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Lesvos unexpectable

its' true Lesvos. 

Enjoy the shades of transparency on Lesvos' Horizons, beyond the line of your eyes.....

the Lights
on Lesvos

Top Modern Art, Hollywood itself, Governors of the World, they all came to Lesvos to pay their tribute to the drama, as well as to the heroic humanism shown by #Lesvos people that shook the world   

Ai Weiwei spent the days surrounding the New Year’s holiday with migrants and refugees on the island of Lesbos. 

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Posted by Mytilene-Lesvos-2021 European Capital of Culture Candidate City on Monday, December 21, 2015

"The international community must see what is happening in this corner of the world. It must realize the size of the problem and understand it. These people should stop being 'somebody else' and must become the refugees that we must stand by them and support them" 

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since ever


Europe's face on Mytilene Coin since 340 bc


Europa the Nymph
This very rare electrum hekte is from the ancient city of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos. It was struck circa 340 BC and portrays Europa on the obverse wearing a taenia. The reverse shows the profile of two boar’s heads confronting each other.

Europa was one of the many beautiful maidens abducted by Zeus. She was out in the field picking flowers with her friends when a white bull showed up. She climbed on its back and it ran away with her. Later she found out it was really Zeus and she bore him three sons: Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Sarpedon. When she married the King of Crete, he adopted them and they became Kings on their own eventually. 

source: archaicwonder  

since the start of the time 


petrified forest

Petrified trunks, scattered over an area of 150 square kilometres surrounded by the settlements of Sigri, Eressos and Antissa in western Lesvos, bear witness to an impressive “cosmogony” that marked the geological history of the basin of the Aegean Sea over 20 million years ago
Kalloni Sigri
 Earlier this  year, in May 2015, A new fossilized forest was discovered in Lesvos Petrifie Wood , when construction works on the new road Kalloni – Mytilene to Sigri revealed a new fossilized forest, which remained hidden until now, and was brought up through excavations .According to the Director of the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Fossilized Forest, the findings "are presented for the first time in a comprehensive and understandable way. 

The findings include numerous large fossilized tree trunks, root systems and tree branches, leaf structures with a wide variety of leaves carrying alive the image of the field excavation in the report".
The intention of the executives of the Museum of Natural History is to transform the crossing of the modern road to an unusual and unique international experience - a tour in an open outdoor Museum of Natural History. "This will be implemented soon since in both sides of the new highway large-ranking fossilized tree trunks will be maintained in their natural position and will be designated by appropriate protective measures", said Mr. Zouros.
The new findings are of particular scientific value and confirm the existence of successive extensive subtropical forests in the area, which were covered and fossilized by successive forceful volcanic eruptions.

whole island of Lesvos is among the five  areas of Greece characterized as Geoparks of  Unesco
, and now a
 new UNESCO program entitled “World Geoparks Unesco” is approved in Paris since 
18th of November 2015

Thermi, 5215 years old

Thermi: A 3200 BC fully organised town , its maquet by its prehistroic ruins lies there is the only prehistoric site in Lesvos excavated systematically. The excavations brought to light an early urban character of the city in seven successive building phases of the Early (Warm I - IV, 3200 - 2400 BC), Middle and Late Bronze Age (2000- 1300 BC)

Lesvos' First Acropolis in history,
First Democratic Republic in Europe

Did you now that Lesvos had its own Acropolis since the Homer time, 

built where the Byzantine castle lies today, 

and that Lesvos was the first capital of Europe that introduced Democracy? 

This is one of the multiple historical treasures the Municipality of Lesvos aims to share with the worldbidding for

 the nomination of Mytilene, Lesvos as European of Culture in 2021 

The first settlement on the ancient island dates back to the 4th millennium BC. 

As early as in 770 BC, three centuries before the Golden Age of Pericles that built the Acropolis in Athens,

  Lesvos introduced the first democratic republic in Europe.


Lesvos bloomed

by the eternal blessed tree


Lesvos, the 


the miracle birdwatching

Lesvos offers some of the best birding in the Medi

terranean basin.

The number of species recorded in Lesvos stands at 332 as by December 31, 2014. Pygmy Cormorant is one of the more unusual winter visitors with odd birds seen around coastal areas. Numbers of Great Cormorant increase too. Red-breasted Merganser join increasing numbers of wintering wildfowl, including scarcer species such as Pochard. Marsh and Hen Harriers hunt the open areas, particular around the coast. Numbers of Black Redstart, Blackbird and Song Thrush continue to increase, and will increase further if mainland Turkey sees a cold snap.

For four weeks each spring birders from across Europe converge on this outpost of Europe

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Biology was born here, by Aristotelis himself 


the father of botanic, from Lesvos 

Theophrastus of Eressus (Greek: Θεόφραστος; c. 371–287 BC) who has been frequently referred to as the ”Father of Botany”.

