Late Summer Happiness, Catch that Light, make your Kit Late Summer Happiness, Catch that Light, make your Kit Channel, definitely experiencing Happiness, on Elafonisos, Greece 194914791 Dive since the start of the times..... Vatera beach, Summer 2014 194914792 Romantic, only You know fishing in Greece? That's how it feels like 194914793 Take a look, Nature is painting itself Mytilini , Lesvos, early mornning land's wake up 194914794 You can caspture that light, indeed That;s what makes us hap[py! 194914795 Sing my day, smile will bloom Good Morning...God! 194914796 Light would wrap you in its happy mist Wake up by the light dance 194914797 Leave your soul here, just Reserve on Happiness Vatera my special beach 194914798 god's bites, straight from the sea octopus, ultimate happiness seafood, to escort ouzo, in your mind+body! 194914799 light shower in your path... Step in the fairy tale, it's true... Molyvos, Lesvos 194914800 Just stare a second, life seems endless here... Vatera beach, Lesvos 194914801 Hello New Day! life looks wonderful again.... Molivos , Lesvos 194914802 194914803 194914804 194914807 194914806 194914805