Mr.Tsipras, Congrats from Washington !

How it started: Greece's NO
 to European

Samara' government collapsed on December 29, 2014, two years adn a half after elected
Monday, December 29 Greek government just colapsed.

Even during the last day,11 deaths and uncountable unaccounted and missing  and their gosts, are hanging upon the governors' heads on the empty now Parliament seats.
Read this shocking detail of the ferrry disaster
ON MOODHACKERBLOG  Gree2m Wordpress Should Norman Atlantic have ever left Patras Port? As of Monday December 29, 2014

 “ historic day for Greek democracy”

Alexis Tsipras after the Samaras' government' collapse , December 2014
Tsipras: SYRIZA Win Can Signal "Start in Greece's Restoration"
"SYRIZA's victory will be the start of a great national effort to save society and restore Greece - a national effort with international repercussions, since our historical responsibility is to open the way for an alternative policy in Europe, turning a eurozone country from a neoliberal experiment to a model of social protection and growth." More

In the photo,  Alexis Tsipras, the opposition leader and head of the Syriza party, leaving the Parliament building after the last round of a presidential vote in Athens on Monday 29.  Credit Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters,

  the same day:  No Information for  the extension of the  tragedy

the unique in their life Gift of Life that brought them together alive, Norman Atlantic survivor

Greece was holding its breath for the unthinkabe  Norman Atlantic disaster that was still flamming the victims'  bodies and  the public mind, for more that 24 hr, still on Monday morning, before the Praliament last vote .The rescue operation by Italian and Greek crews had finally started since the late Sunday evening, and was still going on .Greek public up to then,  knew for one death.  Antonis Samaras had called the first "victim's" family to express his sympathy, but  the victim, in the end not him, and is still unfound.....! The deaths were multiple than announced, and the number of missing or unaccounted, probably multiple than the greek government announced . No official Greek announcement at all , two weeks after
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full story

earlier in the morning, at the Airport area

How smart the Smart ? Unexplainable explosion at the airport area, December  19, 2014

An unbelievable explosion at the Athens Airport route of Attiki odos,with a still unknown to the Police, and  unexplainable, explosive mechanism made the Smart car , while driving, trash as you see above, in a few minutes after an "acute"  flame explosion on the road. The driver is dead, and Police is extensively examining details, even the clothing of the driver, for possible explosive materials  See more! on greektomefan on tumblr

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George says, he is going to change history, too

George Papandreou goes for elections by his own party, January 2015
"I was left alone in Europe "...

The former Prime Minister reveals the Truth , on an "intensive" Communicational Pre-elections campaign
Democracy or Austerity? Something strange is happening in Europe: Democracy is starting to work.By the Greekcurrent

he Flu is here! caution

flu is here, Greece, January 2015, What the Greek CDC recommends

Six deaths already and 8 patients in Intensive Care Units by the Season Flu in Greece, this year, .
The Greek Center for Disease Control warns that the H3N2 type wich shows higher fatality rates in the country this year, is not included on the Seasonal Flu jab. Learn what to do on our Special Page

The Real Greek way. Meet the centenarians' secrets, by Greek to me !

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Holywood stars share the Elgines' voice

The Marbles are Greek! Celebrities join the Elgine's voice

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New Years' fest: Be my Santa

Santas run around Greece for the  New 2015, Is there any luck?
Santas do run around Greece, up the mountains and down the sea , but is there any gift…?

Thousands dressed as Santa Claus, flooded Chania streets on Saturday December 27, participating in the 4th Annual Santa Run. Regardless of the cold and damp weather 

Enjoy! , December 201by moodhackerblog

Solve the outbreak ,

Start by solving the Outbreak as a Disease Detective, by the CDC.GOV. Go to our Healthy Apps selection Page by Greek2m

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Passenger Incoming Card for Non-Shengen countries 

Passengers Card for Ebola Prevention for Non Shengen countries

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Ebola nightmare goes down to jidhadists¨  The WHO answer

WHO answer for the ebola infections in Iraq among militants

WHO director Christy Feig told reporters early this weekend that " We [the WHO] have no official notification from the Iraqi government that it is Ebola."

