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#IMF report revelations for unsustainable #Greekdept left eurozone countries without arguments against @PrimeministerGR just before the #greferendum

Euro zone countries tried in vain to stop the IMF publishing a gloomy analysis of Greece’s debt burden which the leftist government says vindicates its call to voters to reject bailout terms

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Greece is and will remain an integral part of the European Union, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said while meeting with Alexis Tsipras after the #greferendum, Monday July 6,2015
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande asked for a EU summit on Greece on Tuesday, while both leaders agreed that the Greek people's vote 'must be respected", Berlin said in an announcement, July 5, 2015

Tsipras: we are all one

Addressing to the nation soon after the smashing success of the referendum to which Prime Miniser himself called the Greeks one week earlier, Alexis Tsipras, showing his grandeur as a true leader, asked all the Greeks to show Unity, as priority Nr1 from this moment and on .

 By Antonis Samaras having resigned from the Presidency of his party, defeated on the max as never before, Alexis Tsipras visited the President of Democracy on 01.00 Monday morning Athens time, and called for a Council of the Leaders of all political parties to face together the new negotiations day . 

"At this time the place needs more than ever unity in order to overcome the difficulties," said Tsipras "Irrelevanlty to what you might have voted, Yes o No, from now on, We ar all one"

"The Greek people have changed the question of dialogue in Europe. The people gave an answer to What of a  Europe they want . It is  a  Europe of solidarity.''

He stressed that the debt issue will now be set at the negotiating table adding that the IMF report confirms the Greek position on the need to restructure the debt. Tsipras said the government is already working  to restore economic stability and the operation of the banking system , expressing the confidence for the understanding the ECB has to urgently show " "We are ready to continue negotiations on the basis of social justice and the transfer of the burden from the weak to financially strong ones," he stated. "There are no easy solutions, but there are fair, viable solutions."  Prime Minister added that the mandate is not a mandate for rupture, but a mandate for a viable solution, which he will safeguard without delays.

Voila! Drink your sour pain on Grexit

What a timing !
Perfectly patended, scheduled and organised to be launched the Grexit drink was conceived as an idea and started to be materialised on January, when Alexis Tsipras won the naitonal elections. Now, by Europe's blackmail to Greee for a rela Grexit, the drink is served in Germany as the latest hype. Go to our Greek to me ! article
 #Grexit in a bottle, Yay… “Zum Wohl”, such a #moodhack!    

One week before the #Greferendum  Treasury Department said Sunday that Lew had spoken a day earlier to key European officials, urging them to maintain financial stability in the coming days — and to consider “potential debt relief.

"The risk of an accident goes up the more times you have these [situations, and] everyone rushes to a deadline. I hope they can reach an agreement that prevents Greece from going through the deep pain that a breakdown would cause, and it doesn't create risks to either the European or the global economy. This is not the time for a shock.”

Ultimatum: You take it or leave it  Greece

  • AP, June 30  European Union President Donald Tusk has warned the Greek people that a "no" vote in the referendum won't give their government more leverage to seek a better deal with Greece's creditors.

"One thing should be very clear: if someone says that the government will have a stronger negotiating position with the 'no' vote, it is simply not true."

"The Greeks, we have recieved such an unexplainably violent policy of economic aggression, by which some believe that they will bend us as a nation and make us bow. Obviously they have not read in the Greek history that Greece and the Greeks however much you make them bleed,  they know to survive, to reconfigure and become creative again "... 


Just like in Past, Make History Greece!

The hero: "Your Hands Off Greece Mr Schultz!"

Dear President (Martin Schultz )I very much regret that I have to adress to you personally, once again... today the free Greece, a country that expresses the will of the Greek people in order to carve its own path, meets the fierce reaction from the three institutions, the troika, as well as by your side. And that strikes me. Who gave you this right? ....." Manolis Glezos MEP , June 14, 2015

remember the ultimatum

the New York Times :Authentic, just 70 years earlier: Greek Fight to your Death, And Greeks did... find that


Come down to the plazas, Alexis…

A call to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' to stop the unending dialogue with Greece's lenders, and come down to the streets supporting the belief that the Greek PM can win in his fight to protect the Greek's dignity by having the peole next to him, June 16, 2015.
Did you know
in 1943 the United States Postal Service
 honored  the nations overrun and occupied by the Nazis with a series of postage stamps.
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A foggy laid background

Christine Lagarde openly offensive

“The key emergency is to secure a dialogue with adults in the room,”
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said after listening to Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis expound in Luxembourg on Thursday. “What we lack is a dialogue.”

