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moodhacker, Greek to me ! February 27, 2014

Jesus, sail us to the Light and Hope.....
                                                  ***greek2m Christmas 2013

The Greek Christmas

 boatholding through the ages the original greek tradition, replaced, this year, surprisingly, the Bavarian Christmas Tree . 

But Christmas tradition itself , was somehow introduced in Greece since ancient times, before Jesus Christ , connecting the New Birth of Life each year, to the 21 of December , the longest night of the year, after which, the Day , starts growing minute per minute again, bringing Hope and Sun

Greeks, cut spending for Christmas, like Germany does!

Unsurprisingly given its economic woes, consumers in Greece are cutting back the most on Christmas spending, reducing their expenditure by 12.8%. But, Greeks still spend significantly more than Germans on Christmas (€451 vs €399.) In fact, only four countries spend less than Germany on Christmas: Portugal, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Poland. More on NewStatesman, DEC 17


Greece responsible for inhuman prison conditions

Conditions at Greek prisons, from overcrowded, filthy cells to restricted access to toilets, led the European Court of Human Rights on Thursday to rule that Greece was responsible for "inhuman and degrading conditions" at some facilities.The judges considered two cases, one brought by a prisoner and the other by an illegal immigrant. Greece was fined a total of 16,500 euros in damages for the two cases and another 2,500 euros in costs and expenses.But how extensive or emergency is the Sanitary Health in Greek Prisons, where any citizen could find himself today, even for less than 2000-3000 Euros? How many are going to die there due to communicable diseases? And what  does a Europe to protect the citizens from the trird- world conditions? More on Global Post 

 A real empathetic campaign  Engage!

Unemployed Greeks Reconnect as Underground Electricians Defy Law  There were 257,002 disconnections because of nonpayment of bills in the first nine months of the year , Bloomberg,  Go to the comments of this story , you will be surprised by how much the world DOES NOT know about Greece, December 8, 2013

Thank you Bloomberg, for shedding light on the Greeks' real-time Genocite ...

..this Christmas, while the Greek State cuts the light and electricity in patients' homes, demanding cash, even from disabled and those whose the pension is cut....by the State itself . Deaths of the people being burned in flame due to cut electricity have risen to seven Go to full sotry , December 6, 2013 

  Are we just left
 to die?

   Greeks sorry,

this is your drugs

unknown cheap and uncontrolled

The new law imposed to the greek patient's luck by the government switches the pharmaceutical therapies to a "risky pool" of multiple unknown generics imported in Greece, also from the third world, and transforms drug safety in the country to a russian roulette for the survival of the citizen, 24/7...!    

The President of Pharmaceutical companies reveals in  numbers how cynical the European decision making has become, truly, for today's Greeks' real life ...NEW !   UPDATED FULL STORY ON DRUGS, GENERICS AND "THE PARTIES"  IN GREECE   moodhacker, Novemeber 30,  Greek to me !


Greece is

the worst place to be aged! (even worse than Albania)

By the fitrst-ever Global Age Watch Index for the wellbeing of older people around the world  Greece is already  of the worst countries on globe, and the worst in Europe, to grow old, even though Greece IS a Blue Zone,providing longevity to lots of nonagerians... Meet the oxymoron, go to full story, by moodhacker  October 2013 

Agony in most

house-holds for the

auctions of the first  homes 

an emotional trauma Greeks won't get through,,,  enet.gr

Freedom of Speech ? Wanted 

 You need Freedom of Press to clean Corruption
                                        Transparency International

Oh, really? 

Anybody listening?

By Denmark being the cleanest country in the world and Spain the worst in corruption, 

Anti-corruption organisation Transparency International's (TI) annual survey showed Greece to have made  improvement against corruption, even though  , Greece remains the most-corrupt country in Europe, according to the TI barometer of surveys from major international sources such as the World Bank and the Economist Intelligence unit.   " Feedom of the media was a major factor preventing corruption in northern European states. The press in Italy, Greece and Spain does not have the freedom enjoyed by those in northern European".,  said TI Western Europe co-ordinator Valentina Rigamonti.  

 handcuffs on  Press

10.000 FINE TO REAL FM .for hosting sponsors on News Radio Shows 

  • "But this happens since 20 years!" ,journalism and radio veterans dennounce Decision demonstrates that the memebers of the ESR Comitee are not  objective judges, nor are they the  " guards of Ethis ", since they have clearly targeted  the first in polularity and clarity radio station in the country with a series of " strange " decisions.
Justice for the credible Greek Journalist who dared to publish the Langarde List 

