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Qigong Retreat In Amorgos to Uplift Your Energy Understanding

Posted by moodhacker on November 11, 2018 at 5:10 AM

One of the most Alternative , Holistic Travel choises was offered this year in Greece, by six days Qigong retreat in the blue-white  island of Amorgos, held by the teacher Panagiotis Kontaxis , who writes on the Hellenic health Qigong Association Facebook page  


In a clean and tranquil environment, in an island that keeps true and pure Hellenic island environment,

just a few meters from the sea we will enjoy the practices of Qigong, Dao yin Chinese medicine health exercises, meditation and self massage.

It is one of these moments you are on the process of uplifting your energy. Get to open and prepare you inner ground, know how to discover your energy and prepare yourself for this.

You will be able to learn a new way of thinking and understanding of your body, energy and spirit.

Most important you will start to nourish the most critical representatives of your total health state, your five internal vital organs of heart, kidney, liver, lungs, spleen.

You will learn to breath and vibrate your inner landscape for balancing and harmonizing.

Recovering from tiredness, blockages, high or low fluctuations of your energy.

You will learn via practiting:

Heaven form

Full body Extension Qigong exercises

Tiger walking

Five organs melodies, breathing and dao yin medicine exercises

Expand like heaven, create like heaven in earth, open up your inner body space, calm and clear your mind, raise your potential for better health cultivation, recharge back to your original nature.

An ancient authentic 18 generations inheritage from China and its sacred mountains combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Daoist Alchemy, Dao Yin, Tuna [breathing], Meditation.

The sessions which took place between 4 - 9 September 2018, included¨


[When environment finds you weak, sickness arises] – This practice is a diamond found in the cave.

Heaven is the mother form. The meaning to heaven as a mother, talks about the foundation skills a qigong practitioner needs to develop. Mother form could provide such skills.

Body structure, body alignment is the root for health. Body movement itself is becoming your own medicine skill.

Moves your energy, opens up your energy channels and centers, expands the pathways to a harmonious flow of nurturing blood.


• 1 minute breathing QIGONG EXERCISE – helps to free yourself from stress in a very simple way, depression, mind confusion, worry, anxiety, nervousness and anger

• DAOIST MEDITATION - looking towards your origin

For the silent moment and for the clarity of the mind is setting the conditions to invite your true qi.


Stretching Qigong is to open up, expand every corner of your body and mind to receive awakening feelings of Qi, to stabilize and refresh the mind, to open the inner body shape space.

Qigong extension exercise form is a series of characteristic internal Daoyin movements which aim at understanding the inner scenery and reaching the integrity of body and spirit through means of body, qi and spirit cultivation. An essential exercise for Qigong practitioners, therapists of all kind and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, a supplementary treatment for patients with chronic diseases.

• Traditional Chinese medicine five organs chanting harmonizing melodies

To support your life essences, you need to support your vital organs.

Chanting is a way to harmonize your breathing vitality with your organs vitality. It’s the way to directly connect to the energy conditions of your Lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen – stomach. Stress, bad eating habits, bad air, overworking, too much of emotions could disturb the functions of the vital organs. This can lead eventually to disharmony and illness.

Amorgos, host place, is the natural environment and wild simplicity of the island that surrounds our Qigong training space. The empowerment from clear air, the natural sounds, the relaxing and refreshing blue sea, the mountains and the breathing of healing herbs and colors will support our qigong practices.

This Qigong 6 days program suits the needs of all levels of qigong practitioners. From raw beginners, never exposed to qigong, to more advanced. For people who like Daoist philosophy or activities in nature, massage therapists, energy healers, people interested in Chinese medicine, dancers, physiotherapists, energy practitioners, sports fans, runners, people of the city it will enhance your health cultivation understanding.

With Panagiotis Kontaxakis


About the teachers:

Panagiotis Kontaxakis: a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science of University of Athens and ex-national champion and record man in track and field while he was also applying systematically in his trainings Chinese yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Daoist meditation, qigong and athletic psychology. Panagiotis began his study and his practice in Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and meditation since 1983. He is a researcher of Qigong, he has dedicated his life in spreading Qigong in Greece. He began to teach in Greece individually and in groups from 1988. Senior instructor of Universal Tao system of Grandmaster Mantak Chia. 1992 he opened GREEK HEALING TAO CENTER which functions until today under the umbrella of the Athletic Association of Cheerful Dragon. Studied Tai chi chuan and Qigong for 34 years.

Further he has created the Center of Science and Research of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong “Cheerful Dragon” where every year many known teachers are invited to teach their valuable practices and teaching skills. He is the President of Hellenic Health Qigong Association and Master coach of Health Qigong.

He is a student of the Emei System of Daoist Alchemy Medicine and Health Preservations Exercises.


Markella Tsopouridou: A wu style tai chi chuan close disciple of Master Li Bng Ci of the Wustyle family. A Qigong world champion of Health Qigong for several years. A master teacher of Dao yin yang Sheng, health Qigong and Ermei Daoist medicine exercise school. She is dedicated to the Qigong and Tai chi chuan arts for 18 years. She is the vice president of Hellenic health Qigong Association and main teacher of Cheerful Dragon. She is married to Panagiotis Kontaxakis and they both teach together.


Language spoken in the Qigong retreat: both English and Greek

For further communication use

Information for the Qigong retreats or for any help about Amorgos island contact: Miss Markella Tsopouridou [mobile phone 6937272629 or


You may also have the choice of Camping at Camping AEGIALI, Ormos Aegialis

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