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Reversing Your #Menopause During #Vacations? In #Greece, #HealthTourism Offers You this Option

Posted by moodhacker on May 26, 2017 at 9:05 AM

The Greek gynecologist  who thrived in international interest  by his recent  breakthrough IVF method which  rejuvenates post-menopausal ovaries in women with genetic material from their own blood, offering the option of pregnancy even 5 years after the last menstruation  presented his newest  studies and clinical cases at  the  Health Travel Conference held in Ithaca, Ionian island, Greece : “Health Tourism: Engine of the National Economy’s Growth & Turning Greece into a top touristic destination all year round"   organized by the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) and the support of Athens Medical Association under the auspicies of the President of Repubic of Democracy of Greece.

Every day Konstantinos Pantos talks from his clinic in Athens via Skye, he explained, with couples that have heard for his fertility rejuvenating promising methods and results in their country , from all the continents of the globe, America, Canada, South America, Russia, China, Australia , even Mongolia, and who finally consider to try Greece to see their dream come true, ending most of the times with sucessful pregnancy and their babies born .

Konstantinos Pantos (middle), Vice President of  the Global Greek Doctoris Institute at the  Health Tourism in Greece Ithaca Conference opening ceremony , with the President of Global Greek Doctors Institute George Patoulis (left) and Dionysis Stanitsas( right,) Mayor of Ithaca

Konstantinos Pantos'[ and Konstantinos Sfakianoudis' medical team, in their clinic Genesis,  claim to have found a new way to rejuvenate post-menopausal ovaries, enabling them to release fertile eggs, New Scientist recently wrote .  

To turn back the fertility clock for women who have experienced early menopause, Pantos, Sfakianoudis and their colleagues have turned to a blood treatment that is used to help wounds heal faster.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is made by centrifuging a sample of a person’s blood to isolate growth factors – molecules that trigger the growth of tissue and blood vessels. It is widely used to speed the repair of damaged bones and muscles, although its effectiveness is unclear. The treatment may work by stimulating tissue regeneration.

Konstantinos Pantos'  and Sfakianoudis' team has found that PRP also seems to rejuvenate older ovaries, and presented some of their results at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting in Helsinki, Finland, this month. When they injected PRP into the ovaries of menopausal women, they say it restarted their menstrual cycles, and enabled them to collect and fertilise the eggs that were released.

But  the technique sitll has many applications appart from fertility and pregnancy aim. Simply rejuvenation , instead of  hormonal replacement many wometh are following today to postpone or delay menaupause. PRP, says Konstantinos Pantos  could  be safely desirable for women who aren’t trying to conceive. The hormonal changes that trigger menopause often  make the heart, skin and bones more vulnerable to ageing and disease, while hot flushes become for many maupausal women very unpleasant. Many women are reluctant to take hormone replacement therapy to reduce these because of its link with breast cancer. Rejuvenating the ovaries with PRP , explained Konstantinos Pantos explained in his speech, could provide an alternative way to boost the supply of youthful hormones, delaying menopause symptoms.

Gynecologist Konstantinos Pantos, an achiever in Greece’s Medical Tourism already, and being the Vice President of the Global Greek Doctors Institute described in his presentation at the Ithaca conference the proposals for the further development of Health Tourism in Greece, from the point of his medical specialty,  that should include,
(in the context of the National Medical Assistance Reproduction Authority sources and the relevant Ministry of Tourism laws on the operation of IVF Units):

• Partnerships to support the choice of couples to try Greece for their case, by offering follow up medical assistance on the patient’s home country after the therapy, with a network of accredited doctors, many of could could be Greek doctors of the diaspora , in every corner of the world .

• The certification of units intending to become providers of medical tourism.

• The launching of packages concerning transportation, accommodation, the rest of the metical tourist’s vacation programs and tours, and the accreditation of medical practices.

• Informing adequately and responsively and raising public awareness, in Greece and on globe, the choices and opportunities offered by medical tourism.

The Greek physician abroad, K.Pantos added, must be aware of the provision of health services that is at least comparable to the country he lives, the achievements of Greek doctors in Greece, the certification systems, and that great innovations in clinical and laboratory medicine are still a reality today in our country, against all hardships.

Dr. Pantos’ innovative scientific methods have been listed twice among four breakthroughs , in the History of IVF since 1978 in

Greece must aim at creating a brand name for Health and Medical Tourism in order to enter international competition, Konstantinos Pantos said

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