The @USTreasury 
Sec in Athens

#Greece has definitely made progress to stabilize the economy, @USTreasury Secretary said in #Athens

In their  brief dialogue  in front of the  television cameras at the  arrival of  U.S. Secretary of  Treasury at the Maximos Mansion , Jack Lew and Alexis Tsipras stressed the importance of  Greece's role as a pillar of stability in the surrounding, fragile region. 

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The thrylic Christina Onasis yacht  is sailing since Friday June 16 in the crystal blue waters of Lesvos, Mytiline, 

Saudi Arabian Prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud sailed into the port of Mytilene in the Aegean with two yachts, “Elegant 007” and Aristotle Onassis’ legendary yacht “Christina”.

The yachts anchored half a mile from the beach of Vatera in south Lesvos.Enjoy that by our Greek2m eye social 

ALERT for Heat days in Athens 
Pollution and Ozone above safety levels 

Smog in Athens, ozone and air pollution during  Heat wave in Athens, Caution during Heat, Athens fatalities in hot temperatures

Athens is proved to be more fatal than the majority of the rest of European cities under heat wave temperatures, becomes more fatal as the mercury goes up, per 1°C increase, and even more dangerous and fatal per day of the heat proonged period, and even more harmful as the ozone and air pollution prises rise  

Go to the recent article on our Newsblog


Be informed of  Strikes in Greece,in Ports and Not only 

Strikes affecting air, sea and rail transport, as well as taxi services happen regularly in Greece.  If you are affected by transport disruptions, you should monitor the media, maintain contact with your airline, your travel agent and your insurer, and be prepared to change your travel plans. Stay with us, we keep updated . This is Greek to me ! 
Metro strikes in Athens, train strikes in Greece, be informed by Greek to me , 24/7

No change in railways and metro lines

 A rolling strike action that was set to halt operations until Thursday jULY 21, but unionists decided to suspend it  after meeting with officials from Greece’s privatization fund, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund.

port strikes may affect cruise travel
 #Greece's biggest pots Piraeus and Thessaloniki  Thessaloniki and Piraeus’  port workers HAVE CALLED OFF their strike on 25/06
Viotia Greece, Gastroenteritis causes one death sickens 45 people, cause unknown

Gastroenteritis sickens 45, causes 

one Death in Viotia, Greek CDC on the Alert go to story 

Safe Food Not Diarrhea, What to know in Greece   

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You are located at one of the most healthy lands on earth.  Blessed geophysically, the Greek Motherland has nourished since ancient times the mind and body of the western culture man. Still, the sunny land nowadays provides a rich variety of its "bio treasures" that promise a happy mind-body unforgettable experience, an instant Happiness Splash , impossible to miss while you are here    

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Traveler's News 

Delta New York-Athens flights one per day at the end of May 

Airlines to Greece, New flights to Greece
Delta Airlines doubled  its flights to Athens summer from its New York City hub at John F. Kennedy airport.
to increase to a daily service from May 27, 2016

Mykonos and Lesvos added to Volotea routes 

Volotea new flights to Greece, Lesvos

Added to the airline’s existing routes from Athens to Bari, Santorini, Palermo and Venice.

flights from Athens to both Mykonos and Mytilini operate every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Refugee Crisis Affects Greek tourism  

This is the #Borders Management List for #Greece. #Cruise and #yacht travelers will also be screened

According to the draft Council implementing decision that set the 50 points  Recommendation for Greece to address deficiencies identified by the European Commission in the 2015 Schengen evaluation, vacationers on cruise more …

SETE on Travel Survey:
Refugee crisis affects image of Greece as a destination

refugee crisis affects Greek tourism , Tourist Enterprises in GREECE Association , SETE, Research
An online concept survey regarding the image of Greece in the markets of Great Britain, Germany and the USA, conducted by British company Censuswide for Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) Intelligence on a total sample of 3046 respondents who have visited or are considering to visit Greece on whether the refugee Migrant issue has influenced the perception of respondents about traveling to Greece found an increase... FIND THAT 
 The overexposure and the overstatement of the Refugee crisis situation created negative sentiment”
Deputy Regional Governor of Samos, Nikolaos Katrakazos, ITB Berlin, March 2016

Discussion Forum

Tourism Minister Addressing to Tourists Her Message for 
Safe  Travel to Greece

In her message, Alternate Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura  invites visitors to contact the Tourism Ministry’s new special team which has been launched to address any possible problems related to tourism..


