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Thank you Bloomberg, for shedding light on the Greeks' real-time Genocite ....

Posted by moodhacker on December 7, 2013 at 12:00 AM


..this Christmas, while the Greek State cuts the light and electricity in patients' homes, demanding cash, even from disabled and those whose the pension is the State itself .



Indeed, some hours after the article  was launched , the government rashed to announce that elecricity will be "given back" to homes that ,-will prove,though,- that they belong to citizens of socially sensitive groups....

Bloomberg, By Oliver Staley - Dec 5, 2013 7:01 AM GMT+0200 " Unemployed Greeks Reconnect as Underground Electricians Defy Law"   "Losing electricity is another hardship facing Greece’s unemployed, who now number a couple of millions Greeks,or at least the official, 27 percent of the population able to work. There were 257,002 disconnections because of nonpayment of bills in the first nine months of the year ...",  revealed finally to the world, the Bloomberg article , succeeding acurately on timing , on the day when  seven people , including a 13-year-old and an 85-year-old, had been killed in their homes over the past week, by breathing carbon monoxide from brazier fumes or being burned alive in fires caused by candles or fireplaces, according to the fire brigade.



" A 13-year-old girl has died after inhaling fumes from a wood-burning stove her mother was using to heat the home after its electricity was disconnected. The case has raised concern about poor families' ability to cope with the encroaching winter, was the plain comment for this story by the Associated Press, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013 | 12:20 a.m., a day earlier, mirroring, as greek international news,  the total silence by which  the local media were covering  this social torture, of Greeks burned helpless in the dark . A little hours later, a  strain of  four more deaths that brought the number to seven started to unravell. Not forgeting to note , that we are experiencing just the first days of this winter's cold.  

The international article gave breath  also to the- so many(!), finally, " underground electricians" , among which also, some mayors in their municipalities!(!) around the country, who had taken by their own the risk, as they publicly confessed, to "illegaly reconnect" the affected homes by their own personal responsibility. That's another version , where TRUE hUMAN, still Social rESPONSIBILITY, in order to work, HAS TO BE ILLEGAL VERSUS THE STATE , to practically protect the sufferers. And finally, this is where the human instict of solidarity  pops up  . It is the first Christmas in greek modern history, where the Greek mind, spirit and instict sense the  monster in the face of the ,so far, beloved Europe of which living generations, as Greeks, were so much proud of!                               

Of course, such reports from the greek media practically have not been  allowed, by the TROIKA-wrapped system , that demands the media to be by this government extensively controlled.

Bloomberg report was the only voice that the government did finally hear that Thursday, December fifth,( after three nightmare- winters for the "mass" of Greece). and definitely, now, got the message that the Greek Modern Holocaust can not easily keep being covered. from the world

During the austerity dark-and- cold Greek winters, the state shows its most cruel face, and no kind of mercy at all, for the hundreds thousands of Greek familes, who were just LIVING SILENTLY for months ,,ON SHAME, IN THE DARK, trying desperately to find more and more money to pay unbearable taxes. Nobody of them stole this country, for God's shake ! Who took from Greeks so violently their  dignity, and any single human right? The Greek moral could never be more humiliated , and never could be more true such politcal cannibalism..




You need Freedom of THE MEDIA to clean Corruption: Transparency International

Oh, really?   Anybody listening?


By Denmark being the cleanest country in the world and Spain the worst in corruption, Anti-corruption organisation Transparency International's (TI) annual survey showed Greece to have made improvement against corruption, even though , Greece remains the most-corrupt country in Europe, according to the TI barometer of surveys from major international sources such as the World Bank and the Economist Intelligence unit.

The TI Western Europe co-ordinator Valentina Rigamonti stated to the the international media that " freedom of the media was a major factor preventing corruption in northern European states. The press in Italy, Greece and Spain does not have the freedom enjoyed by those in northern European".

In greek drama such a "coincidence"  is called a Tragical irony . But is it accidental?  It is Spain that recently passed a freedom of information law , and Spain scored the most coruupt . It is Greece where  handcuffs are put on the press and fines are imposed to any anti-austerity journalistic voice, and it is Greece on anti-corruption that shows up a bit "improved! ".What is finally credible concerning Greece?

Still, it takes one post, or a few seconds, of the freedom of journalism to exist, to Make A Differnce in SAVING LIVES, in today's Greek Dark Ages. The poor and the immense numbers of socially sensitive citizens from Thursday night feel more relieved at least for this Chrismtas, even though nobody believes the government announcements for better days any more .

It is interesting to have a look on the comments made all around the world on Bloomberg's electricity article. Get anb idea how much the world Does not know about the truth in Greece today 




Greek to me ! moodhacker ,Dec 6, 2013



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