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Experiential contact with the world of nature through the ancient Greek mythology

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Greek Nature: A Journey into the myth, is one among the very interesting educational programms launched by Oceanis Filyra, a Health Travel to Greece network , which designs and implements educational programs for children, as well as high aesthetics cultural activities for adults.

The cultural experiential programs are addressed to children and adults, especially also to to travelers and visitors in Greece, as well as expatriates children of the younger generations of the Hellenes Abroad 

All Oceanis Filyra educational programs are approved by the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. The programs objectives are to create positive stimuli for children, aiming at creative thinking and acquiring new knowledge through experiential and interdisciplinary activities.The programs for children utilize modern theories of learning and enhance informal education while all are carried out by experienced and scientifically qualified staff..

Adult visitors have also the choice of a variety of cultural activities programs,aiming to discover unknown aspects of history and civilization and reach a deeper connection with the Greek Cultural Heritage.

The philosophy of the programs, such as "Greek Nature: A Journey into the myth","The journey of Water in ancient times. The journey of Water today", and more,  is to familiarize the participating pupils with the ancient Greek mythical tradition, through an experiential walking tour, which is directly related to the world of nature.

In particular, pupils, through their participation in the educational program, cover t6he following  variety of objectives:



Through their participation in the program pupils will be able to:

  • Understand that many plants owe their names to Gods or heroes of the ancient Greeks and are closely related to the Greek mythological tradition
  • Recognize the intimate relationship that ancient Greeks had with the natural environment, as well as discover the timeless belief that plants are a loyal partner in people’s lives.
  • Comprehend the interaction between man and the environment, based on the values ​​of environmental education.
  • Develop their creative skills with group art activities, which will encourage the expression of ideas, experiences and emotions.
  • Use dialogue as a way of expression to enliven narration.


  • Develop interest in Greek mythology.
  • Develop interest in the natural and man-made environment.


  • Develop ecological consciousness and awareness.


  • Develop creative skills by encouraging the expression of ideas, experiences and feelings through their works.
  • Comprehend that art is a great way of expression.


  • Feel the joy of creation and acquire the ability to express their ideas.
  • Comprehend the value of teamwork and collaboration and develop social virtues.
  • Be entertained.



A. Introduction

Welcoming the pupils, taking some time to get familiar with the area of the J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden and be informed of its rules of operation.Concentration in a specific area where the educational program will be conducted.

Brief narration of plant myths using visual material and interactive discovery.

B. Research activity through observation in the area of ​​the J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden

The children are divided into three groups and directed to the site of Historic Plants accompanied by the program interpreters. Each team through observation conducts research activities and presents the results of its research.

C. Creative Synthetic Activity

Pupils, while maintaining their groups,return to the venue of the program.They are encouraged to develop artistic activities, drawing inspiration from the myths they discovered in their research. Their artwork accompanies them back to the classroom as a reminder of their participation in the educational program.

Research-Design-Implementation of the Educational Program: Panoraia Kalompratsou, Historian – Paleographer MA

Venue: J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden

Age of children: 4–7 years old

Duration: 90 mins

Number of children per program: 25-30

Participation fee: 3 euros per child

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