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#HealthTourism #Greece creates brandname by top scientists 

“Health Tourism Meets its Ithaca”, George Patoulis, Head of Health Tourism In Greece Initiative, said, while presenting at the conference the Global Greek Doctors Institue  that aims to promote the universality of Greek medical science and reunify the Greek medical scientific community in Greece and abroad through the international networking of the Greek doctors who are active in the world

George Patoulis,President of the Global Institute of Greek Medical Scientists in Greece and Abroad, announced also the creation of the International Health Tourism Center of Greece which "aims to become the Ambassador of Greece's Health and Medical Tourism by the support of Local Government in a leading role .... 

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Health Tourism Greece, the engine of growth

Athanasios Martinos

Ship owner 

  "A mild development of the island Greece plan should be the wise way to start building up the Health Tourism infrastructure to attract 
travelers of the world. Supporting Health Centers on the islands, regional hospitals that are close to international airports .." more. 

Ithaca's Mayor: We are isolated in the island!  

Ithaca's silent burden: no  direct ferry route and no pediatrician for six years(!)  was at the centre of officila Mayor's of Ithaci Dionsyssis Stanisis , George Patoulis and Minister fo Shiping Panagiotis Kouroublis meeting, that was held extraordinary at thye mayor's office. The Minister of Shiping promised he will try to solve the problem with direct ferry connection personally.  “We must view the issue of island isolation as an opportunity for development and not as a problem,” Patoulis said, underlining the need for independent local governance.Minister of Shiping promised to support personally  for solving the problem.

Local Government the key 


George Patoulis described in his speech at the conference 's opening ceremony, how the International Health Tourism Center is designed to meet the national need for an integrated master plan for the development of Health Tourism in the country. The International Health Tourism center will record and map , step by step , on behalf of Greece's Municipalities, the competitive and comparative advantages of the country on Health and Medical Travel and propose on national level the specific policies needed for the promotion of Greece's national goals in this area . 

Health by Greece Today:

Top Scientists On A Healing Land  

Reversing Your #Menaupouse During #Vacations? In #Greece, #HealthTourism Offers You this #Option

The Greek gynecologist Konstantinos Pantos   who thrived in international interest  by his recent  breakthrough IVF method which  rejuvenates post-menopausal ovaries in women with genetic material from their own blood, presented his newest  studies and clinical cases at  the  Health Travel Conference held in Ithaca

Perfect #Smile in #Greece: #DentalTourism attracts international travelers 

Nikolaos S. Kouvelas, Ass. Professor of Dentistry in the University of Athens, Founder & President of EURODENTICA and President of the Athens Dental Tourism Cluster described in his speech  “High quality Dentistry in Medical Tourism”, the model under which the recently launched Athens Dental Tourism Cluster is functioning...  

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The President of the Greek Thermal Academy underlinded in his speech at the conference that one of Greece's main advantages is its favourable bioclimate, with strong sunlight providing an additional means of treatment, as climatic and geological conditions of the environment combine with the valuable active elements of hot springs to produce benefits for physical, mental and spiritual health.


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Health Tourism Congress, 
 May 26, 27 2017


Conference  Press Releases 

Ithaca Ionian Vathy

to host the first in
Greece Health Tourism Conference 

#Greece's Local government

 Key Role on #HealthTourism #Investments and Promotion 

During the Conference , the greater comparative advantages of Greece that should be empowered to strengthen the country's Health Tourism market, have been shared among speakers and attendees, while emphasis was placed on the role of Greek Local Government in shaping the competitive profile and International Awareness of travel packages for Wellness and Medical tourism services in Greece , and to successfully host health travelers, while the benefits of these packages to local communities' economy were also  in detail discussed .

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IMTJ Publications for Health Tourism in Greece  

The Greek Health Tourism Confederation has been founded by Constantine Constantinides, who presented at the Ithaca conference the aims of the non profit association with 28 individual founder members, to:


  • Contribute to the development and promotion of Greece as a credible and attractive health tourism destination.
  • Encourage and support the creation of integrated, efficient and competitive local health tourism destinations.
  • Contribute to the promotion of destinations, providers and services

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Empathy Community based NGO is hosting   Health Tourism In Greece Initiative 
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