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Democracy Never dies 

U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt, noted the importance of voting in a democratic society and Greece’s resilience through the centuries during his visit at the Athenian Stoa in the center of Ancient Athens,  ahead of the Presidential elections in US

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Greece and the Neighbors

Albania PM Rama provocative to Greece
Greek -Albania tensed statements over minority rights Greek minority issues, including those relating to property, are fundamental elements of Greek-Albanian relations  Read Full Post »
Tayip Erdogan hesitates
Erdogan's repeated Lausanne Treaty questio
ning makes Athens nervous "Statements questioning the Lausanne Treaty are unacceptable," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Stratos Efthymiou said in reply to a journalist's question regarding the statements of the Turkish leadership on the Treaty of Lausanne.

The Cyprus Issue 

Barack Obama

Athens, November 15

"this is a negotiation between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. There are two leaders sincerely committed to find a compromise and a sustainable solution that would benefit both peoples "
Cyprus talks broke down, UN to bridge the two sides for another effort

UN to Bridge Cyprus Talks that Ended Inconclusively

Montpelier, November 23 

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said on Thursday he rejected a proposal by the Turkish-Cypriot side to connect the issue of territory with the issue of security and third-party guarantees. Go to Article 

Alexis Tsipras

Athens , November 15

"the Cyprus issue is not a bilateral problem, it is an international problem, an illegal invasion and occupation of the northern part of Cyprus."

Greece and the Trump Election 

Alexis Tsipras spoke on the phone with U.S. President-elect  Donald Trump, the Greek PM's office said, ...Read Post

Donald Trump

"I watch the work you do in Greece.. "

find that
November 24

“Every stone you turn, you’ll find a Greek underneath.”

Three Greeks Next to President Trump , behind the scenes of his victory

the panic EE  dinner for Trump election by Federic Mongherini, where Greece participated

Greece participated at the EU panic dinner for Trump election hours before Obama arrival

Greece participated, while France, Hungary and UK snubbed  the foreign ministers' panic dinner for Trump in Brussels . The Nato talks for now and tomorrow after the trump election in Greece.Read Full Post »


The New hype

  Travel in Greece

Wellness Tourism in Greece

Wellness is one of the world’s largest, fastest growing, and most resilient markets. according to the new data  announced at the 10th annual Global Wellness Summit on the ten markets that comprise the global wellness “cluster”.. Read Full Post »

Wellness tourism in Greece, thermal natural spas and springs
The Thermal Spas to Heal Mind and Body in Greece

 Places with warm water springs where the combi


tion of the essen

ce of nature prime elements, minerals and water, mix with the senses.They can be found all over Greece... Read Full Article 

Alessandra Ambrosio ZEN moments in  Mykonos,  2016

Birdwatching unique in Lesvos island

Migrating Birds, the 2016 #Birdwatching Festival in Lesvos The feast organised by the Greek Ornithological Society and the Central Public Library of Mytilene ...

Eco-Alternative Greece 

Medical Tourism in Greece
Greece promoted as a medical tourist destination in New York

 A conference entitled "Health Tourism in Greece and its promising prospects" organised with success in New York City by The Athens Medical Association... 

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The hiking Greece

Hiking or walking tourism is a low cost activity, it can take place anywhere and can be combined with an array of activities”, according to a study conducted by the University of Thessaly ... go to article

his is
Greek Blue ZEN

The Green -Blue Spae effect  that's Greece
 the Green Blue Space Effect to Change your Brain in Greece   Full Post »

....."Whoever has seen Greece will carry forever in his heart the remembrance of a miracle of light. 

No blinding glare, no blazing colors,

but an all-pervading, luminous brightness which bathes the foreground in a delicate glow,

yet makes the furthest distances

clearly visible. "

Walter F. Howe, author of  "The Homeric Gods," INTRODUCTION TO Apollo study

 after his visit to Greece in 1924


What makes Greece
  make our

Greece's Happiness Effect
From today's celebrities around the world to the famous poets and writers of older and contemporary times .. the feeling of Greece is often described as another stage of being ........
The guest satisfaction score at Greece’s hotels is higher than

Relax with us!
This is so greek2m
We connected all the scientific dots with the "surrounding, Greece".
Through Greek2m, know how you really
should relax on an earthy paradise...
Follow the steps, link to ZEN apps, and take advantage of the Greece's power of nature to fully detox by sending away any kind of depressing  winter blues ...
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Henry Miller, the light in Greece

"To be thoroughly and completely lazy, thoroughly and completely indifferent to the fate of the world,  is the finest medicine a man can give himself. ...'', " That voyage. . .was the apex of my happiness, my joy, a very great eye-opener. . . "

Henry Miller in Greece in 1942

Centenarians islanders "resting for life" in local coffee shop

Greek Centenarians: How they do it ?

