additional austerity measures as are judged necessary.

Terens, one of the most well known, and credible Greeks, has served as the Premier newscaster and guru in the Greek News , on state and private tv, for all his life

by moodhacker, Greek2m

First among firsts the Greek Hero goes to the Europarliament on 91 .

" This is Greece's voice!......
“War compensations a non issue."

Real News weekly reports that a German government spokesman said there can be no war compensations, concerning either reparations, or the forced loan in Nazi-occupied Greece,

concerning either reparations, or the forced loan in Nazi-occupied Greece. Asked by the newspaper, the spokesman said that his government's position is that all issues concerning compensations from WW2 are totally and definitively resolved.

“There can be no process under which any government, or specific members thereof, such as Foreign ministers, can negotiate compensations”, added the German government spokesman. Still, the Greek government is leaking that the issue is in the final stages of being presented to Germany.

Symbol of Austerity the Cleaning Ladies, Cleaners fired from their jobs at the Finance Ministry and tax offices who for months heckled bailout inspectors and joined daily public protests holding their mops and broomsticks.

According to a May 12 court decision made public 397 cleaners who made the complaint were wrongfully suspended from their jobs Still the government says no...

Don't Dare to

sell the Country,

Mr. Samaras!

Alexis Tsipras , hours after the election result visited the Preside4nt of Democracy and spoke about a historical upset and the creation of a new correlation of powers.

Tsipras underlined that this upset is evident not only as a result of SYRIZA's 4.0 percentage point lead in European elections' result  but also because the parties of the government coalition lost 11 percentage points compared with the 2012 results.Tsipras called on Samaras “not to even think” of proceeding with the implementation of more measures or the appointment of a new Bank of Greece (BoG) governor and EU Commissioner without the agreement of the country's biggest political party.

Oh, yes. This is Elafonisos, the Natura Protected unique Paradise island , for which the governmenet announced, suddenly, that is going on sale . Visit our special Page

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  • A dawn to confuse:
What is gold and what is trash.  Where is finally the truth?
FULL STORY moodhacker, Greek to me, Sept28 2013

Tsipras moves forward  in voting intention and accuses Samaras for THREATENING DEMOCRACY


A historic rendez-vous with the past on March 2,

But a century ago,1914

"It is said openly even in official military journals that Russia is arming itself for a war against Germany,” the Kölnische Zeitung (Cologne Gazette) warned its readers in a hair-raising article, “Russia and Germany,” published on March 2, 1914.that  sparked alarm across Europe, fueling fears in Russia, France, and Britain that the German government was preparing its public for war. Mental floss

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Such shocking stats

Greek Workforce : Collapse in Public Sector Force 

Source, ELSTAT Statisitcal Authority 

You need Freedom of Press to Fight Corruption !

Oh, really!

Anybody listening?

By Denmark being the cleanest country in the world and Spain the worst in corruption, 

Anti-corruption organisation Transparency International's (TI)annual survey showed Greece to have made  improvement against corruption, even though  Greece remains the most-corrupt country in Europe, according to the TI barometer of surveys from major international sources such as the World Bank and the Economist Intelligence unit.   " Feedom of the media was a major factor preventing corruption in northern European states. The press in Italy, Greece and Spain does not have the freedom enjoyed by those in northern European".,  said TI Western Europe co-ordinator Valentina Rigamonti

  Hot true lies

When Propaganda and (new) Democracy undoubtedly merge...

A completely different result from what the pre-election polls  had foretasted, came out on Sunday May 18 from the first round of the Local elections in Greece, shaking, obviously this time, the means of credibility of the Greek media landscape as a whole , and also of the manipulation of the public opinion such "prokat" pre-election polls may finally achieve, contributing to pre-shaped final results.

The Greek public opinion becomes another experiment on this special time, and has been "directed" and "diverted" multiple times before, but now this is on its peak .

More by our full story by Greek to me!


Misrepresenting Obama, to sell Samaras

....Political TV ads, by their very nature, present a slanted view of reality. But in its latest campaign ad New Democracy has taken massaging the facts to another level, misrepresenting even the President of the United States..".In the Greek subtitles the translation starts with a capital letter and ends in a full stop. According to the ad, Barack Obama said a full sentence and that sentence was, ‘The Greek people see a light at the end of the tunnel.” ..But he did not.!... Go to the full story , May2014

the minister's panic attack: "Communists go back!"

Is it a bird, or a plane? No, no,

it’s Adonis Georgiadis, Greece’s minister for health, for whom the pressure of the European Parliament elections - and the prospect that the left may come first - is clearly proving to be just too much...Βy enetenglish,

Go to the article it's so Greek to you!

update jANUARY 22, 2015

This diagram will help you understand why many Greeks will cast their vote for left-wing SYRIZA. You may also understand why the fear-mongering campaign of conservative and neo-liberla Nea Dimokratia does not manage to scare voters More, on tumblr

Europe, this is the success! (story, for Greece) Isn't it ?