 He told the court that he had published the list in order "to expose the system of corruption that is oppressing the country and which is on that list".  " In what was an irrational case with an absurd prosecution, Kostas Vaxevanis has been acquitted for a second time. He did his duty and got away with it. Let this be a lesson for those who want to do their duty" said his lawer Harris Ikonomopoulos more on enet

how Police finally made our national tv shut off

"Greece's ERT TV station 

symbolises what is happening to the country", is the Guardian's article, adding that "The closure of the state broadcaster by the coalition government is symptomatic of the brutal austerity being inflicted".... November 12   Guardian, more               

Tstipras: "You sent the 

Police nightime to National TV, you plan to do the same at the homes of the Greeks!"

A motion of censure for Samaras' government at the Greek Parliament shakened more the  greek politics and left the government with one seat of it's MP's less. 

    Greece, Politics

Where isDemocracy?


NEW, DECEMBER 20, Schocking Polls by the American and the British Embassy , give 13,5% and 18% to Samaras party, by 23,5% and also 27% to SYRIZA, and 17%-18% to Golden Dawn. THE TWO

POLES FIASKO THEORY, finally alerts greek mind .... 

Greece Coalition Majority At Knife-Edge After Tax Bill Vote, FOREX TV, Market News International December 23

"What sort of policy is this when you put a knife on homeowners' throats?" New Democracy lawmaker and former public order minister, Vyron Polydoras, asked the MPs and voted against

the controversial tax bill which includes higher property taxes and speedy auctions of houses if the owners owe money to banks or the state, A fatal disgrace to democracy, he said.

Are we tugging too much?
far-left assasins (unknown)accused to be by police intentionally leaked information. the murderers of the two innocent 25-year old men who were killed Friday at the Golden Dawn offices in Neon Irakleion. Greek public opinion though, have talked from the very first moments of the second bloody assasinations cycle,   of a Tugged two poles scenario built on hatred, by greek lives and blood. Is this what the Greek soul really deserves ? Read the Tit-for-tat warfare feared as Greek police believe far-left may be behind murders of far-right GD members  the Telegraph, Canada Nat. Post 

The leader of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, said that the Greek PM was trying to polarize the political climate in order to present himself as the “guarantor of Democracy” in the debt-ridden country. Close advisors of the Greek PM are supporters of the “Two Poles Theory”, attempting to equate the criminal activity of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn with the main opposition of Syriza (EurActiv, Oct.4/2013)

the "merging two poles theory " popped out in the greek political

 life since the first  far left rapper's 

murder  by  Greek to me! Oct 3

Journalist found guilty of insulting 'proud national socialist' by calling him a 'neonazi' The court on the Aegean island of Mytilini has handed down a six month suspended sentence  more on enet , Nov 28

a dawn to confuse:

What is gold and what is trash where is the truth?  FULL STORY moodhacker, Greek to me , Sept28

Our National Pride

Who did copyright OUR
   National Αnthem?

It is the Humn to Liberty, written by Dionýsios Solomós in 1823, after Greece's liberation from the 4- centuries- long Turkish domination.  Not even, yet, 2 centuries old, and the Hymn to Freedom ,Greek National Anthem, lost its' copyright. By accident, says the international market full story by Greek to me , November 21, 2013

A diplomatic scandal noone told the Greeks about

According to an article published in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, entitledScandalon the train to Thessaloniki, the group of Turkish citizens stopped the train being on Greek

land at exactly 9:05 am and ch anted the Turkish National Anthem. The anthem was sung to honor the greatly respected figure at his time of death, although the article in Milliyet stated, it happened in protest against the Greek authorities who were thought to purposely delay the train. The exact happenings remain unclear.\MORE, Greek Reporter and more, November 12 2013

Greece's own Armagedon

                 (and the sea borders)

By Polio risk looming over Europe


is fetching




of the


world's Health Safety


in a more than tragic Armagedon scenario,  go to  full story moodhacker, Greek to me !  

Error Alert

Polio threatens Europe to re-emerge

Syrian polio outbreak could spread to Europe,

experts warn

 November 7

Europe is surprisingly vulnerable, and Greece at most.. The Greek CDC is setting on the alert  all th possiblresources a Public Health system on a crisis-hit country like Greece might need, for a world demanding

 Response on such an Emergency.

 Read more , NBC News 

weapons from Ukraine detained in the waters 
of Greece
  • 20 thousand of AK-47 aexplosives

Greek island on frontline 

of Europe's migration war 

The Greek coast guard boat races through the vast expanse of the Aegean, the water glinting in the morning sun. Behind, in silhouette, are the lush mountains of Lesbos island .....

