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Such a wretchedness! A live misery on the biggest Aegean island's central port

Posted by moodhacker on May 23, 2015 at 3:50 PM

"This is such wretchedness. A live misery on the biggest Aegean island's central port. A situation that should have been cured”. "It is the worst picture, here in Lesvos than any other migrants Entry points of the country", said the President of the Hellenic Center of Disease Control and Prevention, the Greek CDC, visiting Lesvos island on Friday, on the latest stop of the tour he has made to the entry points, Rhodes, Kos, Tilos, Evros, Orestiada and Samothrace, till now, to coordinate the Emergency Response of the Center and the Response Plan that is provided by the Center to the government for the Migrants' influx that is chocking the islands' life of East Aegean day to day .

  On his press conference to the local Press, Professor Ath. Giannopoulos assured that there is the potential of improving this "third world, repulsive" image he said, but primarily for safe guarding the island, the local population and the islands' visitors and tourists. This needs an emergency methodical and systematic prioritization of actions and decisions acquired, the Greek CDC (HCDC) President said, for a taylor-made for this case Response plan, under the central Emergency Response Plan of the country that is drawn up by the Greek CDC and provided to the government.

Leaflets printed in French, English, Greek and Arabic, are already distributed to the migrant populations and the newcomers, by which migrants are urged to contact the Greek Health authorities and the Greek CDC Emergency Call Center in case they experience health symptoms that need care, so as to isolate, from the Greek sate's side, possible cases of contaminating diseases. The Plan provides for the distribution of the Migrant Health card, a smart Health card that is going to be updated by the migrants' health history, their travel history through the trafficking routes from origin country, the Health checks and screening for specific communicative diseases( tuberculosis, malaria, Polio,etc) all the migrants and newcomers have to come through, and the immunizations' required in each case.


"We have to make clear to the migrant’s populations that the Greek state stands next to them, respecting Human Rights and avoiding ghettoization. Kids that are unimmunized, especially the Syrian kids that are not immunized to Polio, are going to be provided full immunizations block, so as to be safe to travel to Europe . Mainly the migrants are young in age, and are healthy, with strong immunity. Diseases that could contribute to a public health bomb", explained A.Giannopoulos can be diagnosed through the clinical picture, history and the screening test, and the Greek CDC has been precautious and Alert since the start of the phenomenon in Greece, by the top and updated scientific knowledge and expertise .

Apart from the health status screening, the President added, the Greek CDC special trained crews that are routed to be present to all the entry points of the country, at the reception proceedures of the newcomers, are to complete special psychosocial profiles of the newcomers to contribute to the Safety tracing of the migrants masses for the protection shield of Greece and the European borders from Jihadists

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