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Hope won Fear by the Greeks

Hope won the Fear, Proud of you Greece!

A rush-Election Campaign spreading the Fear

What did Fear win for Mr.Samaras?
In view of SY.RIZ.A’s 3-4% lead over New Democracy, (as the pre-election polls, another time, were fakely reporting)  ex- Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, has been intensively, and unstoppably, attackingTsipras on a daily basis, suggesting that he has a secret and dangerous agenda which includes leaving the Eurozone and breaking ties with its lenders .
Samaras has no other choice

The Greek political system currently epitomizes the term ‘polarization’ a war of words and squabbling among politicians across the political spectrum and an enduring vicious circle of blame games that has plagued the country long before its first bailout in 2010.

Mr.Samaras msg. punished whoever dared not to Fear

 Alexis asked for Greeks' vote to stop the  Fear

     BRAIN SCIENCE-UPDate Learn the exact political science behind Samara's Negative Campaign

When the proportion of negative information increases, so does the impact on attitudes and behavor” (Stevens, 2007, p. 437), voting behavor in our case .
More specifically, negative messages should be more memorable than positive ones... More

In a country pervaded by Fear

Greeks fear Nr.1 the lack of Justice , by the National School of Public Health  Survey

  • 91.7 percent of Greeks fear the absence of justice
  • 84.4 percent who are concerned about joblessness, 
  • 83.6 percent who are worried about poverty,
                 the genocide
  • 82.6 percent who fear crime and 
  • 81.4 percent who fret about illness.

On the peak time of the Greeks' biggest  Fear

Agony in most


holds for the

auctions of the first  homes 

an emotional trauma Greeks won't get through,,

  “while positive information is much a more powerful motivator of avoidance because individuals prioritize the avoidance of costs over the acquisition of gains” (Stevens, 2007, /p. 436).

In the case of the Greek people as a target, the point is, on this timing, WHICH AVOIDANCE OF COST DO GREEKS PRIORITIZE at this moment of austerity in their lives . first.
Samaras’ government, let’s say, let the homeowners unprotected for the auctions of their first home,  while more  than 1/3 of households have become due the austerity seriously poor, and while he was swearing he would provide law protection for that issue, being for the Greek culture and psych, the most sacred cost.

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While Europe was marching against the Fear

Bringing by a history of  No Fears

October 28, 1940 New York Times: Metaxas to Greeks “Fight to Your Death”

Authentic, just 70 years earlier: Greek Fight to your Death, NYT 28/10/1940 .

And Greeks did

We gained our Freedom .find more

This was the smartest, cutest and luckiest communication
, though


The Independet Greeks, so Independent Creative Minds...
by their spot, in the Days of Greek Misery

"The Inevitable Good"

Still,In Search of the Truth in Greece

Learn the How's and the Insight of the Real Polics in Greece on What;s called the Greek experiment
Greece's information War on a West called ful scale Propaganda