The Decadance of Propaganda Celebrities 

National Intelligence Service: "Shut his mouth....., anyway"(!)
but finally they
didn't , March 2013 

Six men, one of whom is alleged to be a member of the country's secret service, were charged on Thursday by a prosecutor with forming a gang that plotted to assassinate the prominent journalist Kostas Vaxevanis By Enet, February 28, 2014 
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On 9 September 2012, just days before the journalist published the Lagarde list of over 2,000 Greeks with accounts in a Swiss bank, five people attempted to ambush Vaxevanis at his home, which they had broken into. Sensing their presence, the journalist called the police, who failed to apprehend the men.

A few days after the incident, a woman appeared at the offices of Vaxevanis' news magazine Hot Doc,claiming that she was employed by a group of EYP operatives who had rented an office at an address near HotDoc and whose aim, she explained, was to destroy Vaxevanis' reputation and then to kill him.

The woman was later taken under witness protection program and an eight-month investigation, mostly carried out by HotDoc and subsequently published, led police to the six suspects, An article on Vaxevanis' Kouti tis Pandoras website named the six defendants as  Kostas Angelakis  (who is metioned  as an EYP agent and its former espionage director) and his colleague  SK, YP, YD, AK and AK More by Enet, english edition

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Justice for the credible Greek Journalist who dared to publish the Langarde List 

 He told the court that he had published the list in order "to expose the system of corruption that is oppressing the country and which is on that list".  " In what was an irrational case with an absurd prosecution, Kostas Vaxevanis has been acquitted for a second time. He did his duty and got away with it. Let this be a lesson for those who want to do their duty" said his lawer Harris Ikonomopoulos more on enet, March 2014

George Tragas, the senior Hero on the  Freedom of Speech on Greece's   Information War, indicted but finally was justified for espionage(!) during the years of the governance of Kostas Simitis , for an article, which ,now he reveals, was handed to him personally by today's Prime Minister A.Samaras. After that, he claims live on his tv and Radio shows, faced a serious murder attempt, by the murderes found later by the police, but were left to easy  escape in the same night, all of them , except only one. Find him on twitter@George_Tragas

Real Fm, one of the very few Free Voice today's media in Greece, has been punished repeatedly by the National Radio-television Council, by  10.000 Euros  ( and more) FINES, for any possible reason , most of which are not even compatible to Greek Laws, Nikos Hatzinikolaou claims , brave enough to continue airing the radio and fighting for the Freedom of Voice in the  supposed to be democratic Region as Greece is described today, in the year 2015 to be " The members of the ESR Comitee are not  objective judges, nor are they the  " guards of Ethis ", since they have clearly targeted  the first in polularity and clarity radio station in the country with a series of " strange " decisions" was the Radio Station's recent  official Press release 

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The extensive narcissistic mental disorder of Greek MP's , ex ministers and wannabees . What DOES NOT make them a leader( they do it themselves...!)
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Press, Lies & Spies on unique
"taylor made"
Information War

   in Greece March, 2014

1 million euros bail for former Pasok Secretary for violation of top secret National Intelligence 

reports  Michalis Karhimakis, a former MP and party secretary of the socialist Pasok party is free on a whopping one million euro bail and has been barred from leaving the country after being slapped with felony charges for violating state secrets. More, by

Take a look on this photo and keep notes! Michael Kahrimakis(left)  in 2010, sharing a joyful greeting with the ex Minister of "Infrastructures and 

Networks", Dimitris  Reppas(left), for whom his office 


was recruited under Georges'

Papandreou government in2011. Reppas was the central role Press Minister 

(25.09.1996 - 24.10.2001)  of Kostas Simitis gov. A  month before Simitis' government

expired, the first bomb for Press Informations' manipulation in Greece leaked to light:  275 active in the media  greek journalists were payed by the National Intelligence Agency's payroll. Until then, Greeks still were convinced by the power of free journalism that was supposed to tell them the truth..


Samaras' spokesman (on the role of the ex-ministers of Press, without naming it) responsible for the  

handcoughs on Press Simos Kedikoglou

now  expelled from the Journalist's Union. 

But so, what ? 

In June, after ERT’s closure, an appeal to immediately reactivate the Greek public broadcaster was issued by the International Federation of Journalists, which represents 180 journalists’ unions globally.

