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The Greek CDC has warned since March for Malaria threat

Posted by moodhacker on August 26, 2016 at 6:00 AM

The Center of Disease Contol has repeatedly warned  of the increased risks of communicable diseases' outbreaks, due tothe refugee and migration flows and their living conditions at the accomodation centers, and has called for actions and  emergency measures to be taken,

reminded  the Athens Medical Association by an official statement after the Blood donations ban announcement in the 22 of August to the Publlic Health political authorities

The association's President , and President also of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, George Patoylis, pointed out that during this year there was negligence in the strategic planning for the implementation of mosquito control programs despite the warnigns of the Greek CDC.

By the new  Malaria transmissions, the Athens Medical Association President said, Greece's international exposure is threatend, whille the cost in lives of this negligence to strenghten the country's shield  has been obviously shown also in earlier months, by the record death numbers of the flu in the winter season.

The President of Athens doctors, pointed also to an earlier Recommendation document on March 11, 2016  of the Greek CDC, (HCDCP, KEELPNO) on  the "diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in areas that host or accomodate migrants or refugees", which is highlighting since early March  the risk of malaria and the need for timely and systematic implementation of integrated mosquito management programs.

Among other features  this earlier Recommendation of the Greek CDC  was stating  that "particularly in areas that receive or hosed immigrants-refugees, systematic mosquito control  programs must be implemented, and their intensification must become a high priority as a response to the  public health threats related to diseases transmitted by transmitters".

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