World Misery Index:

Greece at tenth

place among 91. Japan last, Germany around the last ones....

When measured by the misery index, Venezuela holds the ignominious top spot, with an index value of 79. 4. Greece is in the tenth spot, behind Egypt, Spain and Brazil. Go to the World Misery Index

Focus : Success story a Fiasco, "Grossly Exaggerated"  writes this time the German Focus Magazine on one of its main articles on the latest edition, featuring as misleading the worldwide announced recent good news for Greece, as is the return to the international markets and the restart of the development, that Samaras's government proudly promotes.Go to Greek to me full updated story .

The Reality Behind the Greek 'Success Story'

more on  Huffington Post UK article



leaders speak as if the crisis is past, a succession of reports tell a different story  

Huffington Post :

Stop Hailing! 

Governing over so much poverty and misery, with 27% unemployment, deep cuts on wages and pensions, heavy taxation on poor and unemployed citizens, with no new business no new jobs, declaring unsubstantiated claims of economic success is an insult to the suffering people. In plain words, they went to the dining table of the Greek family, took away a big portion of their food and demonstrated it to the world that Greeks have surplus food, hailing it as an economic miracle, undoubtedly  inaccurate, unrealistic and exaggerated. As Greece is holding local and Euro election this month, suspicions are high that the ruling parties are using this "success story" to support pro-EU candidates". Huffington Post, May 9, 2014

the how we got here:

Champagne, Room- service and Conspiracy

Papandreou today;  'I was toppled in Cannes, I was left alone in Europe '

...involve today's Prime Minister and Mr. Baroso.

 In a suite-room , Cannes, 2011 "Kill this referendum"!

By Financial Times, May 13, 2014

Greece is in uproar after French President Nicholas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel imposed the date and the referendum question and froze the 6th aid tranche of 8 billion euro until Greeks say YES to referendum. It was short after midnight when Merkel and Sarkozy announced the referendum conditions putting a grave stone on Greece’s sovereignty, while PM George Papandreou was on stand by to make his own statements.Keep Talking Greece, Novemeber 3, 2011

Samaras:  “We delivered!”

But what?

the country,  may be?

The puzzling commnet of Greek Prime Minister that made Greeks think , he meant the country itself.keepTalking Greece

"Giannis, Forget it"!...!

Sorry, Which country are we?

Financial Times, January 9, 2014

" , , Indeed, Mr Stournaras said he bucked pressure from Christine Lagarde, IMF managing director, and Poul Thomsen, the IMF’s Greece mission chief, to ask other eurozone leaders – including German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble

–to accept “haircut” losses on their bailout loans.

“Poul and Lagarde said I had to [stand] by their side,” he recalled. “I said: ‘OK, but if I come by your side, it is what would really help Greece, but it’s something which is totally out of the question.’ Schäuble told me: ‘Yannis, forget it.’ So it cannot be done, so what can I do?”"

The Greek government, the main beneficiary of the IMF’s change of heart, was unwilling to forge an alliance with the IMF, disinclined to imagine the very possibility of siding with the Washington organisation against the mighty Mr Schäuble, as shown by  an extract from an article by Peter Spiegel and Kerin Hope from Financial Times.

More, on  Yanis Varoufakisthoughts for the post-2008 world 

IMF Christine Lagarde admitted "wrong approach" to Greek crisis

She admitted there have been miscalculations and a wrong approach, but this was partly due to the fact that "numbers were largely in excess of what had been represented by TOC 

... Yes, master! , June 2, 2014

In an interview with the German magazine Focus, the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble indicated that Greece would require another bailout loan of about 10 billion euros and stated that the country would have to continue to meet the troika's demands for reforms or risk leaving the Eurozone.
The statements from Mr Schauble come at a sensitive time for the government that is attempting to shore up support following SYRIZA’s win in the European elections (with a combined loss of support of about 11% for coalition partners PASOK and New Democracy compared with the June 2012 general election result).
The administration is attempting to appease voters by preparing a cabinet reshuffle and indicating that measures to reduce the tax burden on struggling households and businesses may be imminent. However the statements by Mr Schauble appear to restrict even further the little room for maneuver the government has on fiscal measures.

Olympics under scrutiny

The tragic cost of hosting the world

Athens the pilot of the Olympic 

games disastrous aftermath

 Once construction begins, governments fail to budget properly, and once the games are over, the cost of maintaining infrastructure outweighs its actual benefit to society.This is perhaps nowhere better epitomised than in Greece after the 2004 Olympics where the Athens Olympic Park symbolizes the misplaced extravagance, desolation, and despair 

The Glam and the Fall

Greece before (2004) and after (2014)

Today's civilization Index  for each country in modern societies, is probably shown on the concept-content- &performance of Public events. Watch ( left) what Greece did on the Olympic Games Celebration in 2004, and How Athens celebrated New Years' Eve 2014. The contrast makes the viewer  think for this years' event, which was supposed to inspire 

 the Nation's hope and joy for the coming year, as a bad version of Les Miserables. The truth hurts more..