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Greece on the crossroad

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The oldest refugee in the world , 107 , alive in Athens

 “I was not sure I would see the morning last night,” Sabria Khalaf, a 107-year-old refugee from Syria told the Globalist's  reporter in Athens in January. She is the oldest refugee in the world. Her story is a crossroad between tragedies of war and sectarianism, and a world overwhelmed by the increasing population of refugees fleeing unending conflicts, More, by the Globalist, Feb11

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Young tiny beggers:

the atrocity on most fragiles,

victims of labor trafficking begging their human right.

Just as Maria was forced by her parents to beg, the  fragile trafficking victims are begging all around  on Greek streets.Go to the full Department of State Trafficking in Greece report 

Pope Francis: an open wound

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 Francis addressed the final session of a two-day Vatican-sponsored international conference on human trafficking attended by top law enforcement officials, politicians and representatives of religions.

"Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ. It is a crime against humanity," he said. Departing from his prepared text, he said there were many "people of good will who want to shout 'enough'" to human trafficking.

Participants included British interior minister Theresa May, Interpol Secretary-General Ronald Noble, London Metropolitan Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, and anti-trafficking activists from around the world, many of them nuns.Click here to edit text


Funding for health care has been cut by up to 40 percent in Greece since the beginning of the crisis - with fatal consequences : "In Athens, we saw a 1500-percent increase in HIV cases in 2011 compared to 2010. That is due to the fact that the Ministry of Health reduced its budget to distribute clean needles." Willem de Jonge wants to take practical steps to address the problems, and with the help of Doctors without Borders, lend support to the Greek government.
Deutshe Welle, 
Disease spreading due to eurozone crisis,  July 19,2013 Deutsche Welle

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7 Syrian migrants and two children drown off Greek island, two still missing

Unceasing efforts of the Greek CDC for Poliovirus surveillance

Authorities said they had recovered the bodies of seven immigrants, including two children, who drowned overnight when a boat sank in the eastern Aegean Sea, 2,8 miles ofF Lesvos island,after travelling illegally from nearby Turkey . The sea was calm... more

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Greece's own Armagedon... is in the air

By Polio risk looming over  Europe, Greece is fetching the unbearable burden of  Protecting the Western world's Health Safety, in a more than tragic Armagedon scenario Greek to me ! October 2013

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Petros Giannakouris/Associated Press - An African immigrant, one of the 32 from Syria and Somalia who survived from one of the deadliest migrant boat accidents which occurred on May 5,2014 in Greek waters, arrives at the port of Piraeus, near Athens, on Monday, May 12, 2014.

At least 22 people, including families and children trapped in a flooded cabin, drowned   More 

HIV explosion, and more....!
a special multi-national cocktail of Sex,  Accute Public Poverty, Drug addicts and "The-2 Euros-Chance-Street- Prostitution- Service" in the Heart of Athens   


map of Athens

Over the past two decades prostitution in Athens has become a real ticking bomb, which is known to all competent authorities.

The first "bang", which shook the capital was the data released by the Centre for Control and Prevention of Diseases...

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new: prostitution in Athens network of sex trafficking

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footsteps on the "dirty love" paths in town. Downtown Athens

Slideshow: Insight: In Greek crisis, HIV

gains ground, Reuters

The immigrants' Humans Rights are strongly violated in Greece , by Amnesty International, and more

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Amnesty International: Greece is a Frontier of Fear and Hope

Amnesty International is seeking an end to Greece’s “unlawful and shameful” expulsion of refugees and migrants. In a shocking report, the organization speaks of the “unacceptable” treatment that these people face when they reach Greek borders.

The report, entitled “Greece: Stop unlawful and shameful expulsion of refugees and migrants,” asks the European Union to impose sanctions on Greece, because the country’s routine of pushing back migrants and refugees who arrive at its borders has yet to stop.

“The treatment of refugees and migrants at Greece’s borders is deplorable. Too often, instead of finding sanctuary, they are met with violence and intimidation. There are cases where they have been stripped naked, had their possessions stolen, and even held at gunpoint before being pushed back across the border to Turkey,” said John Dalhuisen, Europe and Central Asia Programme Director.

“The people carrying out these push-backs are state agents. As such, the Greek authorities bear full responsibility for their actions. The authorities must openly acknowledge and ensure an end to the illegal and often dangerous practice of push-backs.” he added.

Push-backs are the unlawful expulsion of a group of people without considering the individual circumstances and depriving them of the opportunity to seek asylum on Greek soil. The practice is strictly prohibited under Greek, European and international law.

Between September 2012 and April 2014, Amnesty International spoke with 148 migrants and refugees about their traumatic and often violent experiences. Almost half said they had been pushed back from Greece to Turkey, some more than once.

Read more by Greek Reporter , April 29, 2014

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"Thousands of migrants suffer in silence in inhuman detention conditions in Greece, say Medecins sans Frontiers  that undermine their health and dignity,"  Migrants detained in Greece face inhuman conditions that are having "devastating" consequences on their health, Medecins sans Frontieres warned on Tuesday, demanding that the Greek government and EU stop turning a blind eye to the situation. More,  April 1,2014

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The business of a warehouse of souls, made in Greece

"They are  living in these containers, whith room temperature above the 50 Celsius,( 122 Fahrenight) for a a year, said the Mayor of Amygdaleza, whereis found the detention camp of the 1620 illicit iimmigrants that protested  commenting that "these are living conditions unbearable even to animals, not simply people" and spoke clearly for a big  business there, "made in Greece". 8 Afgan detainnees and 2 Pakistani who escaped remain unressted, among  dozens of thousands illicit immigrnats in Greece that remain unknown . Full updated story by moodhacker, Greek to me ! 

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The shadowy network gained 5.5 million euros and 2.3 million dollars from illegal border crossing operations in the last four months.  Four suspects, who were detained after a boat carrying Syrian immigrants sank off the Aegean Sea, have been sent to court in western Turkish city of Izmir on Saturday.

The boat carrying fourteen illegal immigrants was sailing to reach Greece when it sank off the coast of Izmir on Wednesday, causing eight Syrians to die, including a five-year-old girl and her mother.

A joint operation carried out by the gendarmerie and the National Intelligence Organization saw four people –two of them Syrians– detained.

In a search in the house of one of the detainees, authorities found 18 registers, on which names of the illegally transported people and the cash proceeds taken from them were written.

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