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Joint Patrols in Aegean, the trap of Turkey's humanitarian guise

By Paris Karvounpoulos, for the On Alert, translated

The agreement promoted by Europeans that provides "joint patrols of Greek and Turkish naval forces in the eastern Aegean", under the "administration" of Frontex, is reasonable to cause further questions. History has shown and proved that Turkey's intentions for the Aegean have never been innocent ...

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"There is a war in Aegean, with human deaths" 

The "hot incidents" between the Greek Coast Guard and the Turkish Coast Guard Command, explains Paris Karvounopoulos, top credible Defense reporter, are numerous and at the same time serious as tens of human lives are lost

The latest tragedy in Pharmakonisi.. more on our Greek2m newsblog story

in the mid of such Human tsunami

Just on time: More accurate than ever

and proactive at most , the Mayors' of Lesbos Solution Plan 

Identifition of migrants/refugees to be in Turkey, the Mayor's of Lesbos' proposal to #refugeescrisis, by the official Municiplitie's Plan for the islands's , the state and international Emergecy Response 

“Let  more refugees stay in Greece,” says Berlin and  Offers Athens Financial Support for Refugee Crisis

“Our highest priority right now is that more refugees stay in Greece,” a government insider was quoted as saying in the respected economic magazine Wirtschaftswoche .

Acknowledging that the Greek economy is too weak to handle the massive influx of arriving refugees, Germany has offered financial assistance to cash-strapped Greece to assist with the country’s efforts in handling thousands of daily refugee arrivals find that.

The First Hot Spots

The first “hotspot” for refugees and migrants was inaugurated in Lesvos on Friday
Avramopoulos said the operation of the first hotspot “signifies that the identification and registration plan of refugees is operating fully”. This, he noted, is an important beginning, “but we still have a long way to go to implement hotspots in other areas, to start relocations and improve the repatriation of irregular migrants”.





We connected the sight of an excellent Syrian journalist, Luna Wafta,

 the volitional American photographer Harry Chun
who made all the journey from Syria
through the migration route,
and  a Lesvos resident photographer Michalis Delis,
to make you sense
 what Mytilene
and the dramatic migrants’ influx situation
on this island of unique beauty
 felt  like.

during the days of the peak

The Greek2m team.


For a piece of paper only 

New! Fingerprints to be taken properly just now, Octobr16,2015 

12 devices for documenting and comparing the fingerprints of arriving asylum seekers and migrants will be delivered by the German ambassador in Athens Peter Schoof to the Alternate Minister of Public Order Nikos Toskas

Τhe huge influx of refugees over the summer in the islands in the eastern Aegean, Greek authorities were unable to cope with the documentation procedure and had called for assistance from other abroad. On How this truly happened HFind more by the original documented photo/story of Harry Chun on the Unexpected Journey 



THIS IS THE #NoBorderControl

Migrants are not screened on Europe’s Borders by fingerprint, Passport , Passport ID number, or even…..face control  to enter the Aegean  Gate to  the West.

All of them, migrants and refugees  are considered to be kind of the same.

Find more on our Special Story, Sepember 12, 2015


A #SetUpDelay by the #BlackMarket on #Papers2get

watch the video  conflicts on Lesbos on Septemb 4th, due to unbearable delays for the provision of ID papers . Not accidentaly. The black market was investing on the 55.OOO+ people despair to gain 200euros from each one..


Mind Terror

Why they're doing this to us?

the local society

Let us leave our lives, this is our place ...
In a city of 27.000 people, Mytiline, the capital of Lesbos, migrant populations reached the number of 55000, most of them remaining unchecked for days and days, unidentified, with no toilets, no water to wash, let free to urinate and fecing and sleeping in the roads, while the most lucky of them had the money to buy tents. A true invasion on the island of the migrants' influx, causing an unbearable devaluation of the islanders' life, a "capture" of the city, which indeed reminded "the Zombie Apocaypse".....

the refugees

Why are they doing this to us?! We escaped death to be humiliated as
such !
We better of going back to Syria and die there rather than daying in an alien land while waiting hopelessly with daily humiliation...

Bio terror

President of the Greek CDC, April 2015 

"We have to act forcefully and directly, since we do not know which epidemiological models do the migrants carry, even though many of them are healthy. It's no secret that many immigrants, are tuberculosis or malaria carriers, among other transmitted diseases. Many children are unvaccinated even for Polio, and this is of great concern.." 
 Professor Thanasis Giannopoulos, Greek CDC
(HCDCP) President, April 20, 2015

Lesbos MP, Sepember 2015

"The threats and errors have been underestimated" 
Being a well established  pathologist, Zerdelis aggressively denounces the absence of any Emergency Response for the Public Health Protection on Lesbos island that exposes everyone's step on the isle  to communicative diseases teaking explosive bomb..
John Zerdelis is an ex- MP of Lesvos, resigned from SYRIZA  now candidate by Popular Unity .

