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“Watching the efforts of so many significant actors of Greece’s medical and tourism sector fpr the development of Heath Travel in Greece,  Im truly convinced that your visions will be welcomed and your goals will be reached, said during his speech «Medical Tourism at the Greek Islands»,at  Ithaca Conference , ship owner Athanasios Martinos , founder of the Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Ltd, who, speaking to to the attendees, among them the Minister of Shipping and representatives of the Tourism Market ,  primarily emphasized   that the country’s geographical position, that is close to the Arabic world, is a huge advantage of Greece, apart of the other two, essential to raise Greece as top Health and Medical Travel destination worldwide. Greece's top scientific personel and quality of medical services  in combination with the ideal climatic, geophysical factor. 


The Greek ship owner explained to the Health Tourism in Greece conference's  attendees, that the recent investment on Astir Palace Vouliagmeni in Attica, of the Abu Dhabi and Kuwait Sovereign Funds, has already commenced  the creation of the  “Athens Riviera”, -by Astir Palace’s redevelopment project announced to reach 600 million euros-,  a super luxury resort around the Saronicos gulf, with mini luxurious residencies for the Arabic rich world. This new target of Greece's new visitors, many of them Arabs billioners, the ship owner stressed,  would  be open to discuss  more and new investments and funds in the country. 

But how this could come true, Athanasios Martinos questioned, if the proper Health care and Health Emergency infrastructure woud be missing, fro the closest to this area, general Hospital,  inititay saying, the Asclipieion Hospital in Voula. adding that  “The renovation of Asclepieion for instance , to the moment is  covered so far by private charities." 


Ship owner Martinos suggested that the Greek islands' and the mainland Greece's Health Tourism Prospect  should be primarily built up by the creation of new, and the upgration of existing small Health centers, and this, Athanassios Martinis said , would  open Greece the way to become the “European Florida”, as he said, reffering to thousands European retirees'  dream to buy a "reitrement home" in our country .

He also stressed the importance to urgently upgrade the Health units and hospitals, wherever in Greece and the islands international airports are close.

These priorities, A.Martinos conclude , would allow the “mild development” that, especially island Greece, needs, to become the top Health Tourism destination in  international market.

Athenian Riviera , by Astir Palace Vouliagmeni Hotel on the left ( building) 


"In recent years, our country has become an ideal destination for health and medical tourists as a result of the modernization of tourism infrastructure, the high-level hotel units and travel accommodation, as well as medispa units, but also, due to the internationally renowned medical and nursing staff, wellness professionals and antiaging experts, which offer the Health traveler the ideal combination of the perfect bioclimatic environment along with a choice of a variety of top scientific medical programs, treatments and therapies, as well as wellness programs, in mainland Greece and the Greek islands “, George Patoulis, Head of the Health Tourism in Greece Initittive, Presideof the Global Greek Doctors  Institute and President of the Mayors of  Greece, said at the Ithaca Conference.


George Patoulis emphasized in his speech that the strengthening of Health Tourism sector, which still needs to pay more emphasis on the island Greece, will empower Greece’s image and make the country a pole of attraction for wellness and medical travelers, but also for the international and European medical stuff, and obviously to investors, by offering, as a top Health Travel Destination, the unique, fertile conditions in a “healing” place as Greece is, the chance to create a New Market , while boosting national economy, and creating new jobs.

George Patoulis, Head of the Health Torusim in Greece Inititative and President of  Global Greek Doctors with the Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura   

Medical tourism can attract investments , stressed Economy Minister 

The health sector and in particular the medical tourism can attract foreign and domestic investment interest, Economy Minister Dimitris Papadimitriou, said speaking at the Naftemporiki Conference  a day earlier 

Exports of private health services through medical and spa tourism can be boosted, Papadimitriou said, which may become one of the 8 growth levers of the Greek economy in the coming years thanks to the natural and cultural heritage of the country as well as its climate.

He underlined that the pharmaceutical industry can become a lever for growth, adding that the legislative framework, to encourage and promote the development of clinical studies, must be completed.

The minister stressed, though, from the government;s site,  the importance of dealing with transparency on pricing systems (mainly in public hospitals), legislative gaps and bureucracy.

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