Media  report of serious beating and torture that possibly included electroshock prior to Kareli’s death and thus by a group of ten prison guards. According to Local News one of the prison guards has already confessed the torture that lasted 2,5 hours and occurred in a prison room. Other media report that a security camera at the corridor had recorded prison guards coming to and going from that specific room.Before its News, April  2014

"On February 16, the vast majority of us decided to go on strike after two inmates who were here due to other ailments were diagnosed with tuberculosis. We all want to get tested for tuberculosis, but so far only a handful of people have been given the test."

In a press release on date March 6, just weeks after the hunger strike in the hospital prison, the Greek ombudsman speaks of the “unsuitable and antiquated facilities, the outmoded institutional framework, and the insufficient number of doctors and nurses” in the facility, which he says “endangers the health and violates the rights of ailing prisoners”.

Aravandinos : We would strike together  with the prisoners for this Shame of the Juridical System!

"From the  226 inmates that are staying on this moment at the prison's hospital, 136 and more are HIV positive, a lot of them are  mutilated, three have undergone

strokes,and all of them are living together in this inhuman cave of human misery ",

commented the vice president of the Prison Workers Federation Service , Anthony Aravandinos talking on air on RealFm Radio at the program of Akis Pavlopoulos and Manos Niflis, over the weekend of the prisoners's social media protest 

" We would be together with the prisoners on their hunger strike for this situation", said Antonis Aravandinos, but some of us still need their strength to raise their voices loud , straight to the authorities on behalf of the victims of this system , which puinshes by death penalty , whoever enters this hellhole ..."

"The Greek prisons are abandoned over time Since  2002,  the only care the juridical system showed, was to put more wires over the prison for to avoid escapes. They pay only  2 euros per day for three meals per prisoner, (not even three meals for animals)...." concluded Mr Aravandinos, and continued:

"What makes you think  that these hellhole pictures are different from what pictures the country's image ? Is this civilised Europe, or not ? "

Overcrowded way beyond capacity, the prison system has also been hit by slashed budgets as Greece struggles through a severe financial crisis. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in several cases in recent years that conditions in Greek prisons and police holding cells violate regulations banning inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. More...

Often, patients are told that there is no money for the drugs they need. Recently, inmates collected money in order to pay for medicine for one patient with Hodgkin’s diseases who really needed it to survive. There’s barely any hospital equipment. When there’s an emergency and an inmate needs to be transferred to a ‘real’ hospital, it can take hours for him to get there, because the rules say the ambulance needs to be escorted by police, and it can take quite a while for them to arrive.
We’re human beings. Many of us are in prison for financial crimes; we haven’t done anything violent. We don’t understand why we’re being treated like this. OBSERVERS, FRANCE 24

to Humans: Scream of Despair from the Greek Hellhole 


Greece immediately should: 

- Reduce the number of patients in each room, and separate  prisoners based on their disease and the seriousness of their condition.

The ombudsman’s proposals include the following:

- Immediate clarification of the needs and mission of the prison hospital.

- Revising its rules and regulations.

- The hiring of additional doctors  and nurses.

- Improvements in infrastructure and equipment.

- An automatic investigation, in collaboration with the overseeing prosecutor, into the possibility of suspending incarceration fotr gravely ill patients.

Current prison hospital regulations date from the 1940s, and a 2009 decision to incorporate the hospital prison in the National Health System, is yet to be implemented. 

The Hellhole of Juridical Justice in the Medieval today's Greece

Tuberculosis patients and some serious multi-drugresistant tubreculosis cases, HIV positive patients,   Heart and kidney patients, and all the kinds of  patients, suffering from diseases, contagious and chronic, are stuck together in this warehouse of souls . The

Here, in the hellhole of European Greece , the ill prisoners call the district attorneys and the political personel  to come and walk around...

The inmates of Greece's only  prison hospital decided to tell their story to the world . Many of them were on hunger strike and were refusing medication to protest severely overcrowded conditions they say are leading to the spread of diseases.

There are 6-7 multi-drugresistant tuberculosis cases among Georgian prisoners, according to the first  assessement of the Greek CDC medical teams, ( which though, do not have full access for testing and treatments, since the Greek CDC surpriosingly  does not "run" the Disease Control Program in the prisons, because the  huge European Fund of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF)  is given to the Drug Control Orgsanisation, OKANA )

Korydallos prison hospital, west of Athens, is designed to hold 60 men, but instead, currently houses more than 200 prisones, according to prison staff and inmates. 180 are HIV positive, according to the Greek CDC.

More , by moodhacker Greek2m,  The Hellhole of Juridical Justice in the Medieval today's Greece

Greek Prison Labeled Inhuman by the Council of Europe since May 2013

"Greece suffers the worst prison overcrowding in the European Union, according to figures in the Council of Europe's latest annual prison report (published in May 2013) 

Inmate numbers reached a record high this year, and many prisons simply refuse to accept new arrivals. 

That leaves hundreds caged for months as they await trial in police holding cells designed for stints of hours or at most days. 

Suspects and convicts are often bundled together, in violation of Greek and European law...."GREEK PRISON SYSTEM COLLAPSING _ LABELED NHUMAN, by AP , Elena Becatoros, Dec. 30, 2013   

Greek Prisons and Holding Centers so close to be the same.. The story for which the Council

of Europe



 since December 2012  .

The  Publishing  of a detailed  study completed last March but was kept under seal , pending a response from Athens, the panel lamented poor hygiene conditions, overcrowding and inadequate medical attention for migrants. - 

“No special measures were taken as regards the care of babies, young children and juveniles,” it said of holding centres visited in January last year on an ad hoc basis.

“Everyone was treated the same — like caged animals,” said the report by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT).

“The CPT’s delegation received many allegations of ill-treatment of irregular migrants by police officers … consisting primarily of punches and kicks to the head and body,” it added.

The CPT also faulted Greece on the lot of Greek inmates, saying it had “observed a steady deterioration in the living conditions and treatment of prisoners over the past decade”.

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