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"We are not burying Democracy"

Tsipras : "We have no right to bury the European democracy at its birthplace"


"The insistence of the institutions on new pension cuts after five years of memoranda looting is nothing more than political expediency. The Greek government heads to the negotiation with a plan and well-documented counter-proposals. We will be patiently waiting until the institutions join realism," Tsipras underlined.


"We are carrying the dignity of a people and the hope of the peoples of Europe on our shoulders. The responsibility is too heavy to ignore. It is not a matter of ideological obsession. It is a matter of democracy," he added. more on greek2m eye

Come down to the Plazas, Alexis  A call to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' to stop the unending dialogue with Greece's lenders, and come down to the streets and the neigborhoods' plazas to start the dialogue with his people, the Greeks,  started taking place among the government party members supporting the belief that the Greek PM can win in his fight to protect the Greek's dignity by having the peole next to himgo to article 

Hello, dear Chancellor

" If there is a will there is a way " said Angela Merkel, and yes, they meet right noway , the three of them  with President  Holland. Stay with us , 24/7

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Prize for worst article of the week on Greece surely already wrapped up by Giavazzi. The FT on something of a run.

June 9, 2015 12:41 pm

Greeks chose poverty, let them have their way
Francesco Giavazzi

Sorry, No Deal yet 

By  Bloomberg View's Leonid Bershidsky, Today, June 10, 2015, 15.30

By  Bloomberg View's Leonid Bershidsky, on Greece's chances for a deal , June 6, 2015

Better avoid to bet for Greece again,  Greece will always surprise you

( Bloomberg suggestion as of June 3rd, 2015, day of the critical Brussels Tsipras-Juncker meeting and meeting)

Do you call us to accept this proposal ?

Alexis Tsipras accused Greece's lenders of massively backtracking on measures agreed in recent months. Denouncing their offer, Mr Tsipras emphatically said, two days after the meeting in Brussels that 

"the strangulation of a country is a matter of moral order which conflicts with the founding principles of Europe."

"I have to admit" said Alexis Tsipras briefing the Parliament on Friday 5, evening,  "that the suggestion I recieved in Brussels from Jean Claude Juncker surprised me disobligingly. I could not have imagined, I confess, that after three months of step by step negotiations we would finally deliver a proposal thay would have not taken into account the Brussels Group negotiations. Find our article on Linkedin Pulse

("Come on Alexis, Come on! ... You are such a good boy ...")
Check out whose eyes are looking straight and whose not Brussels June3,2015)
European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas on Thursday confirmed that there will be a follow-up meeting between Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in the coming days.
But on the week that followed, between June 3 and June 10, big clouds shadowed the Tsipras-Junker relationship. The President of the European Comission Juncker openly commented that he was dissapointed with Alexis Tsipras, because he misinterprented his stance on the negotiations table. Indeed, Eurozone sources,  after the  Junde 3rd Tsipras-Juncker meeting, said they were optimistic that a staff level agreement between Greece and the institutions "was just days away". Finally, on Wednesday June 10, when the two men met, a warm hug by Jean Claude Juncker broke the ice again

Refusing to cave in, as international press wrote , Alexis Tsipras emphasized that "the Greek proposal is the only “realistic” option'

"We still reject some of the creditors’ proposals", he said, instead of an announcment of an agreement , as Associated Press had earlier mentioned that could have taken place  .

"There are points that no one would consider as a base for discussion,"

God Bless the Deal, and Greece, please

 At the End of May it was leaked for sure:  #Greece possibly HAS an agreement


 Negotiations turned unexpectedly positive, by Angela Merkel’s helping hand

Exclusive information of Greek to me ! whisper, on late Friday 29/05/2015 that Greece’s agreement with its Eurolenders is a reality. Greeks do hold their breath for official announcement …..

Well done Alexis, you reversed the game, commented French Press on the PM's article on Le Monde

Alexis Tsipras is showing the example to the European leaders by his paradigm of remaining stable on his “red lines” strategic, and by resisting to the “irrational strategic of the loop”  the creditors have applied to Greece, wrote today the editor of economic newspaper « La Tribune» Romarik Gkonten , read more on moodhackerblog

our soul on the wall
Athens: A Canvas for Austerity-Themed Street Art
As world leaders struggle to keep Greece in the euro, artists are taking to the streets to express their own view of how the crisis should play out. Behind the protests and strikes emerges a picture of a nation grappling with its relationship with the rest of Europe.
Here, a common theme: that of a nation ready to break away.
by Bloomberg, Tom HallFind our full presentation of the Crisis Street Art in Athens since it started. Definitely we checked out, kept and Prepared for you from the very first moments

Plan for a joint agreement
and the Cancelling of Trust and Hope 

Both parts aiming to a solution of the Greek crisis, on June 2  Negotiations between Greece and its creditors are progressing  at an accelerated pace and representatives of both sides were expected to convene ... go to article

Negotiations at Brussels Group to enter the final stretch
26/ 05/ 2015
Negotiations at Brussels Group will enter the final stretch on Tuesday, the ANA-MPA had wrote

"I do not know if it is a matter of time, but it is certainly a matter of a short time, that's the government's aim, until the end of May or early June to be in position to have reached a mutually beneficial agreement"  , by govt spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis, more

The more desperate younger Greeks become by the daily screen of misery, the highest the intention of political mobilization..

On a National University research that measured pubic feeling  under the influence of the daily life pictures of despair, researchers proved scientifically that  

that images of the crisis increase the pessimism in men more than women and mainly in men under the age of 23, but it is them, who show the highest sense of political competence in crisis, finally and the intention for grater  mobilization..go to story

Silk for the trick

Resist to tie, Alexis, even if silk…

They greeted him with smiles, hugs, flowers and silk .