READ more on BBC New

Greece also  on gay tourism


Gay friendly Greek and Cypriot prestigious hotels will be represented and promoted to the International LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans Gender) travel market at this year's World Travel Market (WTM) in London (4-7 November). 

Greece is included in the top 10 most desired gay destinations globally for 2013, according to a report released by Out Now Business Class, the world's leading LGBT business networking membership association. Athens also made its appearance in the same report as a favored "gay city destination" in the top 10 cities of Europe. 

Read more

be Aware in Jacouzi, old showers, 

public spas, 

AND NOT ONLY The Greek CDC Alert on Legionella for cruiseships and hotel accomondations FULL STORY

eDreams in Greece!

operating a mosaic of more than 2,000 islands where travel is key eDreams,enters Greece. gr.edreams.com, an online travel agency fully adapted to the Greek market,


Greece Wonderland

Greece like a Paradise 

"whatever you do ...flourishes", says Yiannis Boutaris, mayor of Thessaloniki and owner of a successful Greek wine industy since years

Go Greek Blue Zone, Ikaria, and meet the Greek Non-agerians' life

How they do it?

go to full story 

What are the  World's Blue Zones and where? Meet the less than one hand's fingers places on globe, where, Greece, also uniquely, finds herself     

Tweet to the sky...!

The Sani company has undertaken an important environmental initiative – studying and protecting the birdlife of the Sani wetlands. The scientific research results till now demonstrate the high biodiversity found in the area, and its great value and importanceRed List of Threatened Species of Greece, or 31% ,four are characterised as critically endangered: the glossy ibis, graylag goose, corn bunting and the montagu’s harrier. bittern, purple heron, black stork, greater spotted eagle, Mediterranean gull, whiskered tern and the black tern more on European Birdwatch Day 

 It was when NASA pictured up from the holly top of Meteora Greece, the Perseids shower phenomenon on it's most visible and  intense  "dance" of the last years.  NASA CHOSE THIS PICTURE to show to the World as the picture of the year, reminding to Greeks the Mythology tradition according to which, under the Perseids Shower, Wishes "are heard, and may come true..." It was Greece's greatest praying and fasting period around the year, the 15th of August, and Virgin Mary, the Protector, was asked to save Greece and the Greeks' lives Go to Full story


  Greek Culture  

the Greeks of the World 

A glorious concert, dedicated to the special Greeks who  raised their work abroad,  was held  at the Herodium theatre in Athens, as a special tribute to all the Greeks that made Greece shine in "the ears and eyes" of  the wolrd, distributing their voice, poems, songs, and music..Theo Angelopoulos , Odysseas Elytis , Constantine Cavafy , Nikos Kazantzakis , Michael Cacoyannis , Maria Callas , James Kampanelis , Melina Mercouri , Yannis Ritsos , Giorgos Seferis , Dionysios Solomos, Vassilis Vassilikos , Kostas Gavras , Nana Mouskouri, Vangelis and Mikis Theodorakiswere a among the ones that were honored on 28 SeptemberThe ancient theater sang to "the cosmos" again, filled with composers, poets, singers and actors ,on an event  to the Greeks Abroad, the Greeks of the Mother Greece, so that  diaspora could meet homeland through art and culture

    " Travelers continue to march toward more authentic, personalized experiential travel. There is more interest in shopping, in historically themed travel and in river cruising, which allows for that intimate interaction with some of these very small European cities. That level of authenticity is something that we have seen growing. 

The Joy of Sex (Greek and Roman style)  People who worked as doctors in Ancient Greece suggested sex as a way to combat diseases such as: depression, dyspepsia, icterus, lower back pain, weak vision and more...( Sexual Peculiarities of the Ancient Greeks ) . What was their pleasure? What's ours? How some of the inhabitants of these two different and diverse worlds used sex to think about who they were and wanted to be?  (Huffington Post ) 


       Watch your steps travellers! 

Keep an eye on your laptop 

A golden advise to travelers, 



really shocking

"Some foreign governments -- as well as some foreign businesses, which work extremely closely with their own governments -- will use mobile technologies to keep you under constant surveillance. “They’ll hot mic your cell phone, and they’ll track your movements.” said John Mullen, emphasizing  that unlike the U.S. Government, many foreign governments --  declining to name them -- have identified as part of their national economic strategy a concerted effort to steal whatever intellectual property they can lay their hands onTo that end, these assertive governments “will manipulate your relationships and your friendships” to achieve their goals, he advised. 

