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The Healing Thermal
 Ancient Greek Springs


The very #Greek, ancient origin of today’s #spa

Greek baths of Ancient Days are considered the foundation for modern spa concept

Euripides once wrote a piece about the curing virtues of thermal and sea waters. Spring waters in Greece have been around since highest antiquity and many were considered sacred and gave way to construction of temples, like in Delphi, the Castalia spring and in Vravrona. Since the spa is the temple of the 21stcentury, it is only natural that thalassotherapy complexes and thermal spas of Greece today are built today in exceptionally gifted places.

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Since the 6th and 5th century BC, water therapy was practised in Asclepieia , the Temples of Healing dedicated to Asclepius, therefore most of them  were  located next to water sources (thermal springs, rivers or the sea)

  • In the Homeric poems and in Hesiod continuous references are made to the use of baths which was by then  were constructed near naturally occurring hot springs or volcanoes.
  • Hippocrates, the father of Health Science, described the Therapeutic Properties of natural warm waters in 400 BC – a time when the Greeks were known to have built structures around hot springs to create an indoor spa . 

Hot Springs in Greece used for Health benefits since 7th century BC, studied scientifically by Hippocrates 

It was the Greeks, attracted by the strange phenomena of thermal springs that attempted to classify them and study their properties and effects on man.Hippocrates,  analysed its chemical composition by disease indication...

Some of them are still alive today, and you should definitely try!

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Thermal Springs in Greece today

The most well-known Thermal water sites today in Greece have been built in historical Thermal towns during the 20th century, when  wide range of new medical and health treatments were developed, and such are  the healing baths of Aidipsos, Lagadas, Ipati, Loutraki  Kamena Vourla, Therma and Polichnitos in Lesvos 

  • Samothraki , Healing Waters Waterfall
    Samothraki: According to tradition, Olympiad conceived Alexander the Great in Therma. Springs were built in 1981
  • Lake Vouliagmeni, Thermal Spring
    Vouliagmeni Lake, in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, with high concentration in salts and minerals and in particular of potassium, sodium, lithium, ammonium, calcium, iron, chlorine and iodine.
  • Thermal Springs Pozar, Kaimaktsalan North Greece
    Pozar Hot Springs in Pella (at the foot of Kaimaktsalan Mountain
  • Thermal Spring Kaiafas, Peloponese
    Kaiafas Thermal Spa in the Peloponnese, a unique ecosystem including the spas, the lake, the pine forest of Strofylia, the historic mountain of Lapitha, as well as the sandy beach of Zacharo.
  • Loutraki Famous Spring since Antiquity
    Walk under the waterfall in the famous Loutraki Loutropolis near Athens
  • Edipsos, Evia Greece
    hot springs of Edipsos in Evia, known since Antiquity, by Homer and Aristotle , and later Roman Emperor Sylla who healed himself in the Hot Spring named Thermae Sylla
Samothraki , Healing Waters Waterfall
Samothraki: According to tradition, Olympiad conceived Alexander the Great in Therma. Springs were built in 1981

Thermal and mineral natural therapeutic springs could be found at some 850 locations around Greece. Their beneficial action offers visitors the opportunity to receive treatment for chronic conditions in a natural way (hydrotherapy), whereas the healing properties of seawater, seaweed, or sea mud help the visitor conquer stress and anxiety, and improve mental performance, revitalizing the spirit.

Visitors can choose among fourteen (14) hydro-therapeutic centres managed by the Greek National Tourist Organisation (G.N.T.O.) with 1,400,000 therapeutic treatments (baths, etc), while dozens of other spas are operated by local authorities and offer modern high-quality services.

Thermal springs in Greece can bring in tourism revenue and tourists all year round, according to Konstantinos Kouskoukis, a dermatologist and president of Greece’s Thermal Medicine Academy.

 Places with warm water springs where the combination of the essence of nature prime elements, minerals and water, mix with the senses... 

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Elena Kountoura 

Greek Minister of Tourism , #WTM London 

"About 700 natural hot springs are scattered in the mainland and on our islands, with unique characteristics and beneficial properties, and we now accelerate procedures in order to encourage sustainable tourism activities and new investments for high quality health and wellness facilities and services.

Some of them in small hidden island and mainland paradises, which we support to emerge as new destinations..."

Baths Through The Ages 


Three young women bathing. Side B from an Attic red-figure stamnos, 440–430 BC


In addition to mythologically-based rituals involving natural springs and tidal pools, the Greeks utilized bathtubs and basins for hygiene and healing.

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Marble statue of a naked Aphrodite crouching at her bath
also known as Lely’s Venus. 
Roman copy of a Greek original,
 2nd century AD. 
Height 120cm,
 British Museum 


Greeks invented Hydrotherapy, Heliotherapy, Shower &Thermal Baths for Hygiene, Beauty and Better Health    


Ancient Baths in Messini 

Hippocrates prescribed bathing in spring water for sickness. But it wasn’t until A Dominican monk; Sebastian Kneipp again revived it, during the 19th century. 
Today, hydrotherapy is utilized in treating arthritis, burns, and musculoskeletal disorders as well as for stroke patients with paralysis.


The massage established itself in Ancient Greece as basic physiotherapy method and was  commonly used  in musculoskeletal, gynecological problems, in abdomiral issues but  also for relaxing, slimming and wellbeing.

Usually applied in hot baths,in wrestling and secondary schools and the famous polyclinics, Asclepieia
"Rubbing can cause loosening, tightening, growth or reduction of the flesh, the strong rubbing causes tightening, the gentle relaxation, prolonged decline in the flesh and moderate growth." 


Cold Shower


Greece Used Sunlight to Treat Skin Diseases

Often considered the birthplace of modern medicine, the early Greek physician Hippocrates, among others, developed courses of treatment for numerous diseases based on exposure to sunlight. Solaria were structures devoted to sunbathing, which was prescribed to cure ailments of the skin and promote good health and vitality.

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Modern science is just now catching up to what the Great Greek  Thinkers in Ancient Greece knew about the cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of hot water therapy.


Clay Bath Vessels of Thesprotians, 400 BC -200 BC, Arch.Museum Igoumenitsa Greece


Wellness Ancient
Greek Tradition 

What did they use , what was the look, what was the style do's... Find more 

Woman of Ancient Greece looking in golden Mirror

According to the Ancient Greeks, the appearance was directly linked to the
soul and the mind.

  • Physical exercise was believed to be a major component of beauty. As we are aware today, exercise can result in greater strength, weight loss, and toned muscles but it also helps the skin.

  • Part of the Beauty and Cosmetic procedures of those days was immersing in aromatic thermal baths filled with dried herbs. Find More

Lesvos Unique: Bath Like A Nymph 
 First Female Beauty Contests in the world , 2700 years earlier

Lesvos' Ancient Springs still Alive  
Hot Springs in Lesvos
 (with minerals of Chloric Nitrate the most highest temperatures in Europe  48°c - 91°c)
and many more, since the ancient times 

Surrounded by Hot Springs in Lesvos

Sappho Poet in Lesvos was leading the Chores that were Playing the Lyre in the First Beauty Contests in The World

FIrst Female Beauty Contests

Lesvos 700 B.C. Beauty contests - kallisteia - were taking place in Athens and elsewhere but only for young adolescent men.Though, Lesvos island only, the Female Beauty Contest were activated with enthusiasm since 7th century B.C... find that 

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