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Gallerie Lafayette 

limited collection sweaters knitted by the grandmothers at the island of Tinos The Collection was hosted by the Benaki Museum ...

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Giorgos Patoulis 

Governor of Attica Candidate  
Presdient of Central Union of Municipalitiew of Greece 

"Greece should teach the Greek experience of Well-being' to the world We aim to offer the opportunity to Attica Region to become the place of earth where Health travelers would be cured and revitalized" Read Full Post 

Thermal Spas WTG

The sustainable lab of nature of the beauty mud 

Every year the Krinides mud baths near the city of Kavala attract thousands of visitors who take a dip in the clay for its healing qualities. They mostly come to treat disorders.

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"Thermal tourism is the niche market and privileged particularity of our country that upgrades Greek cities and regions to Health and Wellness destinations unique to the world travelers" ..  Giorgos Patoulis, 4th Panhellenic Congress of Thermal Medicine Update 


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Herbs extensively used in Greek Baths
for Wellbeing, Beauty and Health  

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Chinese Babies made in Greece

George Patoulis: " a breakthrough cooperation agreement that bridges Traditional Eastern Medicine methods with today’s best practices of the Classical Medicine of the West which is founded by Hippocrates"

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Some 55,000 professional and amateur athlete participated in the 36th “Athens Marathon. The Authentic”, that included the 42,195-meter Marathon Race, the morning 5km and 10km road races, the power walking race... Read Full Post 


Healthy food in Greece

Dioprto won its fame among the world travelers and became the suggestion among eclectic ones for the authentic experience it offers as the original Greek taverna that literally steps you back in time  Read Full Post 

Food and Drink in Early Modern Greece

What did Greeks eat before the introduction of potatoes, tomatoes and other “foreign” foods?

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Brain Science Greece

the Green Blue Space Effect to Change your Brain in Greece   

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Nostalgia: Take with You Greece 

Happiness Mood that's Greece

My perfect day in Greece by Kate Hudson 

Waking up early, with the first swimm at 8.00 in the beach,turning off phones ...

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Blue Zone Greece


The Healing Greek Coffee 

that  promotes longer life