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The Calais Jungle sex scandal

Posted by moodhacker on September 30, 2016 at 5:15 AM

By the code of conduct used by UNHCR, which states that sexual relationships between aid staff and beneficiaries are “strongly discouraged” due to “unequal power relationships”.

German females are particularly welcoming to “refugees.” No one is certain why.,,writes the

According to the whistle blower, some volunteers avail of the service of the Jungle camp prostitutes, while others have multiple partners in one day.

Calais aid workers volunteering in the Jungle have been accused of having sex with migrants, some of whom are believed to be underage, according to the whistle blower.

One whistleblower revealed the extent of sexual abuse of vulnerable refugees at the Jungle camp at the hands of unscrupulous aid workers, some of whom use the women as prostitutes

It was claimed that female volunteers were more likely to have sex with male migrants than any other combination.

"forging sexual relationships with adult refugees is natural"


The Independent has discovered a serious row has broken out among some unpaid charity workers at the camp in northern France, with some believing forging sexual relationships with adult refugees is natural in such circumstances, while others say it breaches all usual codes of conduct.

One volunteer was described as having 'a bad reputation' for sleeping with male refugees and was asked to leave the camp.

One man who raised the alarm was later subjected to a barrage of online abuse.

After being told of the allegations, UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, called for charities in Calais to impose "zero tolerance" policies on any exploitation to help maintain the "integrity" of volunteer work.


NGOs confirm Difficult to Control

Charity leaders working in the area have confirmed there is a serious problem, with worries about predatory behaviour by both male and female volunteers.

But they say it is difficult to control due to the absence of universal humanitarian standards in the Jungle, meaning there are no official aid organisations on the ground and no controls over who can enter to volunteer.


Sources: the Indepenent, infowars, daiymail /The British women 'going to the jungle for sex with migrants' - whistleblower claims some aid workers have 'multiple partners in a day'


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