The Greek Blue Space effect

It is  the impact of the sea, rivers, lakes on our happiness and well-being that is referred to as blue space and is being more and more often researched nowadays by neuro-scientists and psychologists

Looking at water and listening to its sound puts our overloaded minds into a relaxed and hypnotic-like state with the benefit of this being a different way that our brain processes thoughts, leading to more calm and creative states and an increase our well-being.  Enjoy our Newsblog article,  on our happygreek blog also 

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Mykonos !
Celebrities Top Choice 

Mykonos for Singles choice 

The Greek island of Mykonos is among the top six destinations for single men, according to Rob Topper 
“With amazing beaches, famous white architecture, beautiful scenery, and sunsets to die for, Mykonos is a smashing party island. While most of Greece may be reeling from the effects of a spiraling economy, the party goes on in Mykonos From indoor-outdoor restaurants, to seaside lounges, to beach clubs and villas, this is the ultimate go-to place for anyone looking for a vacation spot.” Go to article 

To Mykonos
with kids? Oh, yes!

Although Mykonos is justifiably famous for its adult-oriented attractions of restaurants, shopping and nightlife, the island does have attractions and activities suitable for people of all ages — and its popular party scene can easily be avoided

Vanessa and Ben, and their young boy, Vincent — as they experience picture postcard-perfect places like the Little Venice seafront and the charming lanes of Mykonos Town, as well as the impressive coastal scenery and stunning turquoise sea at Agios Ioannis (better known to many people around the world as “The Shirley Valentine beach” find that

Marry Me in Greece!

Brazilian hotties Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima arrived on July 6 th in Mykonos  and posted photos on their instagram profiles praising the island. In one photo Alessandra commented ‘Mykonos I missed you’ 

The wedding of the  Greek-Egyptian tycoon Karim El Chiaty and Brazilian supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros  in  

 Mykonos on Saturday evening July 9,an event announced to cost  5 million euros, that  brought 400 celebrity and jet set arrivals  from different parts of the world, among them  Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji, model Oluchi Orlandi, American model Paris Hilton. The bride wore  a gorgeously elegant Valentino gown, and  Isabeli Fontana & Alessandra Ambrosio were the 


 Find  more of these moments


Santorini in World's heart 

No1. Honeymoon Destination in the world for 2016 

Santorini island in Greece ranked first among the Best Honeymoon Destinations in the world, according to US News which notes the following: "Once the wedding day is over, many couples look forward to celebrating their newlywed status on their honeymoon 
Santorini most romantic destination in the world

Santorini was named Europe’s best island in TripAdvisor’s annual rankings, followed by Majorca and Madeira, Portugal. Crete, Greece,

was fourth and Tenerife, Spain, was fifth. 
In the worldwide ranking of TripAdvisor 2016, Santorini comes second edging with the Hawanian island  Maui which has been named this year the best island in the world. find more

the Dream island also
opting to  Medical Tourism  

The new General Hospital of Thira in the world's most popular vacation island, Santorini, is opened its doors offering more Traveler's Health Safety guarantees to  tourists visiting the island and to the local community, as well, but also shows the way for Santorini to become a Medical Tourism destination for thousands of tourists who would wish to visit  but could not , due to health problems or chronic diseases 

Santorini in the world's heart

The island of Santorini , 2nd this  summer in the  

 ‘Check inhistory’ online portal’s list among the 

‘7 Unbelievable

Places  You Should Visit BeforeYou Die…’ 