Climate was so friendly” , as Greek PM  stated in Riga to the press.  Hugs from Eurogroup President , sweet smiles from the  Chancellor, flowers to host his presence, and also … “silk for the seal “.

In a more than warm, hearty welcome that was waiting the Greek leader on the Eurogroup summit this time, Alexis Tsipras definitely took a breath  from the unstoppable four months’ soul-and-mind daily attacks a whole nation recieved since the very first day of Alexis’  governance.

Agreement comes within a few days, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras  announced today to  the Greeks a day after the Riga summit, where the French the German leaders  agreed on the significant progress achieved so far by the new government and the negotiations’ team, as was announced,  and focused more, concentrated, to the open issues of the negotiation.GO TO FULL STORY 

Goodbye luxury, this is Greece and its social rescue govt...

Yes, Greece is on Emergency! Greek PM, and team flying by C130
to Riga

Emergency-operational ” style of this specific PM  trip to Riga, where to he flew on a Greek Airforces’ C130 plane, instead of the PM’s airplane that  lies immobilised on the ground, having run out of fuel, consequently to the country’s out of cash. Find more

No to cure that's worse than the disease

No second round of compromises, concessions and austerity,  the deal 

 The government is striving for an agreement that gives Greece prospects and extricates the country from a vicious cycle of austerity and recession, Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis talking on air on FM  'Sto Kokkino', Monday .
"There will not be a second 'generation' of compromises, concessions and austerity measures," he said, adding that the agreement reached must be economically sustainable but also politically and socially honest and defensible.

.....But the reality of the talks is very different. Our government is keen to implement an agenda that includes all of the economic reforms emphasized by European economic think tanks. Moreover, we are uniquely able to maintain the Greek public’s support for a sound economic program.

So, if our government is willing to embrace the reforms that our partners expect, why have the negotiations not produced an agreement? Where is the sticking point?

The problem is simple: Greece’s creditors insist on even greater austerity for this year and beyond – an approach that would impede recovery, obstruct growth, worsen the debt-deflationary cycle, and, in the end, erode Greeks’ willingness and ability to see through the reform agenda that the country so desperately needs. Our government cannot – and will not – accept a cure that has proven itself over five long years to be worse than the disease.

"We risk condemning an entire generation to a future without hope.
To avoid that, what we ask from our eurozone partners is to treat Greece as an equal and  help us escape from this Sisyphean trap" Yiannis Dragasakis on his FT article

"If you say that that is fair, I will understand it, you are with the lenders' side" Alexis Tsipras said, "But if you say that it is ethical too, I will totally dissagree. Much more, our governement dissagrees with those who expect that this might  be the way to make our red lines fade. They will be dissappointed while realising that  this will bring the opposite results " . May 15, 2015 find the article on Linkedin

"We trust you , say the polls, media are against you .....''

Citizens' majority said that the government should not retreat in the negotiations with Greece's lenders while
  • 54%  approve government's handlings on the negotiation for the debt, according to an opinion poll conducted by Public Issue for Avghi newspaper. 
  • 89%  of the respondents said there is no need for general elections. The citizens' concern for the economy is clearly reflected provided that
  •  55% of those asked believe that their bank deposits are not very secure in Greece.
  •  Regarding their expectations over the condition of the economy, 48% percent said it will get worse, 27% that it will remain the same, and 25% percent that it will get better.
  • Regarding the media stance towards the government, the citizens said that 49% percent of the media is against the government, 28%  that is friendly and 4 percent did not answer.ANA-MPA

On the first  in the world  Index which scientifically ranks and accesses the quality of ageing, Greece ranks at nr.58  as of the worst, among 91 Countries.

Sweden is first , Germany third and USA is at nr.8. Now the EU and Germany wants this Blue Zone, but for them, in case they could live for ever...

Learn how this is well  programed and organised, click on our fully detailed article of Greek to me !

"In any case, any agreement reached must be  made within the framework of the people’s mandate", Alexis Tsipras clarified.Greece has made recorded efforts and is totally consistent on the fulfillment of its obligations proving in parallel its volition for an agreement, of a mutually beneficial agreement, for which, and Greece’s partners should make the appropriate moves. go to story

Higher incomes have to pay the burden in Greece this time, not the weaker ones, as usually has happened     
Firstly there has been an agreement at the Brussels group discussion. on the principle that there should be appropriate reforms which will shift the burden from those on the lower income to those on higher incomes, was Prime Minister's Office official announcement


To deal or not to deal ?

ianis, keep going ....

Die another day

Greece is cash- strapped, and the situation is worsening. But despite the evident deterioration of the country's liquidity position, we believe Greece can still survive, for another month or so, without external financial support.

By Credit SuisseResearch Analysis, intelligentnews, 23/4/2015

Greece makes progress with creditors as cash crunch looms 11/5/ 2015 On the edge. Negotiations’ progress, government’s chance to rule that country, public feeling’s breath to breath. All have been kept on the edge, day to day, during the first 100+ of Alexis Tsipras.  Have a look on the latest updates find it on moodhackerblog

Awake the World

“Do they want to support us to have growthor do they decide to have Greece struggle, to punish Greece and to create an example of what happens to a country that has a left government,” Kotzias said at the end a four-day visit to Washington and New York, go to our story

It is in everyone’s interest that this is resolved, Lew continues.

Greece must come up with a package of credible economic reforms measures.

And if it does that, the challenge for the IMF, and everyone else involved, is to show enough flexibility to help resolve the situation. Jack Lew, May 9, 2015

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has called on all parties involved to resolve the Greek crisis quickly before it blows out of control.

Speaking at the London School of Economics (LSE), Lew stressed that institutions should show greater flexibility in order to avoid further crisis if Greece demonstrates intention to proceed with reforms.

The Guardian