He was a student and close friend of Aristotle (384–322 BC) and succeeded him as head of the Lyceum (an educational establishment like a modern university) in Athens with its tradition of peripatetic philosophy. Together with Aristotle he had tutored Alexander the Great whose military conquests were carried out with all the scientific resources of the day, the Lyceum garden probably containing many botanical trophies collected during his campaigns as well as other explorations in distant lands.It was in this garden where he gained much of his plant knowledge. more

Lesvos poetic

Sappho , Poetry designs the city

"It is considered rare for a candidate European city for the institurion of European Capital of Culture to combine so many historical and cultural treasures for this European approach.
Mytilene with its unique geophysical beauty, the ancient and modern history, its pluralistic tradition, and its contribution to literature, painting, architecture, gastronomy lays the foundations for a strong candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in 2021." Konstantinos Astyrakakis , Deputy Mayor of and Tourism of Lesvos

"Someday, someone in some future time will think of us"

Sappho, Skala Eressos


"...Gracious your form and your eyes as honey : desire is poured upon your lovely face Aphrodite has honored you exceedingly...” Sappho, ancient Greek lyric poet

She was born on the isle of Mytilini and lived in the 7th Century BC Sculptures from the new Acropolis Museum in Athens , find that

Travel in time by the echoes of the lyre and the lyrics of Sapho 

 Alice Markantonatou, the musician who revives today the original lyrics of Sappho with ancient musical instruments.

In antiquity the Lyre was made from tortoise-shell, animal’s horns and gut strings.
There is a beautiful myth that Hermes created the first one from a tortoise that was walking outside the cave he was born, and eventually he gave the Lyre, as a present, to Apollo, to calm him down for stealing his herd of cattle. Since then (Homer’s times), this instrument is known as Apollo’s Lyre, and became the instrument that young students were taught music and lyrical poetry in the Classical Years.There is one found in Athens, from 5C. B.C, exhibited in the British Museum. Above, from the official Municipality's presentation for Lesvos' Nomination of European Capital of Culture 2021 go to our special post


Lesvos Delicious


Lesvos the Capital 

The Nomination for European Capital of Culture 

History and culture are overflowing at the island of Mytilene which stood "upright" facing the refugees crisis, and proved that this is the expression of Culture Europe should show to the world . This is the reason Mytilene and the whole island of Lesvos are bidding for the nomination of Europan Capital  Culture in the year 2021, and this is the percpective the Municipliyty of Lesvos and the Mayor Spyros Galinos presented it on Monday November 16, at the Acropols Museum  

The Mayor Spyros Galenos opened his speech expressing his sorrow for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks, stressing that after that Friday, on November 13,  Europe will never be the same, while he primarioy sent a message of unity from the  side of the whole society of Lesbos against the act of "barbarism" as he named the attacks .

The mayor of Lesvos reminded to the Greek and international community presenting the nomination for the European Culture  Capital that apart from Lesvos' island comparative advantages and qualifications for winning this candidacy , it is the humanitarian approach of Mytilini  to the refugees influx that shook the world and the paradigm of  humanity that shook world opinion, love and compassion that you meet on the shores of the island. "

As then told the mayor of Mytilene, the island has not only cultural safeguards to claim the nomination but he has proved that the island culture is the main tool to manage a crisis.

The Deputy Mayor of Culture Costas Astyrakakis and Artistic Director for the European Capital of Culture - Mytilene-Lesvos 2021, Vassilis Anastasiou, presented their candidacy.

Initially, there was the presentation of a film production office claiming of Cultural Capital with the signing of Mytilene in origin, photographer Gella Chatzidimitriou.

Followed recitation by actor Chris CHATZIPANAGIOTOU combined with poems of Sappho by composer and composer Nikos Xanthoulis will sing and play ancient seven-stringed lyre.

Lesvos Unique Museums   

 Theophilos Museum Frescoes 

Self-taught painter Theophilos Chatzimichael (or Kefalas, appr. 1868-1934) is the leading figure of the Greek folk art. He was born and passed his childhood in Vareia, but had to leave his paternal home at the age of 18. He started  by frescoes on the walls of houses and stores. When he finally returned to Mytilene after 1912, he met the internationally acclaimed art critic and publisher Teriade, thanks to whom Theophilos’ fame surpassed the Greek borders.
  In the rich thematology, that inspires Theophilos, history holds a special place, with the emblematic figures of Alexander the Great, Konstantinos Palaeologos and the heroes of the 1821 Greek War of Independence recurring as protagonists of his paintings. His art has been praised for its spontaneous, unpretentious style, the realistic expression, the warm natural colours (usually made by himself), namely all those components that determine authentic folk art.

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