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Greece as an "endless archaeological park.
some 21,000 archaeological sites and 65 million findings that can receive promotion through the map service to further boost tourism., said the Culture MinisterPanos Panagiotopoulos at the launch event of Google Street View in Athens 

Have you found your house yet, a day after Google’s launched its new Street View map service for Greece? 

Five years after it was blocked by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, which cited privacy concerns, the ground-level map application finally got the green light to go live, and was launched at an event on Thursday.

The service allows users with access to broadband internet to "tour" almost every corner of the country, taking in the scenic and the not so scenic sites along the way. 

Google was allowed to record photos for Street View while waiting for formal approval to start the service in Greece, the 56th country where it is now available. The company also had been permitted to display cultural sites on a related service. 

Describing Greece as an "endless archaeological park," Culture Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos said the map service would help the country's vital tourism industry. "We have so much to show off. This is a godsend," he said.

Company officials said the service covers about two-thirds of the area that Google plans to map in Greece, and includes most of the mainland and popular holiday islands. It currently does not include many more sparsely populated islands, for example.

In its ruling in November, the privacy watchdog said Google had responded to earlier reservations – such as about whether the images of people's faces and vehicle license plates displayed on its service could be blurred to protect their privacy. People can request that Google blur any other distinguishing features that concern them and the company has an obligation to comply with these requests within five day . By the enetenglish

The lush and beautiful nation of Greece has a rich history dating back centuries in Southern Europe, where it is has been a beloved travel destination due to its architecture, its art, its people and its culture. But not everyone has yet had the opportunity to visit Greece and its treasures. That's where Google Street View can help, now that spectacular images of the beauty of Greece have been captured by Street View cameras and posted online as part of the always-growing image collection

 For years, opposition from the Greek government due to privacy concerns kept the Street View cameras out of the country, but negotiations eventually resolved the objections and enabled the images to be collected. Now armchair visitors can see many of the amazing sights of this gorgeous Mediterranean country through the images, including landmarks such as the Corfu Old Town, the White Tower in Thessaloniki and the Arch of Hadrian in the center of Athens. Come along with eWEEK for this colorful slide show of some of Greece's treasures and see some of this beauty with your own eyes. Greece is the 56th nation to be added to the Street View collection. Image credits: Google Street View - See more at: 

Greece bans Google from expanding its Street View service
Submitted by Mohit Joshi on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 21:39.

Athens  - Greece`s data protection agency has stopped Google from continuing to photograph Greek streets for its Street View service, it was reported Wednesday, pending further reassurances on privacy from the US internet giant.

Street View provides users a 360-degree view of the urban landscape via an icon on Google Maps.

The Greek authority wants Google to specify how long it intends to keep its images online and what measures the search engine intends to take to inform residents who may be photographed of their rights.

The service, launched in the US two years ago, now covers nine countries, including the United Kingdom and Google has said that it wants to expand its service to cover all of Europe.

Users are given the option of zooming in to a given location in Google Maps and can then drag the icon located above the zoom bar to a given street.

Upon zooming, users are given a picture view of the street and a 360-degree view of the area.(dpa)