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the Greek Breakfast excellence 

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels goes on with its ambitious initiative to establish a breakfast menu in all hotels of the country through the exclusive use of local Greek products and each destination’s cuisine.

In a timeframe of five years, the chamber aims for guests at hotels throughout Greece to become acquainted with the local gastronomic wealth and local products via Greek breakfast.

According to Mr George Pittas, such a program needs time and hard work since it’s mainly all about hoteliers changing their attitudes.

For years there was an attitude that either underestimated breakfast as a meal or served it based on international standards (continental American or English breakfast),” he stressed.

Hotels that take part in the “Greek Breakfast” program will receive a special seal to display on their premises. The seal ensures quality standards and can also be used as a promotional and marketing tool to increase clientele and competitiveness. According to a study conducted by Agropole, a food and agribusiness-consulting company, the serving of Greek breakfast in hotels in the short term would bring a steady clientele, an increase in bookings by 15 percent, a rise in turnover by 10 percent, while the hotel promotion through mass and electronic media would grow by six percent.

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Oh that Jump!

In one of the most famous beaches of Greece, the Navagio Beach (“navagio” means “shipwreck”) in Zakynthos, a group of adventurous people did base jumping free falls!

Navagio Beach takes its name by the shipwreck which was washed offshore on a secluded beach of Zakynthos and today is one of the most alluring sights on the island.

The shipwreck happened in 1982, when the ship Panagiotis, carrying contraband cigarettes from Turkey in international waters in order to sell them at an agreed point, lost its course and fell into the rocks of the northwestern side of Zakynthos. Until then, the beach was called Agios Georgios.

Due to the inaccessibility of the area the waters have remained crystal clear, and during the latest years of Greek crisis, this particular Greek beach become of the most popular, and often the first in popularity

among world travelers. 

Today it appears to be already sold by this governent, but nobody tells clearly if it is or it m is not.For more, go to our  What a Beach Page


Wonderland Greece

Explore ! The Butterflies' Valley on Rhodes islan

By Tripadvisor

When the nature itself paints....!  explore
Since the early 1990s, Lesvos has quite rightly established itself as one of the premier birding destinations within the Mediterranean basin. It combines the excitement of migration with several key species which can be otherwise difficult to see elsewhere in Europe. Go to our Greece Wonderland Page

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Cyclades, the Sea diamonds, know them all!

Get to know Greece's little-visited Small Cyclades islands by hopping between them by ferry, or be more energetic with swimming, walking and sea kayaking trip The Guardian, Friday 12 July 2013 

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eDreams in Greece!

operating a mosaic of more than 2,000 islands where travel is key eDreams,enters Greece. gr.edreams.com, an online travel agency fully adapted to the Greek market,

Cheap Holidays to Greece

Greece is split up into many smaller regions and islands each with it's own atmosphere offering unique holidays. With just over 400 beaches, some of the worlds most beautiful coasts can be found here. Greece is also famous for it's vast cultural tradition and folklore making it one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. 
find out, island per island, on Sunshine.co.uk 

Magnifica Cruiseship crushed at Piraeus Port 

The 2,4690 foreign passengers and 976 crew memebers , are all in good health and safe Just  technical  damage and a small fracture  on the cruise ship are mentioned so far  by the technical stuff of the Magnifica  cruiseship with Panama flag, which crashed in the early hours Wednesday in the breakwater of the port in Piraeus. The causes of the accident  are not clarified up to now

 Athens , Destination Nr.1 

Once known for smog, traffic and tacky architecture, Athens is a city reformed thanks to fortunes brought by the 2004 Summer Olympics writes the  the Tripadvisor special Athens Page. Spotless parks and streets, an ultra-modern subway, new freeways, an accessible airport and all signs in perfect English make the city easily negotiable. Meriting more than a stopover en route to the islands, sophisticated Athens sites include many pillars of Western history, from the Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, as well as treasures in the National Archaeological Museum.  Go to Tripadvisor 

Don't miss the Laterna! ... Once you listen to it's sound, you will automatically learn to recognise it , while walking around in Athens, and other cities; streets, it is so unique,... Together with its melodies, laterna carries the history of half a century century tradition, by the joy or and melancholic of people that have surround it through the years, that hi-tech was replacing traditon on our ears.
Discover what makes this sound so special , by  your ears only .....

Live art, in every glance you take, every step you make... 

In Athens, the Last Man Painting  Mr. Dimitriou, 78, has never met a Hollywood star, but he has painted thousands of them. Nearly every week since the age of 15, he has immortalized legends of the screen in dreamlike friezes of love, anger, pride or temptation — Today, wrote the NYT he is the last living movie billboard painter in Greece, and one of only a handful in Europe.Go to our StreetArt in Athens Special Page 

Meet the Koulouri!

 just next to you around the corner Traditional best of Street Bites 

Athens' best street foods and stalls, go  

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In the Palace of Knossos: A strike on the head of the tourists terrified them , 19 seriously injured


Nineteen Russian tourists on Friday, May 29, 2015, were injured in a lightning strike at the archaeological site of Knossos, on the island of Crete. A 46-year-old woman suffered a heart attack and she is being treated in hospital. Another nine people were slightly injured and others are suffering from shock.

The Russian tourists went down a tree with an umbrella to protect themselves from the rain when the lightning struck. Ambulances rushed to the area to give first aid and transfer the injured people to the hospital.go to our sosgreece site on tumblr



much more than sea+sun say the Germans

According to the German Travel Association (DRV) Greece remains one of the most popular tourist destination for German visitors

The Greek-German Working Group that record the best practices in order to promote Greece for holiday making, has found that in fact Greek destinations have much more to offer than just the sun and the sea, and they share the common belief that the development of medical, marine and religious tourism can extend the tourist season which is limited between May and September. Germans spend € 64bn every year on traveling. .