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"My Greece  is the idea", Karl Lagerfeld said for his Cruise Fashion 2017-18 Collection in Paris.

"So we now require tickets to Athens (and Mykonos) and a summer wardrobe filled with breezy, Aphrodite-worthy dresses", commented the Press.. 

First Beauty Contest in the world in 7th century b.c Find that 


#Acropolis Not a Catwalk , #Greece said to #Gucci

for Fall 2017/2018 Fashion Show  


Popular Greece

The veritable, irresistible Mastic cocktails thriving in US

The veritable wonder resin, the famous Mastic form Chios island, has been distilled into alcoholic spirits, since 600 BC, and more than ever today thrives in the cosmopolitan bars' cocktails around the world... Read Full Post »


#HealthTravel Greece 

Greek #MediSpa, the emerging #Thermal Springs #Wellness Trend in #Greece  Τhe  President of the Greek Thermal Academy underlinded in his speech at the Ithaca Conference  "“Health Tourism: Engine of the National Economy’s Growth &Turning Greece into a top touristic destination all year round"  on late May 2917, that  mone of Greece's main advantages is its favourable bioclimate, with strong sunlight providing an additional means of treatment, as climatic and geological conditions .....

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 1st Hellenic – Chinese Congress on Health,  to take place in Athens, Greece, 11 and 14 May 2017.Read Full Post »

Due to this year's Awareness Campaign Greece's Medical Association launched internationally, starting its premier phase from the big cities around the world where Greek Diaspora .. Read Full Post »
Thermal  Springs : #Wellness Baths, Today's #Spa, original #Greek since Antiquity Bathing was a practice familiar to the Greeks of both sexes from the earliest times, both in fresh water and salt.

Your #Wellness Greece

#Celebrate Nature Greece  It's May ! May and Spring Rebirth Celebrations and Traditions on our Special Photo Album to watch on 3D

Original #EcoGreek Farm experience 

Special hotel where you can enjoy high quality accommodation services, authentic cuisine, unique nature in traditional environment Read Full Post »

The Kardashians' horse ride  on the idyllic island of Mykonos Alternative Greece Trend Photo Gallery  

In #Greece2017: the ideal resort for for yoga and pilates

The Kalamaki Beach Hotel in Isthmia, a breath away from the impressive Isthmus of Corinth, this year is lending its premises to yoga instructors and their teams to experience the beauties and calmness of the Peloponnese while practicing yoga a... 

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Wine Lovers don't miss Halkidiki's routes for unique grapes' degustation

In the gorgeous region of Halkidiki, you should walk through the wine routes and visit the area’s renowned wineries next to endless stretches of vineyards ..Read Full Post »


Your Path to #HappinessGreece 

Nostalgia of Greek Summer Memories in a Special Nostos Festival

Reminding us all those happy thoughts, memories,  things and inspirations  that the arrival of summer means to all of us, especially in Greece, the Summer Nostos Festival funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) has organised  an entire week of free events...

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Mindful Greece


Greece the ideal vacation place to practise Mindfulness  Go

Awaken Your Senses in Greece  

You are in Greece , Time to celebrate Your Senses

Meet the Wellness Sensual Greece Awaken Your Senses Wellness Guide #Greek2m

Relax in Greece 


In Greece: Restart and Refocus Go to Page  

Green Blue Greece 

Eat Happy Greece 

Eco Greece 

Miracle Birdwatch

unique world wide,  found in in Lesvos Go to Page 


Live forever  in Greece


Find the Never Aging 

Greek Deli and Never Age too...

Try the #longevity sea urchin picnic on the #beach in #Greece 

With a pair of scissors, wearing special gloves.... Pour some extra virgin oil and lemon juice on top of the ovaries and using fresh bread as a spoon eat them right there on the beach... Read Full Post » .

How do
they do it?

Greece's Natural Medicine: its superfoods 


Greece #Travel #Dream 

2017 could be the best in history of Greek Tourism, minister said

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura.

who said that bookings to Greece

 this year were up 15 to 70 percent compared to 2016.

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Greek hotels in the top 3 of Global Hotel Reputation 2017

Based on analyzed 70 million published on line guest reviews worldwide over the last two years, the  ... Read Full Post »

Milos offers you the  feeling that you’ve landed on the moon..Read Full Post » 


Eternal Greece  

Free entrance in Athens Acropolis Museum on International Museum Day and European Museum Night

.Entrance to the Acropolis Museum in Athens will be free throughout the day on Thursday, May 18, from 8:00-20:00....

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... a wealth of fossils from the Aegean, including of mammals, as well as evidence of the primitive presence of hominids.

Trees from the present appear alongside petrified tree remains (including a 12 meter-long primitive tree trunk) from the famous petrified forest of Lesvos,

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