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The oldest woman in the world might indeed be our Greek Katerina, 112

Posted by moodhacker on April 30, 2018 at 1:10 PM

Ekaterini Karnarou from Krestena in the Peloponnese, today 112 years of age, has a lot of chances to be given the title of oldest woman in the world, according to Greek news reporting that the centenarian's  relatives are sending her documents to the Guinness Book of Records..

Official documents and electronic records that  Greek News reports and the Local aired show that Kater ina Karnarou was born on July 25, 1905, which will make her  turning 113 years old in summer.


In late April  the world’s oldest person, Nabi Tajima, a 117-year-old Japanese woman died in the south of Japan, which seems, according to international reports and Ekaterini's Karnarou relatives' claims, as the eldest woman alive.


 PatrisNews Greek Local News network met recently Katerina Karnarou112, in her home in  Krestenos, Pelopopnese . This is their News story:



We met Mrs. Katerina  in the courtyard of her home , and among the first shots the cameraman asked to have was the record paper of her real age. In her health booklet the centenarian's lady age was very clear: Born on July 25, 1905, and she was by this  Date of Birth also registered atthe Electronic Governance (EDIKA) records  certified by national socia security number.

Mrs Katerina  welcomed us by walking along with a Pi, along with her caregiver Natasha, who lives with her over the last years,  and then sat down in a chair giving  all of us a questining look.


"How old are you?" Was the first  question reporters did, but she answered :  "How could I remember how much I might be  ..." and making all of us smile.




"I'm soo old as they say, I believe my age should be around 105, but I can not  remember well. I lived a hard life, and the only good days and years of my life were the ones I had my husband inb life. I missed him very early and he left me to struggle for the rest of our family life with four young children, but fortunately my parents in law took good care of all of us,  me and my children, I could have no complaint ... " the centenarian woman told reporters describing the past , wisely , mindfully and piecefully, as the Patris News reported.


" I have worked in the fields and have also done other agrocultural jobs to survive and raise my children. Now I stay here in Krestena, quietly, " said Mrs. Katerina, withought hiding , though, that her mind never stopped listening to the pain of her heart .Her son Leonidas, who died prematurely after he got stricken by disease.  .


"My son went to the Navy, became Grand Captain and Tran. Over who took his pension and made his home in Athens, he did not enjoy it at all, he died ... Doctors did their best but the sickness finally beat him", she said with tears in his eyes.


Mrs. Katerina Karnarou has three daughters, Lambia, Sofoula and Theodora, several grandchildren, a greta grandson, a and a great great grandson !


"She has experienced the unique happiness to see a three generations grandson , who is now  one year old . We have never left her alone, we live here together all those years , we have been taking care fo her and loving her . Recently she did a foot surgery and left doctors amazed by her age and the way her body coped with surgery. .Best  wish to all of us to have her years, but its hard to believe  "Her nephew, Panagiotis Karnaros, said, lauphing, to" Patris "




"The world was different then on our days . We went through difficulties, but we overcame them, living in good times and bad times  Today life is much harder . We have to thank God for every day ... I wsh you a thousand years ..... " was Katerinas' farewell  words to the reporters

Natasha, the caregiver, revealed to the reporters after the interview, that Katerina, as every Greek woman who wants to look younger and more pretty than her age , does not like being asked to tell her age, and that  the secret of her diet is eating shortly !

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