Fnd  list 


1. Maui, Hawaii 

2. Santorini, Greece 

3. Jamaica, Caribbean


1.Santorini, Greece

2. Majorca, Spain

3. Madeira, Portugal

4. Crete, Greece

5. Tenerife, Spain

6. Rhodes, Greece


Greece Top Dream Destination of the world 

  • Crete on Nr 10
    Crete on Nr 10
  • Santorini on Nr2
    Santorini on Nr2
  • Mykonos on Nr.7
    Mykonos on Nr.7
  • Ionian on Nr5,(except Corfu )
    Ionian on Nr5,(except Corfu )
  • Paros on Nr.8
    Paros on Nr.8

Five out of ten best Islands in Europe are Greek, according to Travel and Leisure 

Readers rated islands on their natural attractions and beaches, activities and sights, food, friendliness, and overall value.The sun-bleached islands of Greece make up half of this year's top 10.

Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini , Paros and the Ionian islands... Go to article 

 Greece offers most of the preffered travel styles the travelers listed on the luxury travel network's  survey.

  • Beach (46 percent) was the top selection, followed by
  • adventure (37 percent),
  • cultural/historical (29 percent),
  • family (27 percent),
  • food/wine (both at 27 percent),
  • (ocean) cruising (23 percent),
  • city (17 percent), 
  • romantic (13 percent),
  • spa/wellness (11 percent),
  • eco/sustainable (6 percent),


On the 


 Virtuozo Life magazine

Travel Dreams Survey.Greece by the  Greek islands came fourth on the  travelers’ top ten bucket list trip, 

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Paros Airport opens for national and international flights

The airfield, which will officially open to all traffic on July 25, features and there are plans in the pipeline for upgrading airports on other Cycladic islands, including those onMilos, Naxos and Syros.Greek 

...It takes a walk
to love you Greece

 ancient landfall, near Sounion, find it

more on Special Page 

"I was so wrong!" 
by Howard Jacobson 
"...But a funny thing happens,
reader, when you wander round the marvellous Acropolis Museum in Athens and note a signal absence, and an even funnier thing happens when you find yourself dining with Greeks on a rooftop restaurant beneath the Parthenon itself. ,,, A mad impulse grips me...."" see more

Dream Destination Athens

TripAdvisor, the travel planning and booking site, recently announced the winners of its Travelers’ 2016 Choice awards for Landmarks. The Acropolis in Athens is among the top 25 landmarks in the world, ranking 17th.

The list of Europe’s top landmarks includes the Acropolis in the 10th place.

Acropolis Museum, 11th worldwide in 2016 

Where in time is this ?

Is this real?  
Find out in which museum in Greece you can enjoy how the golden ages's Greeks treasured Beauty on our Museums Page
The global museum list by Tripadvisor ranks 25 of the world’s best museums based on an algorithm that factors in the quality and quantity of reviews over a year-long period. By the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the top ranking on Museums Travelers’ Choice awards, the Museum of Acropolis is ranked at number 11. 

Record Year expected 

Elena Kountoura

Alternate Minister of Tourism 

“The global market is showing its confidence in Greece and for 2016 we have received very positive signs. If all goes well, we expect a new tourism record."

Greek Prime Minister 

May 13, 2016

I ask you to bet on Greece's tourism this year 
Tourism ministry’s goals, announced by Deputy Minister of Health,Elena Kountoura,  include

  •   extending the tourist season
  •  working with 13 regions for the development of local tourism,
  •  actively promoting alternative forms of tourism
  • identifying and pushing new Greek destinations
  • opening up to new markets,
  • upgrading the quality of tourism products and services,
  •  tapping into luxury tourism so as to increase revenue per visitor, 
  • improving infrastructure of tourism accommodation including airports, ports and marinas, as well as reinforcing tourism policy.
  • The minister also added that the focus now is to expand into medical and spa, religious, cultural, culinary, congress, sea, cruise, yachting and sports tourism.

