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Mr. Tsipras, tell me about the tie.....

Posted by moodhacker on September 11, 2016 at 4:10 AM



"M. Tsipras, are you close to wear a tie ? "

"I promised to wear a tie in a grant event, let's say the solution to the national debt, or the solution to Cyprus story. We are close, indeed to such solutions. But for the tie,  I have not even been married to wear it at least once!"    


This was among the first q&a of the Greek Prime Minister to the annual Press Conference of the International Exhibit in Thessaloniki , which traditionally as an event "scanns" every year the resistance and the power of the governement , of any goverenment in Greece each September.

For the latest four years the PM's Press Conference did not take place ( last year it was pre-election period) . That was the comment of Alexis Tsipras to an audience of hundreds journalists , with whom he said, he,personally, wishes "face to face" talk.  

But it was not an easy talk as it turned out .

First, due to the not so friendly, for the 42-yearls old Prime Minister,  social environment in Thessaloniki this time.

Alexis Tsipras’s visit to the "Northern Capital " where the unemployment rate exceeds 25 per cent, prompted the strong reaction and the protests from the local trade unionists.

"Unions have sent a clear message that the struggle will continue, by all means necessary, to counter the government's disastrous policies," a GSEE statement said, Greece's largest labor union,which , which organized the main protest on Saturday

 "Today, thousands of protesters ... voiced their anger against the ongoing actions of the government that are increasing poverty andunemployment, placing a heavier burden on salary earners, and strangling society."


 Thousands of people that have been protesting against fresh pension cuts and increases in VAT and property taxes, threw firecrackers and scuffled with police in the city's central square as the PM's car with 5000 policement guarding , was moving in the city to the Congress Building  

 "In five disastrous years ... a quarter of our national wealth was destroyed, disposable income fell by 40 percent, unemployment soared to 28 percent and the level of poverty rose to 38 percent," Tsipras told on Saturday the broad audience of politicians and business leaders in the Thessaloniki summit , referring not to his , but to the governments before he took office in 2015.

"Now, all the indications are that this chapter is closing ... Finally, we are going from a negative direction to a positive one."

The Financial Times noted that Alexis Tsipras, has seen as well "light in the end of the tunnel" (as exactly ex prime miinister Adonis Samaras has seen the light, himself, as well, before he left office )

Europe’s most electorally successful populist has become nearly as unpopular as the Greek political establishment he ousted almost two years ago. A recent survey showed only 19% of Greeks view him favorably and 85% are dissatisfied with his government.

Such low approval ratings—familiar to Europe’s least-popular establishment politicians, such as French President François Hollande—reflect how the star of the eurozone’s antiausterity movement has come down to earth., the FT wrote after Alexis Tsipras appearance in Thessaloniki






But what shook the audiences, and the millions of Greek viewers, -who traditionally each Septemeber watch from all around Greece the Thessaloniki Summit's political announcements, as the central annual event of Greek Politics - was the  strickt reaction of the Prime Minister to a reporter of the Alpha tv's question , who asked him why after of 21 years she has  worked  in the first in ratings tv channel of the country , she loses her job .

The Free is dead , the Prime Minister answered , obviously not so happy to have  been asked.. That happened on Sunday during the Official Press Conference of the PM to the Greek and international Press 

Greek television  stations  being on strike the day before, had not broadcasted  Mr Tsipras ’s speech . The  24-hour strike had been called by journalists and technical staff of the whole private Greek tv  broadcasting channels, to protest against an expected 3,000 job losses .

Four ouf of today's six  tv stations in Greece have to close within 90 days, after the "Roulette Auction",  since the channels' owners failed to win the Broadcasting Licences in the auction that was staged, indeed, by this government fro the first time, after  26 years long that the  Greek private tv channels  had been unbotheredly broadcasting  nationwide with no official licenses .

Government today is claiming she earned 245 million Euros for the state

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