George Patoulis 

President of the Athens Medical Association and the Medical Tourism sector of the Institute for Scientific Research of the Panhellenic Medical Association

"We have engaged in a  a series of actions and international contacts to promote health tourism in our country," he said.
Patoulis keeps reminding  that the ministries should develop strategies to promote Greece as a global medical tourist destination.

Greece, the home of medicine, will play host to the European Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, as the country is beginning to take a stand as a majo...

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The Athens Dental Tourism Cluster aims to attract Greek-American and Greek-Canadian dental tourists, ...

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The Greek-Chinese Institute of Development (EKINA) in cooperation with distinguished Greek and Chinese Universities have organised the  of the 1st Hellenic – Chinese Congress on Health  in Athens...

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Healing Greece's Natural Spa 

Greek Thermal Springs, the first Spas 


Infrastructure & Services of #MedicalTourism in Greece

Medical Tourism in Greece Campaign
Medical Tourism in Greece: 
The health sector in Greece has up-to-date facilities in terms of both building complexes and equipment in many regions of the country, starting with Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete. In addition, Greece possesses internationally recognised medical and nursing staff, top level hotels that can function in a supportive capacity.

Pioneer in Medical Tourism 

The University Hospital of AHEPA in Thessaloniki, a pioneer in the public sector, with renowned universally accepted Clinics, and highly educated medical and nursing stuff, has made great moves towards medical tourism. participating by the following Clinics:  

  1. Internal Medicine Dpt (with the Dialysis Unit)
  2. Cardiology Dpt
  3. Paediatric Dpt and Pedo-oncologic Department
  4. Neurosurgery Dpt
  5. Cardiothoracic Surgery Dpt
  6. ENT Dpt
  7. Ofthalmology Dpt
  8.  Neurologic Dpt  go to source 

"Medical Tourism is a large industry and has rapidly developed at an international level. Greece can play an important role to that and acquire the market share it deserves,"
Vasilis Apostolopoulos, CEO of the Athens Medical Centre

Greek Superfoods Your Snacks 

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Indeed, Medical Tourism First Started in Ancient Greece

Medical Tourism first started in Greece in Antiquity
First #medicaltourism in the world was #Greek

Medical tourism dates back thousands of years to when Greek pilgrims traveled from all over the Mediterranean to the small territory in the saronic gulf called Epidauria. Epidauria became the original travel destination for medical tourism. Spa towns and sanitarium in Ancient Greece were the form of early med ...

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Greece's Medical Tourism Campaign 

Sao Paolo 


#Greece's Local government Key Role on #HealthTourism #Investments and Promotion

Τhe fIrst scientific congress on Health Travel to Greece is taking place 26 -27 May 2017 in Ithaca, organised by the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) and the support of Athens Medical Association under the auspicies of the President of Repubic of Democracy of Greece, while the convention is hosted by the Municipality of Ithaca Ionian isl...

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#HealthTourism in #Greece thrives in international interest , as announced by the Diaspora Abroad .. due to this year's Awareness Campaign Greece's Medical Association launched internationally, ...

New York 

Greece promoted as a medical tourist destination in NY by the "Health Tourism in Greece and its promising prospects"  Read Full Post » 


Health tourism and its promising prospects in Greece, is the subject of a two-day event in Montreal, Canada,  on March 28 and 29, 2017 by the participation of  distinguished  experts presenting ..Read Full Post »

Patients, Visitors from Canada hopefully expected to #Greece for Medical Tourism this year

George Patoulis, who leads Greece's Initiative on Medical Tourism, has sought support from the corners of earth where the Greek Diaspora is found. And not only . He personally asked from Canadian Prime Minister Justin ...

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Ministry of Tourism cooperating with Hellenic Medical Tourism Council 

Elena Kountoura 

Greek Minister of Tourism 

Under the Ministry of Tourism cooperation with the Hellenic Medical Tourism Council (ELITOUR)  specialized working groups are working  for the development of thematic Medical Tourism, aiming also to attract investments and more popularity around the globe for Medical Tourism in Greece 

Greece can offer quality services in the health sector, as it has a high level of scientific staff and modern facilities.

Alternate Foreign Minister Nikos Xidakis 

Nikos Xydakis, Deputy Foreign Minister

The Eco Healing Wellness Tourism in Greece 

The well known american art painter Pamela Jane Rogers, who lives and paints for already more then 25 years on the isle of Poros

Wellness tourism is travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. While wellness tourism is often correlated with medical tourism because health interests motivate the traveler, wellness tourists are proactive in seeking to improve or maintain health and quality of life, often focusing on prevention, while medical tourists generally travel reactively to receive treatment for a diagnosed disease or condition.      

Greece The Top Wellness and Health Travel Destination and this is Why 

In Greece , Your Health does benefit by the original Holistic approach , as soon as you step on the Greek Land, by its nature's unique composition that transforms the atmosphere to an original  Wellness environment  since the ancient times .

Sightseeing, air filtered by the Greek Mediterranean breeze, the  superb climate, the healing energy emanating from Greece's  exceptional power sites with their thick forests, rivers, lakes and ancient shrines. all this synchronize their contribution to a Mind and Body healing, the real way Greeks introduced that to  the world three millennia ago .

 The  healthful diet consisting of organic produce , as well as the therapeutic mineral springs with their luxurious spas,  offer warm hospitality and personalised care by people who are genuinely concerned about your well being and fast recovery. 

Discover The Wellness Greece by greek2m

Follow our Special Pages to Live like a Greek Centenarian, and Sense the Moment in the Greece Blue Zone ... 


The Wisdom of Herbs since Antiquity 


The Greeks had an extensive knowledge of herbs and were aware of many herbal properties.

Greeks infused their water with bay laurel leaves to increase circulation and reduce pain in the body.They also added lavender oil to the tubs.... Read Full Post »