The August Full Moon Celebrations 2017 The August Full Moon Celebrations 2017 Full Moon rising over the Acropolis Full Moon rising over the Acropolis of Athens on January 12, 2017, by the photographers ephemeris outdoor architecture building ngc, 204311231 The full moon rises above Athena Nike temple at Acropolis in Athens full moon of 2013 June 23 the largest of that year. From the photographer: "The foreground is the stunning Temple of Athena, built between 427 and 424 BC using white marble. The image was taken from a strategically selected location about 610 meters away and to the northwest of the Acropolis so as to match the rising supermoon against the Temple of Athena Nike. Athena Nike translates to Victorious Athena)." Anthony Ayiomamitis, 204311265 Athens Full Moon, Acropolis Μaritina Gerali saved to Beautiful Greece. Athens-Hellas full moon 204311246 Athens Full Moon , 2014 204311506 The Moon on Poseidon's Temple Amazing Capture Of Full Moonm Sounion, Greece - Temple Of Poseidon, Outside Of Athens In Attika 204311232 Full Moon over Temple of Poseidon, Greece, 2016 Watching and photographing the full moon rise through the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon at Sounio, Greece is always astonishing. Capture was done a mile away from the temple (not a photo montage) July 20, 2016.Posted by Elias Chasiotis,, 204311308 Cape Sounio Full Moon This image of a full moon above the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion appeared on the Wonderful-Greece Visit-Greece Facebook page, June 2013 204311310 Temple of Poseidon Full Moon June 2012 full moon may not have been the largest of the year, but was still very large and close to perigee. Moon illusion made it look even bigger. The photos were taken at a large distance from the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon at Sounio, Greece, from the right perspective and that attributes to its very large size in comparison with the temple. Richard Taunton saved to Gillian Cairney (Classics) 204311233 Paros, Naoussa Ful lMoon This image of a full moon over the town of Naoussa, on Paros, was posted on Facebook by the Yria Hotel on Paros, June 2013 204311311 Heraclion Crete Full Moon Full moon tonight, over Heraklion, Crete, Greece Ράνια Χ. saved to Hellas my love 204311331 Sifnos Full Moon, Cyclades sifnos-greece by -davidsbeenhere blog 204311332 Nafpaktos Full Moon Travel to Nafpaktos , Full moon picture 204311418 204321109 204321110 204327126