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Tsakalotos "seals" his letter to Scrooge creditors with faithfulness

Posted by moodhacker on December 25, 2016 at 1:50 PM

Tsakalotos Yours Faithful  @J_Dijsselbloem .It's official ....

Greek Finance Minister officially declared the country's "adherence", "compliance" and "faithfulness" to Greece's creditors by his apology letter sent to promise that Tsipras' government will never give any relief to the poorest of the country without the creditors permission.

But before that , he cleverly chose to show his bravery to the Greek audience- and only- , reminding by cartoons that he sees the creditors as Ebener Scrooge..



A Christmas e-card with the miser protagonist of Charles Dickens character Ebenezer Scrooge, who hates Christmas and refuses to give his staff time off or donate to charity, was the choice of Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos for his Christmas wishes this year, for the "interior" Greece . He sent that "semantics" e-card with his wishes to staff and journalists , presenting all this indirectly as a criticism on Greece's creditors apathetic handling of the Greeks' desperate financial situation,

Tsakalotos cards, show the ghost of Scrooge's dead partner Jacob Marley telling him that he must change his ways or face eternal damnation They are clearly a jibe directed at the country's creditors, the DW had commented.

"Perhaps in all of our Christmas tales there is a terrifying character like Ebenezer who receives the season's spirit in an immense solitude, and closed like an oyster. And maybe our Christmas tale is no exception," read the card's caption.

"But, dear friends and colleagues, our wishes go beyond all the Ebenezer's of this world. We don't give up on our wishes," Tsakalotos had added.

Just wishes , as all Greeks realized, first days after Christmas. And his bravery didn't last more than hours, as it was later revealed.

During the same days, Tsakalotos was preparing his apology letter, showing his, the Prime Minister;s and the whole country's staunchest commitment the creditors would have ever imagined .

On Tuesday December 27, Tsakalotos' letter to the creditors was leaked , after opposition parties urged the government to revela the letter's content ." target="_blank">by‏@AnnaLauraWelsh 

Shockingly , as you may notice, Tsakalos closes by " Yours faithfully", a not a diplomatic or official governmental adress in a letter at all.

It's not a love letter , It' s a letter that binds Greek destinies, lives and miseries to an endless compliance, as Euclid Tsakalos chooses to make clear.

To make the message stronger the Greek Finance Minister ,who is an Eaton alumni, as so, very precise with language terminology, uses also the word adherence right above the words faithful and compliant.

In medical language compliance and adherence are required for hiv patients in antiretroviral therapy for a lifetime, for the medication daily doses that should be taken unstoppably and on time otherwise the patient's  life gets in extreme risk .

Tsakalotos "seals" his letter to the creditors, which had named Scrooge some days before, with the most "sentimental" "Yours faithful" , in case the recipients do not exactly notice the meanings of his medical words.....

the background 

Discussions between Greece's creditors and the Greek governement had been  halted after  the decision of the left-wing government , and personally  Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to give a one-off Christmas bonus to old-age pensioners, without consulting creditors first.

Several EU partners - especially Germany - objected to the measure, and threatened to suspend a  debt relief scheme that was announced by then  for Athens.

The letter of the  Greek Finance Minister has meanwhile  become a source of controversy between the government and the opposition.

Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem had said on December 24 that talks about initial Greek debt relief measures are to resume

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