While that may be true, the possibility that the militants may have contracted the virus causes a problematic situation for the WHO, in that ISIS does not believe in modern medicine and an outbreak in an ISIS-controlled area like Mosul could be a breeding ground for the ever-mutating virus. But worst of all, aside from the possibility of possible infection of Iraq, should ISIS isolate the virus for themselves, the entire western world may find soon enough that the Ebola virus could be the worst weapon known to man.

"U.N. workers have thus far been prohibited from entering ISIS-controlled territory in both Iraq and Syria," intelligence analyst for Levantine Group, Benjamin T. Decker says. "In this context, the lack of medical infrastructure, supplies and practitioners in the city suggests that the outbreak could quickly lead to further infection of both ISIS fighters and residents of Mosul."

What the Greek CDC is doing for Ebola . Go to our Special Page
Can you catch Ebola through a toilet seat?
Can You Get Ebola From a Toilet Seat? In modern buildings, toilets that flush loudly and powerfully are a risk in themselves. The flushing create a mist of droplets that splash onto the face and hands or may contaminate stall surfaces  More

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Alexis takes it all! Hope wins Fear, by the Greek
mind & soul... 

Alexis won the Greeks in the Heart. After five years of martyric tolerance on humiliation of the most Strict and Apathetic governmets that brought everybody’s mind, and day, to the bottom line, they said, undouptedly, NO to the Fear Factory that has kept them nerveless till now… Is it that Greeks have been tugged beyond their limits?
On the same moment, apathetically at most, the ruling austerity government of Mr. Samaras, straight and clearly decided to invest in the Fear Attack to achieve to vote manipulation of the devastaded Greek mass, and unfolded an Unshamely Producted Presentation,

But  could this Science of Negative Politcal Marketing have won the results ?
And if yes, Is it Ethicaly correct as a Communication Act towards a nation ” in Crisis?
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our Special Page

January 21, FT: Tsipras' article : End Austerity before fear kills Democracy , wrote by his article, Alexis Tsipras on Financial Times
Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Hungary were the EU member states where poverty and social exclusion increased the most during the crisis, says an EU report, January16, 2015

This is the spot that was spreading the horror 

Terror Changes Europe

Peace, tolerance & Freedom of Speech

  • Not afraid , a mass European march against the Fear , Paris, January 2015
  • Freedom of Speech, Europe. Paris, Charlie Hebdo march , January 2015
  • Paris impressive Rally for Peace, Love and Tolerance in Europe
  • Charlie United Europe after the terrorist attack
  • marching for a  Peaceful Europe against the Fear
  • Pens for Freedom of Speech in Europe
  • March for Charlie Hebdo , NYC, January 2015
  • Raising silently  pens for Charlie Hebdo attack
  • Unique March of Leaders arma-by arm in Paris against terror
  • the Huge Paris Rally for Charlie Hebdo
  • Merkel marching in Paris , French President
  • France unites its human voice and writers pens against the Fear
  • Paris, Charlie Hebdo, January 2015
  • Huge march in Paris against the Fear and Terror
  • crowd gathering before Charlie Hebdo Paris march, January 2015
  • Paris people endlessly marching againt the Charlie terror attack
  • Paris Rally fro Charlie Hebdo
  • Dresden anti-islamic, anti-immigration protest
  • Leaders marching arm-by arm aginst the terro in Paris
  • Paris, anti-terror march for Charlie, huge crowd

Charlie Unites the West Against the Fear

This isn' t going to stop"  How we  are moving from a world of mega terror in the 9/11 era to decentralized autonomous, smaller scale and harder-to-detect operations
Nigeria violence:

Female 10 year-s old  suicide bomber hit market.Explosives strapped to girl kill 20 people at Nigerian market
Greek2m ‏@moodhacker Le premier ministre grec Antonis Samaras a utilisé la tragédie contre son adversaire Syriza, .lexpress.
Samaras- Renzi:
After three  weeks and dozens, may be hundreds,  of unaccounted, missing bodies from the tragic Ferry line that links the two countries daily, they definitely have NO answer.
How many unidentified immigrants were traveling in the garage?  How dangerous can
be that in the womb of Europe? 
full article 

Cross-road Greece

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Alert for Greece

Europol Alert for terrorists  in Greece after the Charlie attack
by Europol
Greek police have received an urgent warning from Europol about the possibility of  a terrorist attack  in European countries  with most likely targets being Belgium, the Netherlands and Britain.