John Mullen, a longtime senior operations officer with the CIA, caught the attention of his audience at the SINET Innovation Summit in New York City, on August 6  

GO TO full article

Greece doesn't know how many immigrants are in the country.

How many came, how many left

Where from, or where to.

Often, the authorities don't know either, where immigrants that are arrested do come from. Unknown idedinty , unknown trafficking paths, unknown numbers, unknown country of origin full story 

President Obama: Al Qaeda and other extremist groups "have metastasized" into regional organizations 

"We will continue to evaluate information about these and all of our posts and to take appropriate steps to best protect the safety of our personnel, American citizens traveling overseas and visitors to our facilities,"State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement in late July when all  U.S. diplomatic posts had closed late in July in a sweeping response to fears of a possible al Qaeda attack will reopen Sunday, the State Department said.

go to today's CNN article

Safety threats to Greece by  the Travel State gov


Government remains deeply concerned about the heightened threat of terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens and interests abroad. Like other countries that are members of the Schengen Agreement for free cross-border movement, Greece's open borders with other members of the Schengen zone allow for the possibility of terrorist groups entering/exiting the country with anonymity. As the first entry point into Schengen from points south and east, Greece's long coastline and many islands increase the possibility that foreign-based terrorists might try to enter Europe through its borders 

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  Greek  tourism

Recovery to recovery away from greecovery! 
A five days blackout on the peak of the tourist season and a morning blackout some days later on the world's -popular island Santorini finally DID send lots of tourists away 

National expectations for the well pronounced, but not  realised, greecovery through the popularity of the greek natural Beauty of the islands , -by Santorini coming on top of them-,were seen in the mid of August to be sinking in the " Dark Seabed" of the picturisque  island,  on the peak of  the tourist Season, while Santorini was hosting in numbers  the most of it's global and local visitors, who had landed there carrying the most of their dreamful expectations, and who, in most cases, had paid it much . Click for the full story .

TUI pro the boost of Greek Tourism

On his recent visit to Athens  Peter Long,  CEO of TUI Travel PLC,  stated that by next year TUI Tour Operators will increase the number of visitors to Greece by 300,000, in this way bringing the total number to more than two million tourists

more on Greek Reporter

  Terror in blue waters?

All that happens in Aegean 

Look what an inflatable boat, sailing open from Chios island ,simply brought out .

An unbelievable unravel of Aegean Matters, and more 


go to Fishing the Terror!  full article


A senior German Spy, a "most wanted" Turkish Terrorist, a boat, some Greeks, more immigrants, and two Greek islands Two anti-tank missiles, four hand grenades, two pistols, ammunition and explosive devices ...

Sailing on Aegean, from Chios to Lesvos and back, an international  terrorists'  boat by final destination still unknown

A German, what?


go to the incredible details on  Full story by  greek2m News 

 A Serious, Senior German Spy. Out of the blue?  


dip their toes in the Greek seas after

Greece facilitated visa obtainment by providing visas at border gates trips. after Greitated visa obtain

ment by providing visas at border gates trips.Go to eTNTravelindustry

Terror in the letters!

A bomb made of gunpowder stuffed inside a large envelope was addressed to appeals court prosecutor on late August while he was out of Athens for vacation.The reciever thought  the envelope, whose return address was the Greek chapter of an international NGO, looked suspicious and he threw it to the ground. The envelope burst into flames.Earlier in this summer also, in July 2013, a letter bomb was intercepted at the Association of Prosecuting Magistrates . FULL STORY by AP, Wash. Post

Around Mediterranean: Frankenbombers!
the US Alarming Travel Alert 

By abc News,Aug.5
There are growing concerns that an al Qaeda affiliate could use a new generation of liquid explosive, currently undetectable, in a potential attack, according to two senior U.S. government officials briefed on the terror threat that has prompted the closing of nearly two dozen U.S. embassies.

Though the Transportation Security Administration has long been concerned about liquid explosives being used in potential devices -- as it was during the failed Christmas Day bombing in 2009 -- the new tactic allows terrorists to dip ordinary clothing into the liquid to make the clothes themselves into explosives once dry."It's ingenious," one of the officials said.

Another senior official said that the tactic would not be detected by current security measures.The officials said the new technique is believed to have been developed by the Yemen-based al Qaeda affiliate al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), home to notorious alleged bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri. Al-Asiri is suspected of being the mastermind behind several devious explosive devices including the underwear bomb and surgically implanted body bombs.


photo by NBC news, 8/5/2013 

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