Varoufakis: this is Greece's proposal

Schauble did not even accept  Greece's proposals to be heard at all in eurogroup! Go to story

 Who is the liar?

Juncker accused Alexis Tsipras’s administration of misleading voters about proposals he had made to help solve the country’s debt crisis.

As Reuters announced,  just after Prime Minister’s speech on Parliamentary commitee on Tusday, the president of the European Commission declared that find that


the Merkel smiles,

but Just

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing everything in her power to keep Greece in the eurozone, the chancellor's spokesman Steffen Seibert stressed on  May5

"Where there is a will there is a way "

June 18 (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday a deal between Greece and its creditors was still possible if Athens showed the necessary will, amid mounting pessimism that the austerity-hit country might crash out of the euro zone. 

Greek Prime Minister: 

"On our second meeting with the Chancellor, we came closer"   find more

the mess
with the West week

Soon after Luxbrg Eurogroup, US Treasuy Secretary called Athens

In a statement, the US Treasury secretary Jack Lew Treasury revealed that Lew told Tsipras that the Greek people, and the global economy, would suffer if Athens can’t reach a deal with creditors.The statement added:

“Lew underscored the urgency of Greece making a serious move to reach a pragmatic compromise with its creditors.”

Last month, Lew told an audience in London that all sides should “double down” their efforts to get a deal fast. That plea didn’t spark a deal, so with just two weeks to go until Greece’s bail expires, Lew has made this fresh intervention

What @PrimeministerGR said for the IMF
made furius
the US

June 16, 2015, find it

"Here comes the criminal.., to say Hello"

Lagarde introduced herself on the June 18 eurogroup meeting to Varoufakis saying: “the criminal in chief comes to say hello”

Talking  to the Parliamentary Commitee of his party , Tuesday June 16, 2015, the prime minister said that it was time for Europe to rethink the role of the International Monetary Fund in its affairs.
"The IMF has criminal responsibilities for the current state of the country," he said. 
Tsipras noted that the IMF's positions had currently prevailed and "had led to proposals not based on correct logic but which lead, instead, to further recession."
"What we are asked to do is accept an agreement that will drag down an economy that is ready to stand on its feet, drag it into a recessionary vortex and uncertainty," he said.
"If the aim is to continue the IMF programme, which the whole world knows has failed, then the Greek Parliament is given no choice. We are obliged not to submit to pressures and blackmail. The time has come for our partners to speak clearly. Do they want the IMF to be a part of the agreement, carrying these failed formulas? And why do they accept [the IMF's] harsh measures but not its proposals for debt restructuring?"
Insisting that Greece had presented sustainable proposals, Tsipras said the creditors' reply was a five-page document that seemed to ignore the preceding four months of intensive talks

the such shocking  revelations for IMF

IMF knew dept was not sustainable

Oh, IMF did know?
Remember what Christine Lagarde had said earlier for Greece on our Memorandum Politics Page

Who are

IMF Fellowships for Greek Journalists?

 Two journalists from Greece” have attended  the  fellowship program since 2006 that allows “small groups of journalists” to attend the IMF’s spring and annual meetings
  • Greek representative to IMF resigned, with no comment
Thanos Catsambas, the Greek representative to IMF and one of the Fund’s alternate executive directors, resigned, on April 2015 unxpecedly after the private meeting of Yiannis Varoufakis and Christine Lagarde  more .
 Panagiotis Roumeliotis, Greece’s former representative to the IMF, on a public hearing before the "Debt Truth" Committee in the Greek Parliament on Monday June 17. He made clear that according to  official IMF report, Greece’s debt was “quite possibly not sustainable” and so its board had to change its Statute to be able to fund the country. 
“They made wrong calculations and overly optimistic estimations,” he told the committee, adding that “responsibility weighs not only on our country which didn’t do what should have been done, but also our partners.”
“If debt restructuring had taken place then [in May 2010], the ‘haircut’ needed would be just 30 pct … which would provide some breathing space to the Greek economy and wouldn’t require a violent fiscal adjustment,” he added.

