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So Special Greece

The Explicit Beauty, 1800 years old, 

that rose from sea after the storm in Crete A marble sculpture of an ancient Roman noblewoman with a stunning hairstyle was found on 4 January by a young farmer, who handed it  to the Archaeological Service accor...

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 Greeks used GPS as we do today to navigate earth since ancient times

Professor Emeritus of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki Cartography Department Evangelos Livieratos revealed that ancient Greeks living off the coast of Ionia - known nowadays as Asia Minor - from the city of Melitus were the first to use stars and their relationship with the earth’s surface like a GPS system to aid them in navigating around the...

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Gucci's luxury brand offer to the Greek State of a million plus dollars  to hold and film an international fash... Read Full Post »

... a wealth of fossils from the Aegean, including of mammals, as well as evidence of the primitive presence of hominids.

Trees from the present appear alongside petrified tree remains (including a 12 meter-long primitive tree trunk) from the famous petrified forest of Lesvos, Read Full Post »

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that never went away

And Why Not moving to US $ 

Brussels would be humiliated if Greece ditches
euro and chooses to be tied to the US dollar . Nick Gutteridge reported on Feb.13 from Brussels.MORE
   A Greece has the 20th of Feb. deadline  to deal with 'potentially disastrous' debt
Failure of Greece and the EU to reach compromise  ‘would bring back Grexit with a vengeance’ observers have said  

Athens would not accept "illogical" demands by lenders, @tsipras_eu said

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said he believed the country's drawn-out bailout review would be completed positively but said Athens would not accept "illogical" demands by its lenders. ...

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IMF -Eurozone set a united front to Greece

...a senior euro zone official said to Reuters,Friday noon Feb 10  .. 

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Yanis Varoufakis

 Greece’s former finance minister.

An "epidemic" washing over other European countries after Brexit

 may see the end of the EU, 

 with Italy the next to 

fall foul of



What Makes A Greek?

Greeks are  the people that consider their religious faith, Orthodox Christianity, an integral part of their national identity more than  anyone else , the recent Pew research showed. Despite that, one could notice, Greeks voted an officially declared atheist for Prime Minister,...

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Greeks in the White House

It is a Blessing from God to be Greek,Priebus He was born to a father with German ancestry and a mother who was born in Sudan, to Greek parents.Her family hailed from the Greek island of Lesvos and Priebus himself has    Read Full Post »

 My  vision to see a US President “in the church in Istanbul.”

Shockingly #ProGrexit !

The  odds are higher that #Greece itself will break out of the #euro, Malloch pro #Grexit

"I think it is interesting from the perspective of Greece, why is Greece again on the brink; it seems like a deja vu; will it ever end?

I think this time I would have to say that the odds are higher that Greece itself will break out of the euro."

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the US Trump 


 and the Greek government 


Photo Above Hay-Adams Hotel, located across the White House, Jan.22 

White House Chief of Staff has been briefed about Greece and the Aegean Sea  

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos informed about the situation in the Aegean Sea , and the issues relating to the "rough neighborhood" of Eastern Mediter....  Read Full Post »

More secure biometric cards
Greece will be issuing new IDs in compliance with an agreement on security and terrorism that it signed with the US. 


Diplomatic Error with Turkey

Latest #Turkish provocation by gunshots on #Farmakonisi to be discussed at Munich Security Conference by #Greek Defense Minister

the Turkish  gunboat  “Kusadasi” violated Greek waters  and fired live ammunition shots while  carrying  out a gunnery exercise two miles east of Greek islet Farmakonisi in Eastern Aegean Sea .... Read Full Post »

Turkish sailor arrested for spying in Greece A Turkish sailor has been arrested  by  the Hellenic Coast Guard  while  photographing the Naval Base.of ..Full Post »

The Imia Epicenter 

Turkish Army Chief sailed on Warship into Greek Waters Near Imia Islets, Athens talks of provocation

Greece's own armed forces were put on high alert over the development, but it seems the Greek Navy was on preparedness for such an incident, especially after the Turkish President's and Foreign Minister's rough statements on the two countries

  find that

"It was my obligation to be there ...

 I won't ask for anyone's permission"

Panos Kammenos, 

Greek Defense Minister 

 The trigger:  Turkish Militants No extradition

Recep Tayyip Erdogan 

President of Turkey 

The Greek prime MInister Alexis Tsipras had promised me since July to have the soldiers extradited within "two to three weeks" go to article 

The Greek Supreme Court denied the extradition of the soldiers, stating that their rights were at risk of “being violated or reduced regardless of the degree of guilt or the gravity of the crimes they are accused of.”

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Turkey's Foreign Mini.

"They're not just petty criminals" Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu  said,
 adding that the soldiers attempted to kill President
 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. 

Is it elections?

Alexis Tsipras 

Greek PM

"... Could Tsipras decide that the only alternative to liberalising redundancy rules and pension reform would be to hold a “who runs Greece?” election. .." 

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Alexis Tsipras to cooperate with Greece’s bailout auditors, leaving the prime minister to face his country’s creditor institutions without political intervention by the government in Berlin, after their meeting at the Informal Summit of EU leaders in Valletta, Malta on Feb. 3, 2017.,,, Read Full Post »



Greece has been stuck in an abusive marriage with its European partners. Of course, she has not been the perfect partner, but who has? No one deserves violence. No one deserves abuse. Everyone deserves hope, and not the delusional “you will be done by 2060, if you can maintain the hilariously unsustainable 3.5% primary budget surplus” kind of hope offered by Mr Schäuble. The painful hypocrisy and pseudo-morality of European lenders ,,,

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Tsakalotos Has  ObvIously begged to Creditors before the end of 2016
The "Yours Faithful" Letter  

Greek Finance Minister officially declared the country's "adherence", "compliance" and "faithfulness" to Greece's creditors by his apology letter sent to promise  that Tsipras' government will never give any relief to the poorest of the country without the creditors permission.

