Sunsets Forever Sunsets Forever the Poseidon Temple, Sounio, Attica, Greece the not-to-miss sunset for travelers, unique experience even among today's Athenians 198695759 Myrina,Lemnos island, Aegean sea it is the land where Odysseus lost his mind, and paused time... Stare the colors and guess why 198695762 Athens, Attica Greece the full screen Acropolis view on sunset time, standing as the crown of the city , dancing in light, dramatising colors, hanging from sky .... 198696187 Alexandroupoli, Greece,gorgeously hued and misshaped Sun When the Sun is on the horizon, or very near it, refraction in the lower atmosphere appears to flatten the solar disk. Photographer: Athanasios Sismanis 198695704 Oia, Santorini, Greece the multiply awarded as unique susnet in the world, Santorini sunset A vision-excellence award for your eyes only..... 198696174 Ai Stratis island, Aegean Sea Become the picture. Sale your dreams and hopes to heaven ,,,, 198696998 Molyvos, Lesvos island , Aegean sea the Not-to miss sunset in Molyvos, North Aegean spot of Lesvos, to let your spirit fly away 198697000 Lesvos island, Geras coast It is the Coast of the Aged. No wonder why, time fades endlessly through Beauty 198697255 Milos beach, Lefkada, Ionian sea the rock's appointment with the sun , evening in Ioninan sea 198697256 Milos island, Cyclades, Greece the Milos isle sunset, lets your mind rest with joy 198697292 Chania, Crete, Greece let the colors wrap your being on this spot of the earth and travel your mind once again. You are in Greece 198697458 Samos island, Aegean Sea This is Samos,on the North of Aegean Sea for a perfect Mind and Senses Reset 198697459 Zakythos island , Ionina sea sunset at the Ai Sostis little island by Zakynthos isle, in the Ionian sea 198697792 Hydra island, Saronic sea So close to Athens, but totally unique on architecture and style, Hydra island ,unique for endless isnpiration produces such pictures,day by day on sweet sunset time ... 198697947 Samos , climbing to sky On sunset time, what could be more uplifting than this... 198698418 Nyphida Polychnitos, Lesvos, Greece The Perfect painted Sunset at Nyphida at the Coast of Beauty in Lesvos. Not photoshoped, just real and true photo by Teofilo Bosinaquis, fb 205001100