 the not -to -cross  red lines

Give, Greeks, your Gold ...!  Why not give your family jewerly, Greeks, to save your country, asked Deutche Welle

Koreans donated billions of euros’ worth of family gold jewelry to help pay down their nation’s IMF debt , once, on 1997. a debt Korea paid off ahead of schedule. Is this an example for Athens? Might this also work for Greece? “The core idea is quite right,” said economist Rolf Langhammer.. click for more

  Higher incomes have to pay the burden in Greece this time, not the weaker ones, as usually has happened     
Firstly there has been an agreement at the Brussels group discussion. on the principle that there should be appropriate reforms which will shift the burden from those on the lower income to those on higher incomes, was Prime Minister's Office official announcement .

70 % of school children fainting
οr craving  food during school hours in Greece. Thank you Europe, this is your growth…
Go to full article
"We risk condemning an entire generation to a future without hope.
To avoid that, what we ask from our eurozone partners is to treat Greece as an equal and  help us escape from this Sisyphean trap" Yiannis Dragasakis on his FT article

the stand-by-us US

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The American President stressed the need to resolve the problem of Greece’s bailout. According to information, Barack Obama told the German Chancellor that there should be a realistic solution, an agreement based on reforms so that Greece returns to growth within the euro zoneHe also stressed that Greece needs reforms, especially in tax collection, find more, Updated, March 20/2015

Do they want to support us to have growth… or do they decide to have Greece struggle, to punish Greece and to create an example of what happens to a country that has a left government,” Kotzias said at the end a four-day visit to Washington and New York, go to our story

Greek-American “Translation Affairs” : When missing words make the relations…
Greek -American relations have been recently through some tough moments concerning the comprehension of what, finally, the “real” terms of terrorism protection in Greece, and the western world, might be .
Read our story on moodhackerblog

Watch-your- steps trip to Russia

a Memorandum with Russia 

Greece did sign a Memorandum with #Russia, indeed
Greece and Russia signed the Memorandum of   “2016: Year of Greece-Russia relations,” a program of bilateral actions for 2015-2016
What the Samaras' plea to Putin for cheap gas was, one year before Greek ex-Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, was not invited to Moscow during his governance, but had asked for, and made finally real a meeting with the Russian President
State Department:
“I do not think we’re at the point of concerns” when she was questioned  about the Greek new government ‘s posistion for Ukraine
Resolution for Ukraine:
Greece has stabilising role in the region
Expressing his concerns for  Greece’s safety, the regions’ stability, and European unity, the New Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kotzias underlined the area’s potential threats, at an extraordinary meeting, more

Our mood

just walk around the streets next2u in #Athens, to see it! #European Pride, by the #GreekPride. Thanks @DimitrisIf

the Most Unhappy are the Greeks, officially

By the recent OECD survey on Life satisfaction  Greek citizens are the most unhappy group in 36 OECD countries.Life satisfaction measures how people evaluate their life as a whole rather than their current feelings. When asked to rate their general satisfaction with life on a scale from 0 to 10, Greeks gave it a 4.7 grade, the lowest score in the OECD, where average life satisfaction is 6.6.

Greeks on the bottom of Happiness lists, go to updated article April 3, 2015

The poorest 20% of Danes are more joyful than the richest Greeks, Eurostat
Poorer households paid disproportionately more in taxes and the tax burden to lower-income rose by 337%. In comparison, the tax burden to upper-income only 9% find more on HOW THE INDEX OF DESPAIR WAS CREATED IN GREECE

our very Greek Happy Smile

 while Greece is producing Happiness itself! 

The happy food in Greece. We merged our experience of Greece with science's recommendations for the happy food. Find that menu! on our Greek to me Happy Menu Page
What makes Greece
make our
brains happy?
It may be the colors, it may be the air.

