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A biblical #FlashFlood in #Greece with No #Survival Guidelines released at all 24h after

Posted by moodhacker on November 16, 2017 at 12:35 AM

Maria Papapanagiotou

At least 15 people have lost their lives and 17 are severely injured by a  biblical flood in the west area of Attica, Greece has never seen before, that hit overnight and killed mostly elderly people that were sleeping and were left  helpless in their homes alone. It is the most deadly such incident in Greece of the  recent years, where the towns of Mandra and New Peramos were hit at most .

Despite the severity of the disaster and the shock the whole Greek population went through for the last 24 hours, and despite the fact that the weather forecast speaks of more worsening of the weather conditions and a possible new flood during the night after, tonight, no Disaster and Flood survival Guidelines have so far been released to the inhabitants of the areas at risk .

Communication in crisis has never been the best practise of the leftist governement of Alexis Tsipras, though , the Prime Minister himself expressed his condolesences to the victims and their families, and declared , personally talking on TV, a starte of Emergency .     

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras declared a Day of National Mourning . “We are currently mourning the deaths of 14 people and we hope that the casualty list will not grow,” the prime minister said.

He added that operations to identify and rescue those at risk would continue throughout the night, while at the same time army camps will remain open to offer shelter and food to the victims.

But this is not enough for a whole country experiencing the tragedy of such a disaster watching  whole towns and neighborhoods to be drowned in tones of mud.

Heavy vehicles, trucks and buses  have been  stranded under metres of water while the force of the water smashed through roads, walls and whole neighborhoods, destroying  everything in its way, and throwing people away while riping their clothes . Bodies of the victims weren lately recovered dead, and naked in some cases cases, due to the force of the water that ripped their clothing while killing them.   Fast-flowing torrents of red mud flooded roads.

A woman’s body believed to be around 80 was recovered inside her flooded home. Many other have been saved by the firemen in their homes, traqically most of them elderly , thast were completely shocked . The bodies of two elderly men were discovered in two separate locations nearby. Another body was recovered in the sea of Eleysina. Two are missing . Six bodies so far have not yet been identified by any relatives. They might have been in life, and death, finaly, alone....

Drivers have also been drowned in their truck and many of the injured ones, have been road travelers, the Authorities said,  who happened to drive through the national road during the flash flood. Emergency services , 24 hours after , still keep searching for more people that maybe trapped inside their flooded homes or elsewhere .

Firemen rescued a dozen passengers from a bus that was travelling from Athens to Corinth, when the vehicle was swept away by river of water.

The Fire Service has received at least 160 emergency calls reporting flooded homes. It has also assisted drivers trapped inside their vehicles.

The Greek Coast Guard recovered the bodies of two men believed to have been swept out to sea by the flood.


 The old Athens – Corinth highway has closed and problems have also been reported at the new highway linking Athens with the Peloponnese

One day earlier on Tuesday, the Greek government declared a state of Emergency on the island of Symi , after a sudden downpour swept cars into the sea, damaged homes and cut off electricity and water supplies.

Meteorologists say that the weather front will remain over Greece in the next few days and will peak on Friday.

Predictions, Preparedness and lack of Response 

Buit the total lack of Preparedeness is not a today's phenomenon, especiazsilly concerning the specific area of West Attica . This biblical disaster, not only had been predicted to the very detail, but had been taught as a lesson in the Geology University of Athens, as the paradigm of a fatal consequence of the human interventions in the area .  

"Nature had warned of today's tragedy" stressed earlied in Wednesday,  professor of Geology at the University of Athens, Dimitris Papanikolaou, speaking at the Athenian radio station of Macedonian News Agency  "104.9 FM Agency".

Mr. Papanikolaou was revealing describing the human interventions in the affected areas, and stressing that his academing teaching in postgraduate students was describing the Risk of the Western Attica areas, based on previous disasters.

"A basic exercise - the flood issue - was the Mandra area, professor precisely said. We had academicaly chosen it as one of the characteristic cases where human interference and ignorance, or in any case the lack of knowledge and substantial involvement in the matter was of a criminal nature. By our geological assesment the fatal risk was focused in Mandra area, due to the old national road Athens that passes through it -and also by the fact that several kilometers north of Mandra, a mountainous area with a network of small rivers that join and make a larger torrent, which had been laid over a length of more than 500 meters. The tragic was that a large part of the intersection and closure, in the narrowest part, was a few acres made by the commune of a depot and repairs, and it was a supermarket, which had closed just the whole water passage. Anyone who crosses this road (leaves Mandra to go north to Agios Sotiras) if he tries - at the narrowest point - to see where the stream passes, he will not see any way out of the water, professor Papanikolaou described ....

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