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Puzzle out Milos during quarantine !

Posted by moodhacker on May 24, 2020 at 3:55 PM

Dreaming about Milos during self-quarantine? Puzzle it out!

Why Milos? We (Ferryhopper Team) had an internal competition: who would be the fastest to complete our previous puzzle about Rhodes.


Alkinoos won. And he is visiting Milos every year, for 12 years now!


So, play on Ferryhopper and create the romantic village of Klima in Milos.


Only 70 pieces to go and the time is running!


Tip: The puzzle is smaller than the background so that you can see all pieces!


Here you can read more about the wonderful island of Milos." target="_blank">Go to the Ferry hopper Page and Play Milos !

How to play

Click on Restart if you see the whole image.

Drag and move each piece until you make an arrangement that works for you.

Move closer the one to the other until you hear the satisfying sound of matching.

Keep track of your puzzle-time.

Finish the puzzle and enjoy the Castle.

Stay home, stay positive and remember every problem is a new puzzle to solve!


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