As it seems, the longevity cocktail is based on a fourfold -package of lifestyle choices that contribute to mind and body wellness .These are

  • exercise,
  • healthy diet,
  • family cohesion
  • and the "relaxed" view of things – a wisdom of “beyond being” on the stressful matters of life ,
which brings, for example, the Ikarians to recognize the foreigners among them by checking if they wear a watch.
If yes, they are definitely NOT Ikarians. For more , Go to Greek Centenarian Menu Page
Spring Pessa, Lesvos, where Daphnis and Chloe first love affair in the wolrd was born
Welcome to the Greek Blue Zone, You can stay forever...!

...It’s a mind and body combination of factors on a lifestyle that takes place away from big cities, driven from our ancient ancestors’ roots on Medicine, and kept alive since then, on the island of Ikaria especially.

By recent Research Ikaria popped up among the five and only in the world countries of the Blue Zones

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by moodhacker


Eternal Greece

Terracotta Warriors and  Ancient Greece

It is the first CD-ROM of the world, 4000 years old,
and it's Greek!

the first cd rom in the world  is Greek

The first CD-ROM of the world, 4000 years old and Greek!

Meet the impressive decoding of Phaistos disk. Its a prayer from mother to daughter.Go to Greek2m News

print ancient Greek art
Bring ancient Greek art to life
The vase Lewis is scanning dates back to the fourth century by the  on it  referencing  the Greek god Dionysus, associated with grape harvest, wine-making and wine. It was likely used as a wine cup and then stored in the tomb of its owner, where it remained intact until it was unearthed centuries later. Read Full Post »

the ancient Greek treasures kept during the war
How the Ancient Greek Treasures were saved from the German troop

During a period of six months prior to the German invasion of Greece a group of workers and archaeologists was digging the floors of the National Archeological Museum to bury Athens’s most valuable treasures:...

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The Beyond Ages Very Greek Lifestyle

Healing Herbs since antiquity !

Sexy Greeks, longwise 

sexy greeks longwise... the aphrodisiac food

The aphrodisiac

 in Ancient Greece , find that 

on our 

Special Page

The famous souvlaki, not-Greek-by-name, is Real ancient Greek  ....!

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It's almost cheap, blessed and delicious...
The original Greek goods make all the senses light up, feed the cells of mind and body,  and guarantee longevity, while giving your mood a boost. 
Try the Greek biotreasures straight from the the Greek motherland
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the original Greek Feta threatened to lose its origin
Greece's Federation of Greek Dairy Industry (SEVGAP) launched an initiative aimed to help resolving problems facing Greek feta cheese, as a national product  and promoting more efficient ways of establishing the identity of feta cheese... Learn why  
they burned your tears mastic tree... the Chios island fire in summer 2016

 They burned your tears mastic tree......

The  fire that broke out /south part of the island, destroyed  at least 150 tones of , which makes the 15% of the annual mastic production,  the 90 pct of the mastic gum tree  Go to article

fall in love in Greece
Fall in Love in Greece!
Love i
s in the air ...Wherever around , there is a love story in the streets of Greece, spreading passion and romantic vibes all around Go to special Page
what is this blue? the indigo blue , moodmaking , selected by greek2m

Step on


land of


Celebrate your senses 

and map your pleasure 

Wake up cheerful and get to live with  the lust of a real Greek centenarian

Discover how to lift your Health  and Happiness in 

the splash of every single summer moment

Navigate your footsteps by

the wisdom of this very blessed piece of earth...

You are located at one of the most healthy lands on earth.  Blessed geo physically, the Greek Motherland has nourished since ancient times the mind and body of the western culture man. Still, the sunny land nowadays provides a reach variety of its "bio treasures" that promise a happy mind-body unforgettable experience

The greek2m mobile Guide is your live social media friend on hand, available anytime anyplace, as a 24/7 life navigator for the Greek land,  to help you and your beloved ones get the most of  the longevity secrets of the country, and on the same time be for you always on the ALERT for any life threatening circumstances

travelers health by greek2m

Travelers' Healthy Navigation by Greek2m

Pet Travel Safety Recommendations for Greece

Greek2m Travel Pet : In town or on islands,  Keep me happy next to, you please!

protect from bits in Greece

Protect from bites
All mosquitoes are carryig viruses !
WNV , malaria, Dengue Fever

Cruise Travelers Health Recommendations for Greece
For Cruise Travelers
Health and Sanity Guidelines
the brightest full moon from Greecce

The brighter Full moon you will never see again from Greece,,, 

before another 18 years...

on the video:

the most glorious #fullmoon rises , 

and wins the clouds above Hymettos Hill in Attica,

 above Athens #Greece