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Giorgos Patoulis 

President of National Council of Health Travel ELITOUR 

"Our country’s ideal landscape directly contributes to the traveler’s health and wellbeing. Greek nature's unique composition transforms the atmosphere to an original Wellness environment since the ancient times. We strongly believe that Greece is the Land of Health, and should be recognized as so by the world tourism market."


Thermal Springs 

#Wellbeing: Original Greek

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Nature for lift 


Healthy food in Greece

Food and Drink in Early Modern Greece

How old and how traditional is the Greek Food culture ?

What did Greeks eat before the introduction of potatoes, tomatoes and other “foreign” foods?

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Longevity Greece

Meet the Greek centenarians' secret: It's social life!

A person’s social life might contribute as a  much more citical factor to longevity than previously thought.

Studies analyzing the lifestyle of the Greek centenarians found that the same happens at the Greece's Blue Zone island, Ikaria   

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The Healing Greek Coffee  

The special Greek Coffee, has been proved to promote heart health protect against heart attack and lead to longer life 



Mood Lift in Greece  

Your Mind and Body Greek Beach Experience

the Green Blue Space Effect to Change your Brain in Greece