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Athens, Greece,  Hub of Travel and Health Tourism Summits This Season


George Patoulis 

President of ELITOUR, Union of Municipalities of Greece & Athens Medical Association  

"Representing the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, we have to declare our strong belief that Health Tourism can and should act as a lever for the development of the national economy and also as a driving force for the local societies of Greece..." .Read full article


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"One trip, amazing diversity of experience in just a few days visit to Greece" said in her speech Greek tourism minister.welcoming the Asta Expo. 
'Greece with a coastline of with more than 100 inhabited islands... Read Full Post »

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Healthy food in Greece

Food and Drink in Early Modern Greece

How old and how traditional is the Greek Food culture ?

What did Greeks eat before the introduction of potatoes, tomatoes and other “foreign” foods?

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Longevity Greece

Meet the Greek centenarians' secret: It's social life!

A person’s social life might contribute as a  much more citical factor to longevity than previously thought.

No wonder the same happens at the Greece's Blue Zone island, Ikaria, where studies analyzing the lifestyle of the Greek centenarians found that

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The Healing Greek Coffee 

that  promotes longer life


Mood Lift in Greece  

the Green Blue Space Effect to Change your Brain in Greece   

So Special  Greece

Greece The Grateful, the Historic Greek Independence Symbolic Painting, that Tsipras Moved Away from his Office

Portraying Greece in the form of a new crowned woman, in ancient style dress, amidst the 1821 Revolutionary fighters, breaking the chains of slavery...Read Full Post »