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Perfect #Smile in #Greece: #DentalTourism attracts international travelers

Posted by moodhacker on June 4, 2017 at 11:35 AM

In 2016 the Athens Dental Tourism Cluster was introduced to dental patients in Greece a abroad and make Athens, a perfect Dental Tourism destinattion by the quality of the dental care and its personnel, all of them dentists of top education and excellence in practise .

The idea of the cluster was initiated by the Mayor of Athens and Head of the Initiative HealtTourism  in Greece aiming to increase the number of foreign patients travelling to Athens for dental treatment.

Nikolaos S. Kouvelas, Ass. Professor of Dentistry in the University of Athens, Founder & President of EURODENTICA and President of the Athens Dental Tourism Cluster, which has already launched, successfully, to international markets, high quality and much affordable medical treatments by the Cluster’s dentistrys in Greece, described in his speech “High quality Dentistry in Medical Tourism”, the model under which the recently launched Athens Dental Tourism Cluster is functioning, that requires:

• A network of cooperation with tourism enterprises (air travel, and airlines, hotels, tourist agencies, rent a car , restaurants, etc)

• Organizing and preparing the required legal contracts through mediators for the inflow of international patients

• The publishing of results of dental indicators and prior assessment of the indicators

• The set up of an international network of dentists abroad for the follow up of the treatments of the foreign patients in their hometown


Concerning the dentists' qualfiications of the top quality scientific sevices provided by the Athens Tourism Cluster ,Profesr Kouvelas explained that every dentist working within the cluster has a minimum of a 3 year postgraduate degree in dental specialties. Additionally, certifications from either: TEMOS, Swiss Approval or JCI are necessary to fulfil all the requirements.

The President of Athens Dental Cluster and of Eurodentica, who has gained by EURODENTICA dental clinic multiple international distinctions and awards for the level of scientific services to patients, as is the “International Dental Clinic of the Year” by the Medical Tourism IMTJ Award nomination in 2016, and also the German Organization TEMOS and the International DIPLOMATIC COUNCIL awards, that classified the clinic among the best 150 Dental Clinics worldwide (Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014 & 2015), showed in his presentation the advantages for the foreign patient of dental services in Greece compared to the USA status and current difficulties for the dental patient:


• The specialized dentists are still rare close to the patient’s residence

• The cost is high

• Dental clinics are unable to provide immediate service

• Long distances between different dentist’s specialty clinics

Athens Dental Tourism Cluster

• Exclusively specialized Greek dentists in the USA and Europe by accredited programs

• Dental care evaluation and treatment of the patients by different specialties’ dental doctors in one visit, in the clinic’s location only

• Immediate appointment and completion of the therapy scheme in minimum time and days, by sedation if required, and the presence of anesthesiologist

• Cost of therapy 50-60%lower than in the USA and European countries


In October 2016, a well-known team of physicians (IVF Specialties, ophthalmologists, hospital representatives, thermal springs representatives) and Dentists visited New York under the umbrella of Dr. Patoulis-President of Athens Medical Association- Mayor of Amaroussion and President of Greek Mayors.


In March 2017 the cluster visited the Greek community in Montreal, and in April the same team visited the Greek community in Chicago.

Assistant Professor Nikolaos S.Kouvelas, Professor of Athens Dental Tourism Cluster, Founder and CEO of Eurodentica presented the benefits of Athens as a dental tourism destination for Greek Americans and Greek Canadians informing them  them that they can combine their regular trips to Greece to visit friends and family with expert dental care for lower prices than they would receive at home.

Professor Kouvelas proposed a 10% discount for dental treatment. President Patoulis extended his offer to IVF and ophthalmology treatments.

This agreement was signed in both Montreal and with the Greek community in New York.

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