Islam “belongs to Germany”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday,January 12,  a day after walking arm-in-arm with the world' leaders at the front of a massive march in Paris, to honor the victims of killings by Islamic militants. By her comment she straightly answered to the  anti-immigration protesters gathering in Dresden and other cities

vs. Fear
the epitome of this years' turn

Did you smash the pomegranate thsi year? Learn the Greek tradition for Good Luck, Health and Prosperity
Greece Froze at the farewel of 2014    go to our 3d Photo Collection

Beyond  Courage, Greece...

That's what friends are for...
"Nowhere have austerity policies been more aggressively tried — and generally failed to live up to results promised by advocates — than in Greece. After more than four years of belt tightening, patience is wearing thin, and tentative signs of improvement have not yet trickled down into the lives of average Greeks."...NYT, December29, 2014


More than 1/3 Greeks are now seriously Poor

Oh, it's cold outside? Samaras'
Government just didn't notice

While the government had  fallen, and the New Years' eve was approaching, on 30 and 31 of December, the Ministries of Finance and Developement, had ordered the Elecritcity company to continue cutting the power to whoever had not paid . Three deaths of aged women who died in flammes trying to get warm,, and unaccounted health pr oblems to ill people at their homes, uncountable the citizens' complaints on radio stations, while "the state"  was Closed  for vacations.
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Greeks the most Unhappy in European Union . It was the nost unhappy Christmas for the Greeks

3.9 million Greeks are at risk of poverty or social exclusion according to Eurostat. That is over a full third of the population (35.7%). Eurostat defines this group as people ‘in at least one of the following three conditions:

  • a-risk-of-poverty after social transfers (income poverty),
  • severely materially deprived, or
  • living in households with very low work intensity.
  • Athens, Christmas decorated , in the years of austerity misery
  • homeless all around , Xristmas fo the Streets for hundreds of Greeks , from whom austerity took it all whose life
  • Syntagma square, Christmas in Athens
  • Apathy for the lives thrown in garbadge , Athens, January 2014
  • Athens Municipality festivities in the poor Athens
  • Homeless  Greek citizens , Christmas Days , austerity times
  • the Athens municipality band
  • Recession took me everything, not my dignity . In Greece, 2014
  • So common! Hungry citizens on the cold streets
  •  human misery on the streets in every step you take, Athens, 2015
.....But at the street level in Greece, there is little debate anymore, if there ever was. The images of suffering here have not been that different from the grainy black and white photos of the United States in the 1930s. Suicides have shot up. Cars sit abandoned in the streets. People sift garbage looking for food.. NYT, Dec.28,2014

Greece, tell me the truth

Freedom of Speech in Greece frogotten . Learn why

Greek Austrity Clic to Greek Governments: You are murdering the Greeks, you will be judged fro mass musrder
The Metropolitan Social Clinic started an Unyielding and Uncompromising struggle vs. the Greek Ministry of Health trying to prove that Greeks are cannibalized by intention, by recording and bringing to light cases of people who have paid seriously by their health or even their lives the Greek austerity politics,  due to the prolonged crisis and the lack of access to health services which have harmed their health. More, moodhackerblog

A completely different result from what the pre-election polls had forecasted , came out SOME MONTHS BEFORE, ON MAY 2014, at the Euroelections and Local Authorities, on the first round, shaking, obviously this time, the means of credibility of the greek media landscape as a whole , and showing also, the degree public opinion manipulation such "prokat" pre-election polls may finally achieve, contributing to pre-shaped final results.Read Full Post »

Greece has plunged more than 50 places in the press freedom index in the space of just five years

"This is a dizzying fall for the world’s oldest democracy.
..", concluded the Research Publication

Read More on original sourcee

Oh, Democracy!