                                       Photo by Agia Paraskevi Local feast , Visit Lesvos, fb 

Watch the video 
of  Antony Bourdain of CNN
visiting the Unknown Parts, 
the Good Life in Greece, June2016

  Authentic: Unique is Greece! 

authentic Greece, the Beauty of Greek authenitcity in lifestyle and landscape

The categories of a large research on German tourists  included ‘trust and safety’, value for money, hotel quality, beach quality, hospitality, flight connections, service quality, landscape and countryside, and ‘uniqueness’.

Egypt (before the fatal aircrash) was the clear winner in the ‘uniqueness’ listing but Portugal was a surprise number two ahead of Greece and Italy, as of  May 2016
Don't miss the unique breakfast in Greece ,  A dream Wake up Breakfast in Greece, Wellness Greece

Don't miss this breakfast Wake up ! Find more  

What makes Greece Make our Brains Happy? Find out, this is Geek to me ! Find your Happiness in Greece

From today's celebrities around the world to the famous poets and writers of older and today's

 times, the feeling of meeting Greece is often described as experiencing another stage of being Visit our Happiness in Greece Section

The  Blue Zones Authentic Greek Lifestyle

Wellcome to the Greek Blue Zone, You can stay forever...! go to our special article with all the scientific proved details on how Ikarians live over 100 


Eco tourism 


On the beaches of Samos you will probably meet Argyro, the seal, sunbathig next to you !

Protectd by the Monacus Monachus NGO the  young, 2-year old seal, has found it's home in the beautiful beaches of Samos, where, due to her familiarity with humans, she sunbaths imitating people's behavior next to them" find that article 


Located only 20 kilometers north from the touristic hotspot Mykonos, 

Tinos island invites its guests to discover the traditional Greek lifestyle. by stunning landscapes, lonely beaches and Mediterranean kitchen are welcomed by the guest friendly population


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Tourist Season Came Late, by a surprise   

Cruise lines cancel Instabul, replace call stop with Greek ports

Most #Cruise lines announced altering #Istanbul call stops by #Greek Ports from July on

Greece's summer cruise season may have delayed in 2016 to start , as the cruise lines’ executives had noted since June, but the latest Istanbul terrorist attack has eventually favored  tourist traffic and passenger arrivals unpredictably, and the season seems to promise to boost more Greece’s economy than expected till now Since July 1, most of t...

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Largest cruise ship has chosen as home port Piraeus

Cruise travelers to Greece

Carnival Cruise Lines‘ largest ship to date, the 133,500-ton Carnival Vista  which has chosen the Port of Piraeus as «home port» for 2016 come every week and stay for at least two days at the port with around 4,000 tourists, 

more . 

Stay Healthy during your Cruise trip, visit our Special Page 

the Chinese

Transport and Tourism ministers are aiming to activate the Air China direct air link with Athens, during Alexis Tsipras official visit to Beijing. Up to now 80000-100000 Chinese tourists are visiting annually Greece, and the direct flight is expected to quintuple the number

In Greece: the Brexit  After Days 

Brits abroad in Greece have claimed they were refused cash withdrawals and exchanges 

Holidaymakers in Kos were reportedly told they can't access their funds as there was no rate set by the Central European Bank. The sign was posted outside one resort... reported the Sun


The Heat Came So Early

Heat in Athens, it's Hot in Athens , Heat Protection Tips for Greece

It's Hot in Athens!

Take Care of Yourself during High Temperatures days and hours and be Informed of the Official Heat Protection Guidelines, by the Greek CDC

It is the first time in recent years that June in Greece had been so hot . On June 18th, mercury reached 40 Celcius and stayed as such for over three days. Since then temperatures subside but also raise again , and the forecasts are warning for a long hot summer. Go to our updated Article on #Athens, and the heat protection information you should know