Kedikoglou was especially vitriolic in repeated public statements about what he called a “sinful ERT”, though he had worked at the public broadcaster years before.

Though the government charged that ERT had operated as a hotbed of political patronage – something both socialist Pasok and New Democracy were accused of over the years – critics charged that Kedikoglou himself had engaged in numerous patronage hirings.

News directors over the yearw were hand picked by successive governments, which/ as critics charged routinely intervened in editorial  decisions and the political line of the state-controlled media outlet, though it was nominally autonomous. More, by crashonline


 there is a

State Department

Human Rights Report 

for the Press Freedom

in Greece

for 2013-2014!


Greece 2013 Human Rights Report

Press Freedoms, 2013, GreeceIndependent media were active and expressed a wide variety of views. The law permits any prosecutor to order the seizure of publications that insult the president, offend any religion, contain obscenity, advocate for the violent 

overthrow of the political system, or disclose military secrets. 


In April police reportedly threatened to sue two photojournalists for taking photographs of the officers during a demonstration against  censorship outside Athens University. The officers detained the photojournalists and brought them to a police station.

In May unidentified perpetrators threw threatening leaflets outside of the Eleftherotypia newspaper offices, threatening a journalist for her report on scare tactics used by some shop owners to intimidate area residents. The journalist also received telephone calls and e-mails from unknown individuals threatening her against visiting the area again and urging her to end her investigations. 


On June 11, as part of structural reform initiatives in the public sector, the prime minister

 announced the closure of state broadcaster Radio and Television (ERT), suspending nearly 2,700 employees. Some local politicians, journalists, and trade unions, as well as international rights organizations such as AI and the Hellenic League for Human Rights, opposed the sudden closure. ERT staff subsequently took over the station’s headquarters and continued to broadcast, with help from the European Broadcasting Union. The Council of State ruled that ERT’s shutdown 

was within the state’s rights but the government should reestablish public broadcasts in some form as soon as possible. National public television went back  on air on July 10 as Public Television and was scheduled to continue until the new state broadcasting entity New Hellenic Radio Internet Television became operational in 2014., More... 

Freedom of Press Wanted officially:




not EU, 

and worse...

".. While
freedom of information is occasionally abused in some European Union countries, it is repeatedly and blatantly flouted in others by the annual World press  freedom index 2014. " This is the case in Greece, which has plunged more than 50 places in the press freedom index in the space of just five years.This is a dizzying fall for the world’s oldest democracy...

handcuffs on  Press

  "Greece's ERT TV station 

symbolises what is happening to the country", is the Guardian's article, adding that "The closure of the state broadcaster by the coalition government is symptomatic of the brutal austerity being inflicted"....

November 12 Guardian, more     

How Police finally  made our national tv shut off  


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On the day before Tsipras government ...

Before this years' election, on January 25/2015
British socialist Kevin Ovenden, writing from Athens, reported that riot police were deployed to the ERT headquarters on election night to prevent a re-occupation of the station's main facilities

Tsipras to Samaras, June 2013,for ERT closure:

"You sent midnight the Police in the National television , you are going to do the same in the citizens' homes ....". 

The cronicle

Read a detailed article chronicles the shutdown of ERT, the protests which have followed, the unprecedented discussion of social and political issues that the shutdown of ERT has spurred, and the actions of an increasingly authoritarian political regime in Greece. find that

Finally, the "shock and awe" created by the sudden shutdown of ERT serves as a tremendous distraction from the latest embarrassing failures of the government, including the   recent failure to sell Greece's natural gas utility, DEPA, to Gazprom, and the potential collapse of the sale of the national lottery, OPAP, to Greek and foreign investors.  These failures came just a few days after Samaras proclaimed that Greece had turned the corner and become a "success story."  A successful attempt to shut down ERT, however, would provide a precedent and also the political momentum that would allow the Greek government to swiftly proceed forward with the planned privatizations of vital Greek utilities, including the water and electric utilities, airports, harbors, and other valuable assets. more


The hostility has extended to any media outlets that have not parroted the government line, as well as independent bloggers, activists, and photojournalists.  There have been numerous instances of journalists who have been beaten and assaulted by police and security forces at protests and rallies, while the arrest, trial, and ongoing retrial of investigative journalist Kostas Vaxevanis for violating "privacy laws" as a result of his publication of the so-called Lagarde list of alleged Greek tax evaders with Swiss bank accounts, has made global headlines.more

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