From today's celebrities around the world to the famous poets and writers of older and contemporary times, the feeling of meeting Greece is often described as meeting another stage of being Intellectual people of the world have found this sense penetrative enough to get inspired and write about this instant high,whith which Greece signs on whoever meets her. What is it about Greece More

me !

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ur temper

After five years of extended misery looming all over the country, Greeks,- all Greeks regardless of how they have voted in the January 25 election,- changed attitude and swiftly became Zorbases. 3 weeks after Tipras election, New Europe

get the viral Zorba the Greek


our Cross-life borders

Look down the Aegean , this is a Human tsunami, and the 10 points by Greece for EU to protect the West

Greece will get €460mln for migration program, the EU Commissioner Demetres Avramopoulos announced  to Greece, undelining that actions have to be taken immediately in response to the crisis situation in the Mediterranean. According to the Plan, European Member States will have to ensure fingerprinting of all migrants.

Special trainned crews of the Greek Police Counter-Terrorism and the Greek National Intelligence Service, specialized on international-Islamist terrorism, are sent to the illegal immigrants’ entry points of Greece, the Aegean islands of Mytilini, Chios,and others, and to the Northern border station of Evros

National Intelligence Service and the Greek Police have been set on the Alert on the country’s Entry Points for the possibility fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) to entry Europe through Greece among the hundreds and thousands immigrants that arrive daily on the islands of Eastern Aegean. Go to our Greek2m eye story

Oh yes! This is the Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Niko Kotzias hand in hand with his Turkish counter part Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on stage, singing the "We are  world" while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and EU High Representative Federica Mogherini have joined to sing along find that

Greece- Turkey FA ministers' agreement on measures to increase Aegean maritime safety

We agreed to reopen the exploratory talks, which concern the continental shelf in the Aegean, and to continue the discussion on confidence-building measures, on which I would say we have already had some success. said Nkos Kotzias thankning his counter minister . Agreed and announced  confidence-building measures for maritime safety, include 9 technical aspects

Frontex Analysis pointing to ISIS entrance  threat

Tell me lies, tell me more dirty lies

Paul Mason, who first revealed the eurogroup  draft fiasco :
 "they want to destroy this government" says Manson, see the video

By Jodigraphics 15, June 17, 2015

Greece and Germany in Cold War, said New Europe, (since the first month...)

The statements of Wolfgagang Schäuble who said that Greece must guarantee that the existing MoU is fulfilled,as to get any money form now on adding also,- after the crtitical eurogroup on Monday March 9, that Minister Varoufakis was the only minister in the Eurogroup to believe that time was not lost, and emphasing troika, must once again return to Athens,were interpreted by Athens as a “declaration of war." read more 

V for Vendetta Varoufakis deletes communi
cation error, traps and lies, live, himself
Go to the article
(now: it 's been a  win of hope over fear on Jan2015 elections, that turned to an isnide -and outside- Greece fear provoking campaign   day by day since then) How Alexis smashed the Fear.
how the Greeks resisted to the very Fear Xperiment and what this is . Could Fear win the Elections game? Learn how Samaras smashed the Greek Hope on purpose Visit also our 100+ rainy days of Alexis Tsipras Special Page 

the Economist magazine had tried to reverse the insulting and vulgar Spiegel's  cover Page of last year for Greece (But during the first week of new govt, and only...)..find this, February 5, 2015


to the very end

when tieless met protocol

"Tonight with us is Yianis Varoufakis, the Greek Finance Minister, he  brought us
President's Obama "Wellcome que" to Yianis

"Oh, this is Greece's Best Looking Man!"
Tieless, as you see, John Stamos gave the  dress code alibi to the Greek FM who was the special guest in White House hosted by the US  President who was on tie at the  White House reception for the Greek Independence day, April 2015
Enjoy on CNBC John Stamos' narration for this meeting,  where he was present on the chat of the two, but he didn't say a word.

Wow! see John Stamos' ad in US, that made Greek Yoghurt such a trend .

Find it on our Special Page