"Watch Greek PM interview and see why Greece is ranked 99th in World Press Index "

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         The German Loan

Such Unthinkable, Unbearable disaster

  • The Norman Atlantic Ferry survivors
  • transferring the Norman Ferry survivors after the Resue operation
  • little girl rescued, transferred to Greece by the C-130 Greek Airforce crew
  • Italina team Rescue operation on Norman Ferry
  • Unaccounted the missing passengers on of the Norman Atlanrtic Ferry , agony among relatives for over three weeks
  • back to life from the nightmaere , Norman Ferry survivor
  • flaming Norman Atlantic Ferry in Adratic Sea
  • the gift of life, back from the Hell on the flaming Ferry
  • Lost between life and death, back in the hug of the beloved ones, Norman Atantic Ferry disaster
  • flamming Ferry in the Adriatic Sea ,December 28, 2014
  • Greek Ferry fire aboard , hundreds of passengers waiting to be recued, December 28, 2014
  • wounded passengers tranferred to Italian hospital after the rescue operation , Norman Ferry, January 2015
  • air rescue of toddlers from the Norman Ferry , Decemeber 29, 2014
  • Syrian refugee, unaccounted, unlised aming the passengers, rescued by the operation
  • air rescue of toddlers from flaming Greek Ferry, December 28, 2014
  • first passengers rescued by the Norman Atlantic Rescue Operation
  • dozens the missing passengers from the Norman Ferry , Greek and Italina authorities don;t say a word
  • back in the hug of the beloved ones, Norman Atlantic survivor
  • flaming Greek Ferry in the Adriatic Sea , air photo of the Rescue teams
  • air rescue operation on the Flaming Greek Ferry, December 29
  • the flaming boat, while hundreds in agony wait to be rescued
  • Italin Rescue crew saving mother and toddlers , December 29, 2015
  • Passengers of the Norman Atlantic ferry , just rescued , arriving in Greece

 Are the How's+ Why's of the ferry tragedy going to drown...  Where are our people?
orror and Agony for the missing passengers

while  authorities turn the drama to a flaming

Survivor from the flaming Norman Atlantic Ferry

 “And the sharks ate the passengers. Nine or two hundred, we don’t know…”

Talking on the Greek media, and -trying still to keep their hope alive-, they describe how each family of them , tryied to follow up the movements of their beloved ones,  and how unexplainably, their relative’s traces were lost. Some families believe their relative might be in a hospital in Italy, and nobodyof them can accept that uncountable numbers of bodies are not found Go to our full story, January13, 2015.

Should Noman Atlantic have ever left Patras? Safety reports had shown the opposite. Greece prays.....
Since the early first moments of this Tragedy, Greek2m had had raised  the question of Safety reports
Prophetic, Awarded Greek Production Film ,A Man at Sea,  pictures the insight of Norman Atlantic Tragedy and the human lives
 ( unknown in numbers and identity… potentially 78-198, says Italian Prosecutor) lost, burned and never found. Go

                               Human Life OF NO COST 

AMNESTY iNTERNATIONAL: It is an outrage that, the Greek authorities have failed to conduct an adequate investigation into this tragedy.
“The failure to adequately investigate events at Farmakonisi shows a callous disregard for the tragic loss of life. This coupled with the government’s determination to seal its borders raises the serious prospect that refugees and migrants will continue to needlessly drown in the Aegean,” said John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Director for Europe and Central Asia.

In 20 January 2014, 11 Afghans, including eight children, lost their lives when their fishing boat sank near the Greek island of Farmakonosi. Survivors claim they were towed at great speed back towards Turkey. The authorities dropped an investigation into the tragedy. Since then, more than 100 refugees and migrants have died crossing the Aegean Sea.

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