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Greek corruption on the rise 

Greece’s performance in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index worsened last year with the country rising to 69th place out of 167 countries, compared to 58th the year before.

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US Justice Department in Greece for Novartis scandal

The more the US Justice and the FBI sheds light on the giant pharmaceutical scandal the more the leftist government in Greece gets the chance to triumph on fighting corruption ..

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The Greek taxes paid in Gold

According to Bank of Greece data regarding the buying and selling of gold English pounds, Greeks sold twice as many coins in ...

The Extreme Greek Poverty 2017 

One in three families in Greece has at least one unemployed member, while the middle class is dwindling, a new survey which also showed that one in four households live with the fear that their assets will evaporate under the new tax and security contribution burdens and high cost of living.... Read Full Post »

Two years Tsipras in gov

Epiphany for Bless, and Symbolism  Alexis Tsipras  was present  this year at the Epiphany ceremony for the blessing of the waters , reminding to  the Greeks the days before his election two years earlier, when he had released the dove, rising the hopes of the Greek people back then, symbolically , by his promises to release Greece from ... Read Full Post »

Before and After 

Have a look on our 2014-2015 Austerity2Left gov 

special Page when 

Tsipras had maximized Hope and the Greek Expectations

In Just two years While Greek PM saw  "light in the end of the tunnel", as said on his  New Years Eve message,  Greeks showed to  be more pessimistic than ever for the country' s and their personal next days...Read Full Post »


This White Greek Winter

Homeless abandoned to death in the snow freezing Greece

The Shocking picture of a Greek homeless who slept on the beach at Paleo Faliro region , close to Athens Downtown and chose the side next to the sea to escape the snowball, but woke up covered with snow. Indeed, he survived the conditions and the cold for the last 24 hours, nobody can guarantee his l...

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Survival Guidelines

Protect Yourself from Snowfall in Greece

The Civil Protection Secretariat Official Guidelines  

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The freezing refugees shame reality

 We all agreed that the images we saw last week cannot be repeated." The recent unexpectedly harsh weather conditions have exposed the needs that have to be addressed as a matter of urgenc

Dimitris Avramoulos, Lesvos January 18,2017

Dimitris Avramopoulos

European Commissioner 

 Winterized shelters, already funded by the European Commission, have to urgently be installed by the UNHCR. Solutions must be found today, not tomorrow, not next week, but now. January 18,2017

The bet that was lost   

#Refugees left to freeze in the snow, a total failure on #Greece's crisis response

The Greek government, the UN refugee agency and the EU’s aid department have been accused by other aid groups of mismanaging a multi million-pound fund  leaving thousands sleeping in freezing conditions in Greece.

Early Greek2m report before Greece was shammingly exposed to the eyes of the world.

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Yiannis Mouzalas

Greek Minister of Migration

"The Winterization bet has been won" 
“There are no refugees or migrants living in the cold anymore. We successfully completed the procedures for overwintering, there were only 40 tents left in Vayiohori, near Thessaloniki, and another 100 in Athens" 

Greece terribly exposed by the "Minister's bet "

Throughout a year at least, photo or video coverage at the Lesvos' camp in Moria have been strictly not allowed to the press or anyone else  by the Ministry Of Migration. No wonder why .Two days after the minister's' reassurance that "he won the bet with winter" , the shaming photos were released on social media, by aid group, and became top story world round.

Greek2m published the photos by   Mohamad Hadi Almadani

January 7 at 2:00pm ·


The Missing Migrants New Alert 

The U.N. says there are currently about 50,000 migrants and refugees stranded in Greece, about 13,000 fewer than previously thought, raising the question of whether many are either in hiding or have made their way farther north into Europe.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that, based on its counting for planning and accommodation purposes, its estimates now differ from the data published by th...Read Full Post »


CIA memo remarks on Syrian, Greek ties to terror groups Declassified document from 1987 , published by Anadolou, find that

 Terror in the West

Festive Christmas Spirit in Europe is gone, the NYT had written  but not only from Europe, as it seems  .

The West-hating militants have used Facebook before Christmas and messaging app Telegram ...

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Terror in Greece

"We will be back, " claimed Athens terrorist group

The Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire claimed responsibility for six arson attacks on banks, embassies  and diplomatic vehicles Read Full Post »

lessing our Luck

The Ancient Rebirthing Pomegranate

The pomegranate fruit has been used throughout history and in virtually every religion as a symbol of humanity’s central beliefs and ideals, namely, life and death, rebirth and eternal life, fertility and marriage, and abundance...

 In Greece, people hang a pomegranate above the front door of their house. By the New Year, the fruit has dried, so the Greeks throw it on the ground of  front door to break, and step into the house on right foot..

Blessing the waters

Epiphnay in Frozen Waters This Year in Greece

Undeterred  by a cold front working its way across the country from the north and the generally unsettled weather, Greeks celebrated the feast of the Epiphany on Friday Jan.6th while many braved the freezing waters and dived after the cross 

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Happy, Lucky 



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