An urine& feces open air city camp. Oh, yes September10, 2015

Ignoring the EMERGENCY
Mytilene, 9/9/2015

Local Authorities, at least on Lesbos island, were the first that found themselves trapped in the chaos  of miscommunication of  political juxtaposition , as time was coming close to the National Elections announced. The Mayor of the city, WHO ASKED FORM THE FIRST MOMENT  THE ISLAND TO BE SET UNDER EMERGENCY, (while politicaly he is derived from the ex govt coalition party Independent Greeks), HAD FIRST TO HANDLE THE POLITICAL ACIDITY OF THE LOCAL INTERESTS, that set the safety of the island , its residents', and the whole Public Village's luck counter to the opposition party elected  District Commissioner 's REFUSAL to call to the Greek State for EMERGNCY RESPONSE.
As a reult, the true EMERGENCY state in which the capital of Lesbos, Mytilene, has been found itself since the mid of August, (peak time of touristic period of the island, by the way) let the
nightmarish situation day to day worsen and escalate. 
This is the result in the city of Mytilene as of 2day, 9/ 9 /2015

No chemical toilets, no water AT ALL to wash  hands during the night -and every night, no public water for the migrants to wash their hands during day and night, and also, public cleaning crews, even though oblidged to protect the local population and the Public Health village, did not seem to exist at all, for at least one week, when migrants' numbers in the town of Mytilene were more than double than the number of the city's population.
In less than a month, situation worsened so rapidly,that the isle's residents woke up on a huge urine &feces open air camp, their city. An Emergency shown to be out of Control and out of Response....
Worth noting the fact that polio virus spreads through the feces and that Syrian population is unvaccinated to Polio

Real terror

September 15, 2015

Most of the migrants declare themselves Syrians, even if they come from Afghanistan Pakistan, Lebanon or Kurdistan

by Municipality's official proposal
 for  the #Refugeescrisis

(Exclusive by Greek to me !)
 ISIS between us, YES true No one is checked, anyway, why not?

Exclusive information to Greek to me, talked of at least four ISIS suspects in the city of Mytilene during the last four days. One of them is referred to have been driving a car, playing ISIS music around the tents of the Syrian refugees, identified by the Syrian due to the symbolism of wolds, and special music tune “related to ISIS Propaganda songs”//// more

Just ONE IN FIVE migrants claiming asylum are from Syria, EU figures show

Out of the astonishing 213,000 arrivals the EU logged between April and June, only 44,000 were fleeing the war-torn state.

Threats had been clearly expressed

on the detections of illegal Border-crossing between BorderCrossing Points

  • underlines that
 THE EU INTERNAL SECURITY is under question
  • pointing that 

Unknown have they always been

Greece doesn't know how many immigrants are in the country.

How many came, how many left

Where from, or where to. 

Go to our exclusive earlier story by Greek to  me !

since April 2015 by FRONTEX analysis 
and also ISIS declarations

ISIS plans to use immigrant boats from Libya to cause terror in Europe and close shipping routes…

…wrote in mid April 2015 the Independent, based on an online essay written by a prominent Isis supporter who, claiming to be in Libya, called the country the“strategic gateway for the Islamic State” and announced the “blessed expansion” of its so-called caliphate into North Africa.  The essay, translated by counter-extremism think-tank the Quilliam Foundation, said: “(Libya) has a long coastline and looks upon the southern Crusader states, which can be reached with ease by even a rudimentary boat and note that the number of ‘illegal immigration’ trips from this coast is massive, estimated to be as high as 500 people a day, as a low estimate.

“According to many [of these immigrants], it is easily possible to pass through Maritime Security Checkpoints and arrive in cities.

find full article by sosgreece

Victims' Terror

the reality

A Syrian kid with special needs, and official papers with him, proving that from Syrian hospitals, beaten by the guards at  kara tepe refugee camp, while asking desperately for the proceedures to be he and his mother denounced talking to luna wafta 

Situatution escalated with the refugees demostration , which was peaceful, though

the Utopia dream of the left government

We are looking for a way to decongest our islands ahead of the tourist season

 Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had openly said before the nightmarish summer of 2015 
“Our bigggest threat is Jihad“ Tsipras had pinpointed earlry enough before Greece's Armageddon knocked the Aegean Door of the West that now exposes everyone and everything to 24/7 terrorism , and also biological threats. Today, more than 4000 Jidhadists have been passed through that door,..... August 2015

  How the tens thoudans simly dissapeared (before elections)

Keep going my friends. You truly helped this place find its Response, and clean up the dirt of ethics and malpractices...

Posted by Maria Papapanagiotou on Friday, September 11, 2015

Where there
 is a will

 there is a way
n less than three days, between the  11th and 15th of September,
the municipality of the isle 
managed to check almost more than 30000 migrants and refugees and sent them to Piraeus

Lesvos the capital of Solidarity said Tsipras